Plump Thai Found Near Railroad Tracks

Plump Thai Found Near Railroad Tracks

Hey guys. This is one I have no idea what actually happened. The body of an unidentified Thai was found near train tracks. Looks to be in the beginning stages of decomposition. Translation mentions that the corpse was perhaps a passenger on a train and fell off, causing severe injuries. I know in India travel is so congested that many passengers on trains must hang on for dear life on the outside of the train, and they do this to and from work every day. That is insane. I don’t know if there is a similar situation in South East Asia. Although I wouldn’t trust a Thai translation completely as in the past they have been known to mention everything from rainbows to unicorns so always take a Thai translation with a grain of salt.

Light Reading Recovery Center on Baanmee. Lop prompted by citizens that. Found dead bodies Area next to the railway Prior to White Marsh Station about 500 meters (Ex. Mueang Lopburi.) So with a volunteer rescue the bright Florida Ban on the locale. People have died as a man lying face down. Enter the T-shirt in red Black shorts plump shape, height 165 cm, 35-40 years of age died, about 6 hours. Can not find any documentation on this is expected to be a passenger on the train. At about 2:30 pm, heading MRT stations. After arriving at the scene I fell off the train died. At. The. Thanapon glass Brittany Wong. Hundreds duty police investigated. Badan will investigate the cause of death to rescue

Enter the T-Shirt!

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  1. It appears to me anyway, that he simply fell off the train. The impact of the moving train, probably pulled his pants down a “thai” bit.

    My wife took a look at him and agreed. She said that she wouldn’t of fucked him, back when she was single…

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