Pinkie Cut Off with Machete in Cult Ritual in Wisconsin, USA

Pinkie Cut Off with Machete in Cult Ritual in Wisconsin, USA

Pinkie Cut Off with Machete in Cult Ritual in Wisconsin, USA

Best Gore member @xxxgooberxxx hooked us up with a video of what I think is a girl getting her pinkie cut off in an apparent cult ritual somewhere in Wisconsin, USA. The amputation wound is then cauterized with what looks like an acetylene torch:

Posting with permission on behalf of my Homie, Horrorcore Musician & Cult Leader – Bloody Ruckus from Green Bay, Wisconsin. With his prison time officially served, I present “Pinkies Up!”

Thanks a lot for the share, @xxxgooberxxx. Clit rub should still be possible, even without that little finger.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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200 thoughts on “Pinkie Cut Off with Machete in Cult Ritual in Wisconsin, USA”

          1. I don’t see the problem, it’s not like he needed them anymore. Oooohh the free part. How many kilos you think you could get for them?

          1. Way I look at it if you lose any digit you lose hand strength…even ring finger.
            Funny fact just last week I played a nigger in pool League missing his index finger. Soon as I Shook his hand it felt different. Then later on noticed it was missing. Didn’t care to ask where it went or what happened.
            Nonetheless I had to share that.

        1. @leatherface1 Thanks for the info. With reference to this bit “The 27-year-old woman volunteered one of her digits after “no one (else) had the courage to cut off their finger,”
          it shows her mindset. She has very low self esteem and wanted to be the tough one of the group. Earning herself a pat on the back from her piers. It’s classic stockholm syndrome. Personally i’d be more than happy with a woman who does the cooking/cleaning. She can keep all her digits. He has manipulated and used a vulnerable person and i certainly hope he goes to prison for 40 years.

          1. No, “manipulation” victims like that bear full responsibility. I don’t know if she will regret it later, but whatever makes her pussy tingle…

          2. Well better get your stories straight before you start chewing narcos in the ER. Because explaining you willingly did this for some black magic bullshit, and you aren’t going to be leaving that hospital for a few days. Add in your an ICP fan if you really want to drive home how your a danger to yourself and society. Hopefully some hero there will make sure she gets her tubes tied before releasing her back into the wild. I feel we can preemptively head off some future problems with her.

      1. Actually paying the executioner goes back centuries before the French Revolution. It was common practice in England throughout medieval times.
        There are many accounts of botched executions. Poor Lady Jane Grey has to take several blows before her pretty young head fell to the basket. So paying the executioner didn’t pay off for her.
        It was very common for drunk executioners to miss their mark. Anne Boleyn was so terrified of it happening to her nice slender neck that she requested and expect swordsman from her native France. Her head came off with one strike.

        1. That is true. The French provided quality executioners unlike their useless English counterparts at the time.

          Nothing changes. If you need to get chopped you pray for someone who does it quickly and as painlessly as possible ,either because they pity you or know their job well.

          England’s official hangman even had a French surname till very recently …Pierpont? if i remember?
          What the fuck man! Long -arsed name or what!

          1. @carly69
            What a fat idiot & retard. If you are blessed with a perfect set of digits, toes, hand n feet, why the fuck would you want to live the rest of your life not being able to walk 100% or grab/hold things with your fingers. If this fat fuck had of been born without that digit, he would have cried like a tiny black girl for the 1st ten years of his life, but no, he’s born all intact, to at the age of 28/38 or so, goes and loses a kind of limb, and for no reason: not war, work injury, car crash.
            What a small mind.
            Useless, fat fuck.
            For his stupidity, I hope he ends up on BG in a bodybag.

          2. @badfairy Oh dear. What a stupid retard. She let herslef get talked into some stupidness right there. Guess what will happen now. The soyboy men who have eaten far too much fat in their lives will back out, she will be the only one left fingerless and she’ll spend the rest of her days watching tv and cooking bbq’s on the porch for the “men” in her life.
            As a friend of mine in borstal in the 70’s used to say “You gotta laugh ain’t ya”

          3. Albert Pierpoint. England’s last hangman. @hopingfornemesis he came from a long line of hangman in his family. Yes, he did peep into their cells prior to executions. But that was to size them up to make sure he calculated the drop correctly. He was damn efficient!

      2. The French used the guillotine for pretty much all executions during the French Revolution.

        With the amount of heads that rolled back then no man in France would have had enough strength left to even have a wank with should they have chosen to go about it the old fashioned way. lol.

        1. This could certainly have been done easier. The Yakuza do it with a sharp knife and roll it over the area that needs cutting. Taking a swing at it leaves too much room for error. What am i saying? I am giving advice on how to chop off someone’s pinkie. I am an enabler.

        2. @hopingfornemesis Hi Nem. I thought you knew that one. They don’t have them anymore i think. It was rough tough place full of pain and discipline. Perfect for young men. It’s what they need. There is a problem with what to do with young men in society who aren’t into books and such. I got many a good beating from the screws and copper alike. Weeks in the block and regular violence inflicted upon me. It was hell and it was beautiful. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

          1. You into s & m carly? Lol

            I had to double check. Here we call them Youth Homes or Boy’s Homes and now they call them “Juvenile Detention”.

            They are prisons for Youths carly,not trade schools. Haha

            Certainly some are innocent in there but most would be there because they were guilty of what they were accused of.

            Did you deserve the beating by screws and fellow lockups? Truth now. A fellow Aussie here was bashed in there for not converting to Islam. Can you believe that shit! Did that happen to you or was it still early those days?

          2. Long before islam and yes i deserved it. The screws were good fellows. I remember once they gave a pork sandwich to a muslim and watched him eat it from behind a wall while they chuckled to themselves. Then when he’d eaten it they went out and told him it was pork. he tried to throw up but couldn’t. Fukkin great times. it wasn’t just the few muslims, it was everyone got theirs equally.
            If the aussie fellow got bashed it seems he took it like a man. He did good and will be the more hate filled for it. That’s what we need. some hate. It will grow and then we’ll see.

          1. Damn she hasn’t got a little finger. Imagine all the things she took for granted like turning a door knob, buttering bread or giving a decent hand job. ..Err well hands free will suffice with the latter i suppose. The crazy thing is we see lots of gore but the self inflicted stuff that isn’t neccessary is kind of even more shocking.

      3. Group of fucked up Americans……what is it with america and cults and why do they have to talk so loud like what they are saying is important or that we give a shit?? Fuckin wankers………

      4. Having my right little finger missing, on my non-dominant arm I can say you are talking complete utter shit, haven’t lost any strength what-so-ever lifting dumb-bells, or anything else, dumb-bell. So many fuckwits in here talking nothing but bullshit.

      1. Also, Yakuza would have made the chop on first strike; mid air.

        This moron seem to have no technique handling a blade. Perhaps he should have just pressed it against the finger and hammered it, instead he endanger the rest of her limb. Twice

  1. Fucking Christian cult US weirdos.
    US is full of Christian fundamentalists and Christian zionists and weird Christian cults.
    The future belongs to non religious secular states.
    US might have the best weapons although China and Russia should never be underestimated, they could have weapons that we don’t even know about yet.
    But the US cannot win a global war because it’s people are divided and the majority is retarded Christian.
    Ffs it’s christian ideology based policies that have already fucked the West. No sane society would do to itself what western civilisation has done to itself. But the West is not sane because it’s policies are based on religious ideals.
    Thus all the foreigners that have been welcomed here have been welcomed by Christian fags who believe in things like loving thy neighbour, forgive the trespassers, turn the other cheek. It’s fucking insane.
    Religion means death.
    If a war starts, the Chinese will be fully at it, while the west will be split asunder by the difference in opinion based on the liberal multiculturalist Christian fanatics views.
    China and North Korea won’t have that problem.
    Having the best weapons is one thing, but if the people are weak and divided then they don’t stand a chance.

    Verbum sat sapienti

    1. In South America you get dismembered for breaking the law or messing with a mans drug trade.
      In North America you get dismembered for being a sister fucking pig shit thick bible abusing cult weirdo. Always in the good old US these flat earth cult pricks

      1. Nations need ruthless leaders to survive.

        Weakness is death.
        That’s how nature works. And we are fundamentally animals and subject to the same laws of nature. It applies to individuals, groups, and entire nations.
        So yes if the US and Europe had good national socialists ruthless leaders who were brave enough to do what has to be done then their chances of survival increase greatly.
        Wipe out all organised religions, burn the churches except for the really old ones, and make the practising of religion illegal and punishable by death.
        Wipe out international Jewry.
        End the insanity of multiculturalism.

        These are ruthless measures.
        But it is exactly what is necessary if the West culture wants to survive.

        1. I’m tired of the church meddling with state affairs. I fucking hate paedo holier than thou priests spewing horseshit. I’ve been to England before. Rich culture. Glorious history. Now it’s overran with filth. This filth will soon take over. Add to that an impending nuclear war. And people talk about “multiculturalism”. It’s good to a point, but too much of it is dangerous. Again, not much people give a fuck because we should be more “open-minded”. Lol give me a fucking break.

    2. @obersturmbannfuhrer

      The problem I find is that humans are too susceptible to group think as a species and so tend to make cults out of anything.

      Putting religion aside, politics is very much cult level in many countries. So is sports for that matter because what it boils down to is tribalism at the end of the day which further gets boosted by herd mentality.

      People like to follow more than they like to lead because leading is a far more dangerous position to put oneself in. Followers tend to blend in, leaders do not so we can add self preservation to the equation as well.

      All of the above tends to turn human beings into Lemmings.

      The reason why East Asian countries like China will make quick work of white western countries like America then is not because their people are any less Lemming like. It is because their version of Lemmings is a single player game whereas ours is a multiplayer game wherein our Lemmings are being told to dig, walk off the cliff and blow themselves up all at the same time by various competing players.

      1. Good analogy ES!
        Also war brings deprivations, mainly fuel and food shortages.
        Eastern slit eyes are used to hardships more than fat spoilt westerners. Can you imagine the civil unrest when the food in the West runs out, the government would have to deal with that while trying to fight a war.
        Whereas the chinks will just get on with it and put up with deprivations without complaining.
        Sometimes I wish war would come just so I could laugh as the fat swine who are used to stuffing their faces suffer in ways they never thought possible.
        But not me, I know how to live off the land and I’ve already prepared myself mentally for the possibility of having to eat human meat to survive. I have no qualms about this. And I consider myself a civilised person. So in my mind if I’d consider it then lesser beings would definitely resort to cannabalism.
        I think there will be mass cannabalism
        In the next war.
        It will start as it usually does, by people eating bits from corpses but then once they get a taste for it. I conceive that people will actively hunt their fellow humans in order to eat them. This may seem insane and far out.
        But actually throughout history humans have resorted to cannabalism.
        In Ww2 German soldiers at Stalingrad had no choice.
        Leading up to the Russian revolution, the mass hunger led to open cannabalism.
        Same again during the Chinese communist revolution.
        Napoleons troops on retreat from Russia ate first horses then humans.
        It’s actually more common than you think.

        I couldn’t eat a nigger or a paki, having said that.
        At least not without some good seasoning and a good red wine then maybe I could try a rib or something.

        1. @obersturmbannfuhrer

          “Also war brings deprivations, mainly fuel and food shortages.
          Eastern slit eyes are used to hardships more than fat spoilt westerners. Can you imagine the civil unrest when the food in the West runs out, the government would have to deal with that while trying to fight a war.
          Whereas the chinks will just get on with it and put up with deprivations without complaining“.

          Being homogeneous and not having multiculturalism also helps. Plus, not having any niggers works absolute wonders in this regard.

          Japan rebuilt and rebounded with 20 years after having two nukes dropped on them. They turned levelled cities into thriving metropolises whereas thanks to niggers Chicago and Detroit has managed to achieve the reverse process.

          Had America dropped niggers onto Japan instead of nukes they would have caused far more damage and ruin.

          “I couldn’t eat a nigger or a paki, having said that.
          At least not without some good seasoning and a good red wine then maybe I could try a rib or something“.

          Lol. If near to death I had to I would probably try to snack upon a niggers palm or something, you know the whitest areas on them.

          Maybe if I cut open a dead niggers stomach there may be some left over chicken in there or something. A few undigested pieces of watermelon perhaps.

      1. He lives in nigger Brixton. It’s dangerous down there m8. And I don’t shit you.
        He could well be sitting on St Peters knee listening to a lullaby as we speak.
        My guess is he’s got into a fight. Smashed someone up and is either on the run or banged up at the majesty’s pleasure.

          1. Can’t disagree with that. I never even suggested it.
            I merely stated some possibilities of his whereabouts based on his location. I know that area very well, there is serious bad attitude niggers everywhere. It’s very easy to get into trouble.
            Just saying he could be dead, or interned. Or on the run.

          1. Schrade makes great knives, not a fan of that particular style though. Looks efficient but I don’t care for the handle OR the blade… I’m very ‘picky’ with my knives.

          2. .. Yeah, that’s the only thing I dislike about it… It’s not for combat at all…You can’t stab anything either and I don’t like knives without pummels, but its chopping ability is awesome…

  2. Lol.. Fukn crackrs… Am I right?… The “master race” has to do stupid shit like this to prove it?…. What’s next?… Lettin an alligator take a chomp outta your balls?… Nailin your foreskin to a 2×4?….Shoot yerself in the cheek with a pellet gun for S&Gs?… Shoot your white trash neighbor over white trash? .. Niggrs and spics don’t do this stupid shit…. Voluntarily!… It’s fukn embarrassing..!

  3. … Caption title was a lil misleading.. I half expected to see the video of when Danaconda finally sold out his foreskin to Jizzreali arms dealers, what a day that was… Anyway, where the fuk are you guys?.. I’m here at Sen Bookers, if you guys don’t show up within the hour we’ve all agreed to light the cross and have smores with the Senator and his lovely family.. They’ve even made us hot chocolate, oh and Daño, the good senator said he was gonna make YOU a special cup, made with m’ILK from Gaylord, MI… Your favorite….!


    1. hmmm, did you see how fat those fucks are??? no way there’s any meth happening. and if there is, indeed, meth happening… well… they need to smoke way, way, way more of it. i’m always confused by fat addicts. wtf.

  4. Of course that fat fuck wants to eat the finger! This is the kind of shit that gives Americans a bad name. I promise we’re not all this dumb but there’s a large enough portion of the citizens that are incredibly stupid that I understand why anyone would think so.

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