Pierced Lip Torn by a Punch

Pierced Lip Torn by a Punch

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @Regalbeagle, who got punched in the face while wearing lip piercings:

As someone who has boxed over the years, I’m used to being punched in the face, but always required to take my three lip piercings out whilst training or fighting. I’ve always had them in otherwise.

But the question I have been asked is what happens if someone hits you in the face when you have all your piercings in. Well, what you see here is the result of me being blind sided by a Marine at 3am on some idle Saturday night out.

It wasn’t that bad at the time. The fear of being punched in the face is far greater than the actual damage or pain caused under normal circumstance. But I tell you this was a real bastard to heal.

There were medical staff around the area because a fight had happened a few minutes ago, but being too proud / too much of an idiot, I refused any treatment.

The first picture is a few minutes after they hit me. The masochist in me was smiling. The second picture I took about an hour later when I realised that my lip was hanging off and I could take my piercing in and out without undoing the ball.

It was a real bitch to heal but you’ll be glad to know the piercing is back in its rightful place and I can still take it out without undoing the ball. Sorry to disappoint
anyone who was expecting missing teeth. But I remember thinking “wow, this is what the inside of my lip looks like”, and having a good play.

In case you’re wondering – the lip tattoo says “sit here “. Anyway – have a nice day, stay pierced and watch out for those blind siding cunts that are too pussy to fight looking you in the eye.

Thanks a lot for the pics and your story, @regalbeagle. There’s hardly anything more degrading that being a soldier in a force whose sole purpose is the oppression of the peoples at the behest of the globalists. Of course he was a coward:

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  1. For a boxer to have piercings and a lip tattoo sounds pretty awkward and more like some weird fetish to me .
    But that doesn’t mean anything much here ;but the funniest part is how you couldn’t duck your face away from that odd punch landing right where it wasn’t supposed to .
    I guess you were low with your reflexes and the other guy was just
    one up that day .
    BTW I’ve liked your write up meaning admissions as being real honest and lastly thanks for sharing Mr @regalbeagle.

  2. Lucky you he didn’t ripp off your ears with your earings……
    Kinda true there is something in you that says…….
    Fuck me up if you can…….he did…….
    Now as a boxer….. don’t you see…..someone coming to you???????…….as a boxer how come you let him come so close to you……!!?!??!….where is your comfort zone….?????
    It does not make sense to me……
    Your nose does not look with deviated sinus canals……
    Does not look like a broken nose over and over…….
    Like boxing does…..
    Did you tell the guy that you were a boxer…..before he kick
    Your ass…..?????…..it may have make him mad….lol…..!!!!!
    Ps: when you go out…….leave your jewelry at home……
    It does not help…….just sayin…..!!!!!

  3. Hi buddy big respect for sharing your pics with the class BUT you do have a look of a guy who likes licking door knobs when pissed.I reckon you have been chin checked on several occasions good luck brother now go in peace..

  4. That looks more like a slap…..
    All the teeth are there…….. untouched!!!!!!
    Did you at least ask the guy ” what did you do that for” ?????lol……
    That’s one of the most annoying shit on earth……along with
    Don’t touch me I’m a boxer……!!!!!

  5. That’s what you get when you have your lips pierced like a puff! lesson learnt.
    He also looks like a mishmash of james holmes and edward furlong. some guys get all the luck 🙁
    Take no offence @regalbeagle am just bustin ya balls pal. and thanks for the pics’n’info.

  6. Is that a shiny genuine fossilized blackhead on the nose or some annoying
    Blinky crap that gets you all beat up in front of your
    Boyfriend kinda shit….??????.lol.
    Dude, Just pulling your legs……
    Thanks for the pics tho….I know you feel good.!!!!
    Bring it on guys…….get all cracked ….. download the pics
    And become a instant star on BG…..
    Thanks Akneska….that was a funny one….
    Fucking hilarious…..beats the Isis mentals……

  7. When I was a teen I was all hardcore punk .. thought I was cool and tough, thought I’d get laid for it whatever. Looking back all I did was get harassed by jocks and the only interested girls were skanky ones with mental problems. Cleaned myself up, got a real job making real money, and the girls were plentiful and hot from decent families.

    Ever considered you got punched BECAUSE of all that shit in your lip? What type of crowd are you trying to attract with all that crap in your face?

    Time to grow up dude! Sorry for being so brutally honest thanks for the story.

    1. @gnat I also was a professional boxer for 2 years with 9 years prior as an amateur. I live in a small enough town that when we hosted a venue everyone knows who you are. The promotional posters with your picture on it, as well as the local news coverage, was like a big invitation saying this guy’s a professional fighter and any drunk asshole with a napoleon complex, or anyone who wants to show how tough they are, should try and fight this guy while he’s out minding his own business.

      Since my gym was the only one around within 100 miles there were only 5 or 6 of us who actually stuck with it long enough to get any real fights. When we promoted an event at the local convention center every grown man around came to get drunk and watch. Which, as you can probably imagine, was a show in itself lol. It was like some mythical show and guys would come out get drunk and try to fight other people who just came to see a sporting event…ya know…because grown men were fighting in the ring and they needed to show how masculine they were too lmao.

      Anyway it got to the point where I couldn’t go out in public and enjoy myself because someone always had to see if they could knock out the boxer. I can’t tell you how many times I had to just go home early or just not go out at all because I knew that after 11p.m. that people would have enough booze in them to start shit. It really got bad after I went pro, not to say it wasn’t bad enough before, before that it was just the occasional comment like “you think you’re bad because you box and etc”. I retired because after I got my license the money, bullshit, politics, and travel to get decent competition wasn’t worth it. You definitely don’t get rich until you get some kike manager who knows everyone in the media/entrainment industry. Even fighting on espn doesn’t get you paid worth a fuck, especially on the undercard, unless you are the main event and you are guaranteed something on HBO or showtime in your contract if you win.

      Its a sad thing that you can’t participate in a sport you love without stupid people wanting to sucker punch you while you’re eating dinner. I loved the fact that it was the only sport that you train to take another man best shots and he did the same and the one with the most talent, in the best physical condition, with the most heart came out on top. I like the respect and sportsman ship as well as knowing that if you lose that respect and focus it can all end with 1 punch in a split second. It was heartbreaking to give up my favorite thing in the world because of stupid people in the world who need to feel masculine because they beat the shit out of their buddies in the backyard once or twice.

  8. Piercings are never a good idea, even for women.
    I’m afraid people make snap judgements on how you look.
    If you have piercings, you reduce your chances of finding a good job, or a good date.

  9. Haha – cheers for the love and the hate . If your asking why a boxer didn’t react to a punch being thrown . You need to realise the term blindside means you don’t see it coming , as the attacker is either behind you or out of your vision . Me ..Punchable face ? Yeah maybe a bit , but you get what your born with , fuck it you only live once , I’ll shove
    As many bits of metal through my face
    As I like , anyway if your happy I got sparked then good for you , if you sympathise then much love . Props all round either way l I’m not that bothered , even if you give me flack it’s hats off . Respect to all BG ……beagle

    1. Honestly I think it’s brave of you to post these…
      That must have been painful…
      I love piercings, too : I had my belly button pierced at 19, then my tongue (plus a tattoo), then my eyebrow (that I had to take off a few months later, cause it used to get infected all the time). And the last one was on top of my upper lip, on the right. 24hrs after having it, it started swelling so bad that the ball just popped. And as I desperately tried to put it back on, it started bleeding really bad!
      And it was sooooo painful (my level of tolerance for pain is quite high, actually, so that speaks for itself…).
      I was so scared it would leave a bad mark, or stay swollen. But I went to the doctor that day and he told me it wouldn’t last. That was scary and awful to see 😀
      Anyway, thanks for the post @regalbeagle, I really hope you won’t get into fights anymore and you took it as a “lesson”.
      You don’t have a punching face to me! Be careful, now 🙂
      Take care, of yourself and your piercings lol

  10. In 9th grade I had my septum pierced and I got in a fight with some girl, I forgot to take out the ring and she punched me right in the nose. She had some rings on her hand or something cause I felt it get caught and ripped off, I look down and blood just starts pouring hahah, I didn’t feel pain I guess because of the adrenaline but for the next few weeks it was hell

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