Responders Apply Tourniquet to Man with Arm Ripped Off

Responders Apply Tourniquet to Man with Arm Ripped Off

Responders Apply Tourniquet to Man with Arm Ripped Off

This man got his arm ripped off by a train, according to the source. He is seen in the video being tended to by responders who apply tourniquet to what’s left of his arm.

I got no backinfo on where this took place, but one of the responders has a sign on his sleeve saying “Enfermeiro“, which is “Nurse” in Portuguese so it could very well be from Brazil.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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63 thoughts on “Responders Apply Tourniquet to Man with Arm Ripped Off”

      1. There were stealing gas from a ruptured Pemex pipeline. There were probably geniuses there who probably had their phones flashlights one and any amount of static would be enough to light up the fumes and wala boom shit hits the fan. Ever wonder why gas stations always say to not use phone while pumping?

  1. Those assholes trying to apply the tourniquet really brought their A-game. It seems to me all they did was inflict more agony on that poor wretch.
    This reminds me of this nigger I saw walk backward into a slow moving train in Mathis, Tx. in broad daylight. It cut off his right arm and left leg, and looked almost exactly like in this vid, with random pieces of meat dangling. It turns out the nig was out of his mind on drugs at the time, but sued the RR anyway (don’t know if he won).

  2. Think it hurts now.?
    Wait till the adrenaline wears off.. Then that fucker will really hurt..
    Oh.. Then you’ve got the months & months of surgery & healing (hopefully, unless you contract MRSA) of your nice new stump.!
    Speaking of stumps.. Ever heard of “Phantom Pains”.??
    No.?.. Well, you’ll get to know all about those cunts really soon.!
    I had to stop work to care for my Dad after he lost both of his legs.. Let me tell you (I don’t care if you let me or not.. I’m still fucking doing it).. That shit is when life gets fucking serious.!
    He ended up with MRSA from the hospital…
    That meant his stumps never healed properly..
    They kept receding .. To the point where his femur protruded about 2 inches, with a raw, suppurating wound encircling it… Which obviously meant.. Another fucking amputation..
    That carried on for a while.. In both fucking legs, he ended up having to endure 6 separate amputations… Over 14 months.
    Bit by bit.. Each time hoping that the MRSA wouldn’t flare up & start the whole fucking thing over.!
    Those open wounds needed to be cleaned out twice daily.!
    We were given pre-loaded morphine shots to give him before each “cleaning”… The poor fucker screamed like a….
    Let’s just say it hurt him.. A lot.!
    I know everybody’s Dad is a superhero & I’m not meaning to take anything from that, nor am I suggesting that my Dad was anything special..
    The World has been built on the backs of millions upon millions of men every bit, if not better than my Father…
    I’m just telling it the way it is.. No hyperbole..
    ……… …….
    This is a man who was a coal miner for 40 odd years.
    He started mining back in the late 40’s when a pick & shovel were still being used.
    He once had a coal face collapse on him..
    He ended up with 2 broken legs & a broken pelvis… The quickest way out was to strap him up with splints & put him on the conveyor belt.. With the coal.. He had a couple of mates to steady him on the way up.!
    I was told years later by on of the guys who helped him that day, “Your Dad laughed & Joked the whole ride up”… “He was joking about how he’d be off work & raking in the compensation money”.!
    Anyway… My point is…
    To go from that Man, a hard bloke who just refused to complain or ask for help,who never went to a Doctor unless forced (usually by my Mother)…
    To a weak as a baby, crying in agony, helpless mess..
    A bloke who, granted…at this point was in his 60’s, he’d had 3 heart attacks, 4 heart bypass operations…
    But all that just made him seem more fucking invincible… Then he contracted MRSA, lost his legs & that, as they say was that.!
    Well… it would be “That” except for all of the infections & the multiple strokes..
    Then the Doctors solemnly informed us to not expect him to make it another 6 months..
    He certainly would never leave the hospital.!
    Well, they were wrong… he lasted 9 more years..
    9 years of pain.!
    We got fuck all help from the NHS…
    Just as a matter of coincidence.. He contracted his MRSA infection in an NHS Hospital.!
    So.. That’s nice, eh.
    Anyway.. I’ve spent too long typing this, I’ve necked a few too many drams, it’s 3 in the morning & I’m starting to piss myself off with this subject.. So I’ll say goodbye now..
    Oh.. And try to keep all your arms & legs attached to your body..
    I certainly will.! Bye..

  3. Maybe have i forget my medic training session , but tourniquet isn’t use when the limb is bleeding out ? Coz rn the arm is dead , and there isn’t any big blood loose , i mean there is a muscle doing a java dance but the arm look dead as a jew , might just … put something on the arm so there isn’t any bacteria on it ?

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