Rugby Player Kicked in Shin

Rugby Player Kicked in Shin

Rugby Player Kicked in Shin

Tonight’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @samdadude8, who got injured during a rugby game:

Copped a good boot to the shin, playing rugby last week, was pretty deep, only 9 stitches tho

Thanks Sam, for the pic!

18 thoughts on “Rugby Player Kicked in Shin”

  1. you fuckin pussy – tell you what . I’m gonna unwrap my leg very soon (probably thursday)and show you pain that I have lived with for a decade, a shin wound that won’t heal and sends pain tendrils like glowing hot pebbles meandering like dripping lava on my skin – it’s all good dude, That is why I am a long time fan of BG – never posted a pic but , i love ya so….

  2. Stitches for that? I had worse a few months ago and didn’t go to the gospital. i just kept it clean ,dry but not crusty and the depression caused healed up to the surface over time. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have gone to hopsital and I probably should have as i usually do in med circumstances.

    Anyway thanks for the effort and now that i have written this it sounds like a dick-size competition. Haha

  3. A true rugby shirt must have rubber buttons, because the other kind will shatter and cut.

    proves how rough the game is.

    but do recall that in the USA? if you don’t wear a helmet and safety gear, a player can die on the field, and many do each year..

    But in Europe? the only people that might die in a soccer match are watching it from the bleachers

  4. Try practicing a 360 kick flip on skateboard, took me a couple years to do it n’ I got fucked up on the shins n’ ankles just as bad, cus’ I was dedicated, didn’t give a fuck. Rugby will leave you some marks n’ injuries (most likely worse) but it’s the things we enjoy doing, so I get it. Thanks for the post, even though it was lame 😛

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