Robber Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Crotch and Bleeds to Death

Robber Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Crotch and Bleeds to Death

Acapulco, the most dangerous city in Mexico is sending us a message that it has not gone anywhere, it’s still as dangerous as ever and filled with criminals on every corner. This time around, another message came and it’s from Instant Karma. She says she’s paid Acapulco a visit and delivered divine justice upon the ass of a robber. Actually, to be more precise… upon his crotch.

A robber died while fleeing on board a cab he and his accomplice had stolen from a driver near the Acapulco port. Apparently, the victim accidentally shot himself in the crotch with his own hand gun and bled to death within minutes. His accomplice disappeared along with the gun, abandoning the wounded robber who expired right before his eyes.

Thank you Instant Karma. May you strike down equally hard upon all other robbers of the world. Pieces of shit stealing from working men who don’t earn that much to begin with but try to get by with honest work never the less…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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29 thoughts on “Robber Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Crotch and Bleeds to Death”

  1. The dingaling probably tried to shove the gun in his waistband, like in the movies of course, but in the excitement (and unexpected sexual thrill of it) accidentally pulled the trigger. BANG! Death while looking like you just got a lap dance from the Kool-Aid Man’s stripper daughter.

    And his accomplice being no fool decided, hey… Why leave a perfectly good gun behind? Who cares if it just blew off my friend’s junk…? No honor among thieves…

    1. I’ve said this to one stupid fuck years ago when he shot 9mm through his dick.
      I think he was high on coke too but biggest reason was he was stupid ass wannabe gangster.
      3rd day in hospital he escaped without telling them his name.

      I dont think he is proud to tell his name this days to anyone though. 😀

  2. people seem to think that getting shot below the waist or in the leg is non- fatal, when actually it still very dangerous because of your femoral artery. Like this guy. Judging by how much and how fast this guy bled out, I say not only did he blow away his junk but also severed his Femoral artery.

  3. This kinda stuff happens quite a bit…The majority of people who shoot themselves by accident do it when they’re holstering or unholstering their weapon. The reason for that is that they have their finger on the trigger when they’re doing it which is a big no no. Always leave your finger off the trigger until your actually ready to shoot something.

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