Photo of Painfully Crushed Big Toe

Painfully Crushed Big Toe

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought exclusively to you by Best Gore member zuluga. Those of you who have been around for a while may remember zuluga for this is not the first time he’s hooked us up with exclusive content. Being a military surgeon, zuluga gets to be around gruesome injuries and wounds a lot, but taking photos of them is frowned upon, especially in the military so we only get a glimpse when a sneaky one is possible to take.

In his own words:

Here’s a pic of this guy’s toe from your most hated group. Story is he had a hemmit trailer come down on his foot. The toe got debrided and stitched right back up to heal for a little and he has a surgery consult in a month.

My most hated group he refers to is the American army. I had to assure him that as cheesy as it sounds, I’m an equal opportunity hater. US military may get picked on more than other armies, but that’s because of their support for ZOG, protection of ZOG’s heroin trade in Afghanistan, training of extremists in Turkey and Jordan before they’re sent to Syria (and Libya before) and similar shenanigans. And I honestly can’t accept the “boys from poor families enrolled because they didn’t have any other chance at earning income…” I’m the poorest fucking man in the world, living on so little money none of them would want to swap with me, yet I don’t resort to killing the innocents for cash. I struggle along in spite of how little I have and how there’s no light at the end my tunnel.

Props to zuluga for the pic of painfully crushed big toe.

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88 thoughts on “Photo of Painfully Crushed Big Toe”

        1. @Baked,

          The suffix ator, from the Latin tor, is used to define agent nouns, the word ter, Latin for three times or used to define agentless actions, leads me to only one conclusion, that you are very baked today for I cannot comprehend what you have just wrote.

          When morning should it come, I hope you can step backwards and recall your actual meaning when you wrote the above because I am slightly intrigued about this matter now.

          1. @Obliterator, that would kind of make sense.

            OBLI fucking TER damn ATOR, from Latin oblivio, forgetfulness, fucking, to mess with, Ter, agentless actions plus Ator, agent nouns.

            The end result is, Obliterator, someone not to be fucked with unless you are of a forgetful nature, in that case you are well and truly fucked.

    1. Yeah man, it reminds me of that one Mel Gibson movie,”Payback” I think its called. There is this one scene where Gibson is tied to a chair and one dude is using a hammer on his toes, though you never get to see the result, I imagine it would look something like this. Ouch

          1. Man, I never even got a chance to play the second one, but if I could only express my nostalgia for playing Shenmue… God, I loved that game so much! Not many games in my life have actually had a count down to their release date, but that was one of them. The others (for the Dreamcast) include Skies of Arcadia and Power Stone 2! Good times, good times.

          2. Oddly enough I don’t remember Shenmue selling well in Japan when it came out because I was living there at the time and usually games always sell out for weeks when released over there and I got a copy on the first day.

            It sold better in America and Europe.

            Skies of Arcadia was good, resident evil code Veronica was another good one, its a shame that console didn’t do well, a bit like the Saturn, another good console.

    1. Most medics in my unit don’t even do their job. A few lucky ones get rotations in the clinics, but most of them just clean-up the motor-pool and are on detail.

      It would suck to go through AIT at Fort Sam Houston, only to get shipped off to a duty station where you don’t actually work in your job.

      If I reclass, it’s going to be 68X.

  1. Ouch. I dropped a plate on my toe once and the nail turned black and blue. Then I used a drill to drain the fluid. Surprisingly drilling into the nail didn’t hurt. Relieved the pressure. DIY surgery.

    1. 110lbs heavy wood box fell on my right toe. Sure thing, very painful! But I do not scream or faint. I accepted my pain as my pleasure. No problem. Yes, my right toe turned into black. I thought my toe gonna be decayed or fall off. Hahaha. Too bad I did not take photo of my black toe. ๐Ÿ™

      1. When I was learning braille as part of my teacher training, I dropped one of those heavy metal braillers on my foot and broke several of my toes. I thought that was bad enough, but this looks worse.

  2. What The Hell did I come back to!!!
    Where the hell is my Brokey!!!!

    This isn’t funny! Juicy you know Brokey is a sensitive lamb! Why would you fuck with his mental!
    Brokey better be alright or im coming to look for and put my fist down your throat juicy!!! Cause you know I live in cali, and I drive a big fuckin truck, and I’ll leave tire tracks on your wisdom teeth!! pray

    1. i just knew this would go down this way…damn! please broke..please still be with us….i will help you sort out whatever you know im not far from you …this is just a dumbass bump in the road – this is fixable…i will help you however i can…just stay with us have so many friends

        1. @1girl1cup O_O well son of a bitch I’m from Cali too and have a taste for big ass trucks and chicks driving them too !! What’s craalakin with the booty smacking ..?shit ill hit you up but what up with that gas money though. ^o^

    2. I will also procide gas money, I would love to come out there and do it myself, but last minute flights from N. Alabama to Cali are fucking expensive, and I wwould have no idea what city to even fly to. Anything I can do to help you with the bitch hunt 1girl let me know 1girl. If you look back at the original post, J the cunt posted something about offing herself too, so maybe she will save us the trouble. She also mentioned some places she’d been lookin for him o if youMre anywhere near there, maybe that could be a startingpoint

    3. 1girl, she mentioned that she looked from Oceanside to La Jolla and back to the airport, if we only knew his last name you could check with some of the hospitals if you know the area.

      1. @rebelk wait who is lost ..? I’m from California And I’m not going to lie its a big ass state foreigners can easily get lost here and finding them will most likely be impossible his only chance is if he has a cell phone and one of you chicks phone numbers. o.o

      2. As a well travelled person who’s lived his whole live struggling for things other people get out of the blue, I can tell you out right that the immediate, natural reaction from someone in his situation would be to get on the first plane back to the familiar environment, even if it cost a fortune. That’s my professional hunch, hunch of a not-sheltered person. He was in a not-sheltered situation, he likely acted as not-sheltered people would. Searching for him in California will likely lead to nothing.

        1. Yeah for some reason i think he’s at juicy’s and they’re working it out in some dramatic way. I don’t think he’s mulling around in san diego. But after the message he left, he should let us know he’s ok. The gorians are very protective of their own.

  3. Merda!! Now la sfigata has caused a major search just like they did with the L.A.P.D. ExCop Christopher. Porco dio!! If something serious happens, and gets portrayed in JewMedia, be certainly sure that BG will be targeted again. Cazzo!!

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