Robber Tries to Run, Gets Chopped in Head with Machete

Robber Tries to Run, Gets Chopped in Head with Machete

I didn’t get any background info about this video, but drawing from what we see on Best Gore all the time, I formed a possible conclusion that the young man who’s the cause of all the commotion was caught trying to rob someone. This is typically grounds for lynching in Latin American countries.

Seeing as it could turn out badly for him, the presumed robber took off. But another young man chased after him and he had him a machete in his hand. When he got within striking distance, he chopped the escapee in the head.

That instantly ended the chase, and landed the presumed robber in a ditch. Once he came to, he realized there’s a deep gash in his skull and he ain’t running anywhere with that.

My another guess is that this happened in the machete-happy Dominican Republic, though I’m counting on our Spanish speaking friends to correct me on all my guesses. Hopefully enough can be deduced from the chatter in the video:

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  1. Accused for stealing apparently. Its Dominican Republic. Im Dominican and recognize the accent clearly. A machete in DR is as common in a house as your everyday kitchenware. I dont know any household in DR that doesnt have one hidden under a bed or something specifically for theives. Especially the ones who come lurking at night trying to skimp your plantation or one of your prized pigs.

  2. robber’s saying “mi loco” my crazy dude , telling the people that if he was going to steal he wouldn’t steal from that street/over there. the other machete wielding guys come up and accuse him saying he did steal and they saw him, things escalade and they start hitting him. It seems the man recording keeps saying “ya ya ya” meaning enough enough enough / stop. robber starts running and the chase has begun! the camera man quickly behind not a second to lose as he keeps narrating that the robber has escaped him (the guy chasing the robber)
    they hit him so he couldn’t move and now they’re calling 911 is what they’re saying, “stay right there” . man gets up and says to the camera man they Think he stole something, and then says film all you want. Robber talks to crowd saying “y’all think i stole something, I’m not stealing i was sleeping…i even left my shoes..i went to go look for my shoes man” he says “let me go in a car they take too long”.

  3. A the moment the lil red riding wood……started running….pursued by the angry machete….
    I could fathom him taking off ……”a la” cartoon red bull ads……with the lil wings flapping in his back and everything….
    But that shit failed miserably……
    Me think he had been “clipped” before….and didn’t have
    All his faculties anymore…..he seems confused when agressed….
    Perfect example again of a situation that some stupid fuck creates
    And can’t control.!!!! Which for the good of all…..elaborates
    In an acclaimed and long due awaited natural selection.

  4. This is why, when I sharpen my machete, I make it razor sharp then go hit the hardwood tree out back with it a few times so the razor edge is worn off a bit. Otherwise, guys like this would wake up in the ditch with the machete still stuck in their skull. Yeah, sharp blades like to stick in bone and I like having the option of hacking more than once

  5. Though the scene had a slow start to it but once hotted up ; it did pick up the momentum ……a bit of sprint and a chase there but everyone of those guys surrounding him like hungry wolves wielded a machete in hand .
    Still I am gonna say this one just escaped getting cut to several halves.
    Wherever the machete connected it wasn’t much of gash it left as there wasn’t much blood on him but the few trickles of it here and there.
    oh boy !was he frightened at all ? I don’t think so !

      1. ahoy !which means a gash about that size is hardly a gash at all ……save for the trickle my eyes saw nothing of that except for a few trickles
        I’m fretting cause I didn’t see him stand in the middle of the road like a blood fount (sic) ……he did lay prostate he did curl
        hell I am asking where was the gash on him?

  6. Cameraman captures raw footage of thief and keeps saying “celebwate”(celebrate). Then after the hack n drop, around 2 minutes:
    -“so does this happen to you often?”
    -“yeah my friend every day for the last 2 months between 9:45 and 10:05 in the maniana. I keep trying to tell them they have the wrong thief but they just won’t listen.”

  7. as we know on bestgore machete reigns supreme for sheer damage in quick time. anyway what a sh1thole that place looks. do all brown skinned places look dusty as fuck with monkeys running around with machete’s ? sometimes i think i live in a dangerous area then i come on best gore and i actually dont feel too bad after ! wonder what they eat there bet its rice and any bugs that they can pick up off the floor. filthy savages.

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