Protester in Bir Mcherga, Tunisia Cuts His Own Artery

Protester in Bir Mcherga, Tunisia Cuts His Own Artery

A young Tunisian man cut his arm’s arteries with a knife in front of Almatmdip (not sure what that is) in the town of Bir Mcherga, Zaghouan Governorate, Tunisia. He reportedly bled himself in protest of marginalization and unemployment.

The video shows him bleeding quite a bit from the arm despite applied tourniquet. I’m not sure how successful he could be with this type of “protest“.

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46 thoughts on “Protester in Bir Mcherga, Tunisia Cuts His Own Artery”

  1. People self harm and kill themselves because of marginalisation and unemployment all throughout the first world all the time as well and yet the greedy business owners and the crooked politicians still carry on with their usual folly because they care nothing for long term sustainability, or the human cost, preferring instead to always focus on the now so as to keep their silk purses constantly filled with booty.

    For example, Western European truck drivers previously made around 2,500 Euros a month before the greedy business owners used loopholes within EU law so that Eastern Europeans from poorer countries could do the exact same job in Western Europe but at a wage of around 400 Euros a month. You can imagine then what happened to the employment prospects of the Western European truckers, the list goes on and on.

    In the above, the only thing suicide as a form of protest is going to achieve is to make the unemployment figures look lower which coincidently allows the government to come along and deny that they have an unemployment problem at all. So, all in all, a rather self-defeating strategy.

    The unemployed and homeless should just camp outside their politicians houses and shit and piss in their gardens, it would bring far more media attention to their plight and probably even give the politicians the incentive they need to actually give a fuck for a change.

    As for the unemployed of the third world, try making your own shitholes a better place for a change instead of invading first world countries that don’t fucking want you and will actively try to harm you.

    1. And now immigrants are coming to America, the bosses are having their employees train them on the jobs that are being done and now they are laying off those who trained them because their new replacements are cheaper laborers.
      Sadly, its happening everywhere just because some country’s governments are idiots who don’t know how to create jobs for those who need them.
      We are all doomed.

  2. Anytime in my life that I’ve ever been unemployed, the thought never crossed my mind to protest or cut myself, because that doesn’t make things better or bring money in. I just went out and got a new job. Most people don’t like their jobs, but you’re always better off with that than doing what this idiot did.

  3. A successful tourniquet would have had a stick or something under the string that was tied and twisted to put a ton of pressure on the wound and stop the flow of blood completely. Another string is tied around the stick, and arm to keep it from us twisting. Hurts like a motherfucker but will save your life. FYI

  4. I get why he did this. One time when I was all fired up and mad about marginalization and shit I went to my garage and shoved my dick into a bench grinder. “That’ll show them!” I thought.
    In retrospect, I should have at least called the local news first. Nobody saw my protest.

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