Russian Woman Stabs Man in Thigh Near Crotch

Russian Woman Stabs Man in Thigh Near Crotch

Russian Woman Stabs Man in Thigh Near Crotch

In Russia, a man and a woman got into an argument, which ended with the man being stabbed by the woman in the thigh, near the crotch. I don’t know what happened with the victim after the video, but the volume of outflowing blood suggests the femoral artery may have been ruptured.

Best Gore member @vr76 adds:

As I understand from their conversation, they are some kind of relatives with high tensions between each other. The man was filming because the woman threatened him with a knife, but at the same time he was directing threats at her as well.

Many thanks for the video, @vr76:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. I’m sure your shit would have a bit of shrinkage if someone stabbed you in a major artery, too.

        Besides, if the dick is the first thing you feel the need to comment about in this video, you are the one with issues.

        1. Are you joking? There’s no way you browse this site being generally concerned about everything you see… If you do then you should leave because this isn’t for you man… Also, I have issues? Tell me… Why are you on here then… Are you some sort of activist against best gore? Or are you just some little cuck hiding behind the screen watching gore like the rest of us… Fuck off man…

          1. I feel bad about a lot of the shit I see on this site. But it’s definitely fascinating and it’s addicting to see. A lot of people here in the comment section just act like edgy little cunts though.

          2. None of the shit you’re saying has any relation whatsoever to my post. You are literally just making shit up.
            Where do you get that I’m concerned? Or an “activist against BG”? WTF?
            Or a cuck? If you even know what cuck means, you’d see why that’s an absurd assumption. Just as absurd as the previous assumptions that have literally no association with anything I said.

            Funny how a stranger can trigger you into such an angry rant though. I mean, wow.
            Says a lot about you. Hahaha
            Makes me smile, but you’ve got that throbbing vein in your forehead.

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            You realize I’m literally a nobody to you, right? My opinion of you should mean fuck all.
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            Hell, I just can’t help myself.

          1. I like to believe you! Would like to know if he survived! I am a woman, but I still thought of his poor testicles…this balls (so close to it)! Wow … if he is still alive ? 😉

          2. Sakkabraut
            This is a hard one to answer my good B G Sister. And i say this cause unless he gets immediate medical intervention his chances of surviving such trauma are slim at best.
            I Mean the main problem is that it would almost be impossible to apply a tourniquet in a groin area, because this area is right in a tight bend so i am not sure that it would work at stemming the massive blood loss.

            So lying down on his back, and staying as still, and remaining calm as he can, would also slow his heart rate, and blood pressure, therefore it would slow the amount of blood loss. And keeping your buttocks raised with a couple of pillows underneath them while elevating the legs would also slow the bleeding, while applying lots of pressure on the wound would be the best he can do, until the paramedics arrive, and take over.

          1. @Dude
            I Use a laptop brother. But as for the I.S.I.S. video’s you cannot get, it is not you, or your I-Phone that’s the issue, cause they were deleted years-ago because he was shut down, and Mark had to get another internet provider, sort of speak.

            And the people that had him ordered shut down,,, well they were done by none other than those filthy fucking bastards those Zionist-Jew-Cunts, who had persuaded him. But that’s not all, cause as a parting-shot,,, and on the way out the door, they fucking deleted (and in a Nanosecond) a shit-Load of Mark’s Great video’s,, and all of the Years Of Hard Word that he had put into them exposing I.S.I.S. For who they truly were.

            They were mostly all Mossad Agents,,, C.I.A. Agents Who were running all I.S.I.S. and they cross-country operations. They hired a few hundred of local Thugs,,, gave them $
            get this $2500 in U.S. Funds Weekly to fight for them, and their cause. So Along With their good friends and parent company, lol C.N.N. Was always there to record any bloodshed. And next thing you know they made Assad look like an Evil, & Cold Murdering Dictator, who cared little about his Country, or it’s many residents populace.

            But the story ends well (the way i see-it,) and that because of Marks write-ups that went right underneath these deleted/missing video’s, cause they can still be read, and *They Should Be* if you’s ever encounter another video that will not play Again. I say this because you will then know,100% & right away why they deleted them,, LOL***THEY EXPOSE & BIG-TIME*** LOL, still exposes these cunts even with the video gone. And i say this cause i’m sure you know that mark’s write-up will never be gone as they could not figure-out to get inside his computer, loll, ha, ha jew-cunts! 🙂

          1. Good to know that’s the reason why the videos cannot be viewed anymore. Sucks that that’s the reason but the man was doing God’s work. I’ve been lurking around here for years and I remember when he turned the reigns over to Vincit. It’s awesome to see the site continue on because this shit needs to be put out there for the world to see. Have a good one, my man.

          2. Hugh Jassol
            And you have a good-one as well my good B G Brother.
            And many of us including, but not anywhere near limited to TheProtocolsOfZion , Mark and Myself are truly, and sincerely doing our very best to continue-on disclosing to our members, Lurkers, and to The Public at large, important but hidden truths that affect us all negatively every day of all of our lives.

            So by doing this, if we can change even one life for the better, than i can Rest in Peace with my Creator/God when My Time Comes. 🙂

      1. Hey @The Dre,my good hearted,genuine,&lovable B.G Brother. How are you,loved ones & family??..Thankyou for your message back to me.Thankyou for your kindness.your words really touched me. (I was feeling a bit low when I had your message&it really cheered me up.thankyou).
        Do you think someone could survive a stabbing like this??..People do some crazy shit don’t they??..That’s why I love surrounding myself with animals.
        I hope your are doing well & staying safe my brother.sending you & loved ones lots of love & hugs,xxxx..

        1. @Skull Rose☆
          You are so sweet girl that i wish i was there to give you a big bear hugs, and kisses my sweet, sweet Best-Gore Sister. And as for Animals,,, we share the exact same passion. I Use to hunt in my younger days, but now i do not want to harm a fly let alone a Deer.

          I Now feed deer Apples in my back yard, and i feed squirrels fresh bread with a generous amount of peanut butter on it. 2 of them Chippy, and Mr. Grey come right in my house at the patio door and take the bread right out of my hand. Man it’s cute to see as they stand-up like the begging position with there little legs just hanging down. 🙂

          And you are also so very kind, and genuinely sincere with your words. You have always had nothing but kind words for every member on here, and you are loved, and respected very much just for being yourself. So please do not ever change as your are a great gal. Any man, or child would be blessed to have yourself as a wife, or a mother, may god bless you.

          And please stay-safe,
          and Take Care xoxo
          Andre. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Forgive me. Maybe it’s the Vulcan side in me that doesn’t understand human anatomy, but for a split second I thought that this man had two penises. For the next 5 seconds I started to wish I was this guy.

    2. Yeah. His genitals don’t make sense to me either.

      Perhaps the misshapen parts were the result of his cock and balls attempting to retreat from battle. A bit like a turtle winding its neck back into its shell at the first sign of danger.

  1. Yep, that squirt means she got his femoral artery. Unless that is stifled quickly, he will be dead in about 60 to 90 seconds.

    I’ve seen a lot of femoral artery area injuries that wouldn’t have been fatal had they not nicked the artery. That vessel is about an inch to an inch and a half pipe. You can lose an awful lot of ‘water’ real fast from something that size.

  2. This woman. I’m amazed she didn’t express any remorse for what she did, especially whilst he was filming. If he survives and launches legal proceedings against her, she will look really bad for not helping. If he dies, even worse. Blows to a place near the nether regions? She will be prime suspect.
    Either way, she is f**ked.

  3. Makes no sense a ball on top of another ball his left ball gets tucked underneath his right ball when he cringes

    Cockless bollocks & not just any normal pair they somehow get positioned one top of one another

    1. I bet he was killed shortly after… If not he would have survived… I don’t see much blood loss in the video, his only purpose was to be an example…


      This is the wrong video i am such an idiot lol

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  5. Considering ambulance response time and the probable lack of elevators in the multistory complex they were in and if someone were to have already called the emt or there was an emt in the building already I’m thinking that man is a goner in less time than it took me to read the comments section where everyone commented on the guys junk bummer that little poke with blade did that much damage. Someone there knows how to sharpen a blade.

      1. It’s the biggest artery in the body I believe and can bleed out and die in less than a minute. If it is completely cut in two it can sometimes be better as it can close and stop the blood loss. It’s like an elastic tube, that’s how it was described to me.
        People wonder why police don’t shoot criminals in the legs instead of a regular body shot and it’s due to all the ma-hoosive arterys and veins all over the shop. Or legs..

  6. WOw that kitchen knife seems superb at cutting vodka induce humans must be nice having such a sharp knife also who’s going to clean up that mess clearly she didn’t think of this before hand next time do it in the bath tub then switch it out after disposal

  7. God damn..I hope he made it to the fuking hospital quick as shit. I would wrap that shit as tight as I could and jump in my car and haul ass. Blowing through every fuking red light and stop sign

  8. I think the knife nicked the femoral vein, not the femoral artery. Both vessels are located next to each other. If it was the artery the blood would have been spurting in conjunction with the heart beat. That blood was pouring in a continuos motion indicating venous damage. Don’t get me wrong though, as it’s still very easy to bleed to death from large wound to femoral vein as blood doesn’t have ability to clot off such a huge puncture. I’d say it was fatal. Scary for that guy, but yelling and crying etc would not have been doing anything except forcing blood out faster and in greater quantity……….

        1. I would have put that fucking camera down, hmmm. Idiot much? It would have been legit if we seen him bleeding like that & then he gets revenge.. runs into the other room and destroys a worthless cunt

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