Russian Man with Penis and Balls Cut Off Talked Into Getting Into Ambulance

Russian Man with Penis and Balls Cut Off Talked Into Getting Into Ambulance

Russian Man with Penis and Balls Cut Off Talked Into Getting Into Ambulance

Somewhere in a field in Russia, a naked man with shredded penis and balls is chilling on the ground with his legs far apart.

A resolute female medic talks to the deranged man and with sheer firmness of her words talks the otherwise hesitant guy into getting his mutilated self into the ambulance.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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225 thoughts on “Russian Man with Penis and Balls Cut Off Talked Into Getting Into Ambulance”

          1. I wonder why it’s a female handling this situation? hmm!
            And she films it for a good laugh among her girls later.
            If it was the US, there would be a long politically correct term for it…
            And if it was the other way around, then it would be “Toxic Masculinity” or “RAPE culture

  1. Start reminds me of the position of my ex when I came home from work. It just looks like he had too much vodka since probably woke up there naked and also missing his balls. Fucking hangovers…

  2. How can he still walk after that?
    can barely remain standing after a kick in the balls.
    Poor guy. shit. if anything, now is the time end it all or undergo a sexchange._.
    if he doesn’t transform into a female, he’ll be pissing through a tube for the rest of time…

      1. that’s fucked. There are plenty more methods of suicide that don’t involve inflicting extreme agony before death. Must be the effect of addiction rather than the desire to end it

      2. Krokodil wouldn’t cause someone to lose their sanity like this and tear up their own junk. It’s a painkiller so if that is what he was on he would be in less pain.. Looks more like bath salts to me.

          1. Seems to be “wet” next couple days. Dang! How about everybody else?

            It’s kinda hot now in Aug.. maybe this year’s winter won’t be half bad…

            Best Gore needs a convention center to talk about the shitty weather…

          1. It’s nice and wet everywhere 😛 apparently

            I notice you didn’t mention where you are.. I know you have before
            .. butt as I have mentioned before, my memory isn’t as good as used to

          1. murder rate in london is respectably high, in the face of these media junkies that believe its always going to go down, naiive eejits. go to ireland if yiz dont like it.


          1. @illegalsmile55 Oh i see, lol, so it’s me you was talking about. Haha silly me. Yes the first one was of the london mayor, my trap was that scaredfor life would take it for his cover thinking it was really me but masterplan screwed up my plan by telling everyone who it was. Yes we have a muslim paki london mayor. that’s where liberals get you. Anyway my new one is Der Weisse Engel as you know. I like the thought of torturing jews by drilling into their teeth, you know, jews like hoffman.

        1. I reckon he did something he regretted when he was young, like fucked his mother or something and in the drugged up state he did what he’d often thought of doing. Of course i could be completely wrong.

          1. @xavior99 it’s either that or a nigger ate his meat and two veg and the nigs in Russia daren’t overstep the mark, unlike the nigs and mussies in the west, even the queers over there behave themselves…wish i was russian instead of english

      1. Maybe they will only leave him with a small round hole type scar to pee out of… And maybe he deserved it… And maybe just maybe this was somebody’s Payback 4 his sexual indiscretion… To cut someone’s junk off and then let him live wow oh my God just wow this guy probably had it coming

    1. He came so hard is whole manhood blew up blew up… No wait , he was jercking off and he whacked it so hard he ripped the thing off…* Facepalm*… No wait wait wait !! His ex-girlfriend wanted a memento

  3. I am not a homo but find the sperm journey inside bulging testicles through spermatic veins really fascinating.

    Usually any sort of interaction between a female medic & exposed set of balls is so erotic, which is irrelevant here unless the medic has a thing for extreme balls torture.

    Would destruction of balls as is the case here possibly cause cum leakage? Sperm is stored inside of the balls after all?

      1. i had a dream two hot chicks i was laying about with at their place got naked and they both had dicks, and they both took turns fucking me. i really enjoyed it tbh.

        “bruuuutal” one of them said

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