Pretty Fucked Up Foot

Pretty Fucked Up Foot

Pretty Fucked Up Foot

That’s one pretty fucked up foot. Must have hurt like a mother fucker.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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17 thoughts on “Pretty Fucked Up Foot”

  1. It wasn’t crushed. I’ve broken my foot and toe to where the toe was at almost a 90 degree angle. Similar to this but not nearly as bad. I did it by accidentally kicking the shit out of a wooden door frame as I was walking through it. Thought I was walking normally but i ended up like, slamming my foot into the frame and it snapped my toe outwards like the above and broke my foot. But that was just one toe. This looks like it was broken 3 different ways for the toes to be so spread apart.

    I really don’t know how this happened, the way the toes are like broken apart from each other, and then the huge slice on the foot are opposing injuries. I really don’t know what could cause that huge cut and break the bones like that. Really weird, love to know the story. God that must have hurt. Poor guy.

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