São Paulo Protesters Wounded During Clashes with Police

São Paulo Protesters Wounded During Clashes with Police

I got lots of photos and videos from Best Gore member zeehkaev who told me that there are several protests happening in Brazil right now. It started in São Paulo where protests were sparked by recent hikes in fares for public transportation but apparently spread to other places as well.

According to zeehkaev, around 26,000 people participated in a peaceful protest on Avenida Paulista – the main street in São Paulo where they were shot at by police with rubber bullets and tear gas despite them chanting “Peaceful Manifestation”.

Protesters can reportedly be seen holding banners with such messages as “We Want Brazil Fixed” or “Don’t Let the Government Rape You”.

Video of riot police firing rubber bullets at protesters:

Gallery of a few photos from the protests is below. Unfortunately, based on what I see in photos, some protesters are vandalizing public property which doesn’t help anyone with anything. I’m with my Brazilian friends in these trying times, and definitely support them in their struggle to get their country fixed, I just don’t understand the premise of destroying what tax money had to pay for as more tax money will have to be used to rebuild it:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “São Paulo Protesters Wounded During Clashes with Police”

  1. Doesn’t look like a peaceful protest IMO ! I should be there a year from now . You are not filling me with much confidence Brazil !! Try using British Public Transport ……. Shit services and even higher Fares !

    1. DMW, don’t worry mate, you’ll have the best time of your life at the World Cup in Rio, it will be Epic. I’ve been there twice, I’m not a big soccer guy but went to the final at Maracana with my wife and it was one of the best sporting events I’ve been to. Have no fear of the machete, it’ll avoid you if you stay cool

      1. @hockscroach. Cheers mate. The Confederations Cup starts this weekend over there , so should be an indicator how they handle things ! l’ll stay safe next year. Probably won’t be there long anyway considering how shit England usually play in the W/Cup ! Looking forward too the Maracana though ! !

          1. I’m getting ahead of myself a bit though ! We still got two Qualy games left and not there yet ! Haha. We should do it. (Fingers Crossed). But I repeat…..this is England were talking about !! We don’t do things the easy way! Can’t wait.

        1. Man, you will have the time of your life in Brazil. Don’t worry about violence in Brazil for as long as you don’t involve yourself in criminal organizations, you’ll be fine. Expect to get ripped off by taxi cap drivers. Take a camera with you and record your transaction with them, or just take the subway to avoid all trouble.

      1. I am the guy who sent the data. Its time to change, no one got killed by protests these days. This country is good one with high development rates and top 10 economies in the world, however there are still tons of problems…
        There are tons of places in brazil there are still poor places, and some others that are public palaces.
        The differences are brutal among the states, and this is what they are fighting for.

  2. A bit of looting and public building destruction does not undermine the protest nor the reasons for protest despite whatever government influenced media spin is placed on it.

    There will always be a rogue element in any large gathering, it’s a fact of numbers and the laws of randomness, it cannot be stopped.

    Brazil is a modern democratic society and we know this because the citizens are trapped in the greed-capitalism based notion of having to pay more for less.

    Crime is out of control, the police are useless when they are decent and dangerous when they are corrupt, the politicians care only for self gain, big business interests take precedence over everything else, poverty at the low level, luxury at the mid to high level, state education is worthless, taxes on everything, your tax is taxed, life is shit for the many and god like for the wealthy few.

    Well done Brazil, you made it, welcome to the modern civilised world and prepare to join us in liberating those less civilised, evil nations.

    Those poor wrenched souls dream of having our democracy, they are even jealous of our freedoms, lets take up arms and liberate them, let’s free the world.

    1. Brazil is in war, the freedom is the prize, and what was kept from the old dictatorship that happened in the 60’s is being slowly expelled.
      I gotta say the reaction of some is wrong, but the people overall are doing a great job. And the cops are still bit what “shut up people” but fighting still goes on…

    1. As I said I am the one who sent the pics and this was in SP one of the most developed and richest states of Brazil. See why they say that brazil differences are astronomical? Some states are like canada, some like nigeria… I’ve seen even weird knife fights from bestgore, but in SP, The whole south (SC, BH) the game is another, we can see how mature Brazil is as a democracy.
      And yeah, if shit happens in the south or southwest it will be pretty sure HD recorded…

      1. Why is that shocking? It’s the same in the US, Canada, etc.?

        The places that all resemble Nigeria also have a rather obvious thing in common, other than being shitholes full of violent crime.

  3. I have never protested and therefore don’t really understand it. Does a large group of people chanting these things together really make higher-ups change their minds? I mean do these protesters ever get what they want just from doing this? Seems pointless to me. Chaos, pain and attention seekers is what I see coming from protesting. I do think the people should have an avenue to be heard, but I just wonder is doing it in this particular fashion actually brings changes.. seems like rate hikes would be even more likely after all the damage protesters cause..

    1. Hi Juicy,

      You are right, peaceful protest is useless because they just ignore us.

      ” I do think the people should have an avenue to be heard”

      When all the avenues have been closed to people violence will inevitably follow. We are only serves, “gentiles” we are not allowed to have a voice, we are there to be used and abused by our betters, that is what the system was designed for and this system has no avenues.

      “but I just wonder is doing it in this particular fashion actually brings changes”

      Our past generations were able to negotiate a living wage and decent conditions by protesting in the best way they could, the refusal to work and targeted violent protests, otherwise they would have still had to work for starvation level wages.

      Mass immigration and a one world government has put an end to this manner of protest though.

      If the population want to have better wages then simply fire them and replace them with cheaper foreign workers, this gives the businesses growth in the short term but problems in the long term, lower wages means less purchasing power and therefore less capitalism from the majority consumer group.

      Therefore, regretfully, violent protest is the best way of negotiation because it is the only way of negotiation in our corrupt and foul societies.

      1. Thank you for your reply. It’s so fucked that everything is the way it is! I haven’t been on this earth as long as some and I’ve been here longer than others but damn, I’ve watched it just get worse and worse as time goes on! =(

  4. Some of those people are students who think they deserve free bus tickets at the government expense. Then they go ahead and block a major city expressway and block the traffic to protest and demand that. A bunch of assholes, if you ask me.
    The only protest in Brazil I would support is one demanding the reintroduction of the death penalty and harsh punishment on criminals.

    1. Pretty standard for ‘students’. Whiny, violent, childish, and zealots. I wonder if Universities in Brazil are the same in the US and Europe? You know, full of ‘Liberal’ Leftist brainwashing?

    2. Not exactly. From what I am hearing (Brazilian native), the people are outraged that the government is spending all kinds of money for the world cup for nothing, and hardly putting the same money or even half into education, health, and also highly increasing the bus fares.

      I’m having a hard time understanding why they’re assholes?

      1. porque eles são aborrecentes que querem aparecer na tv é dar uma de rebeldezinho sem causa.é por isto que estes lixos são idiotas.

        a educação do brasil é ótima,o problema são os alunos que possuem a capacidade cognitiva muita baixa e se comportam como macacos destruindo tudo oque veem pela frente. e não há dinheiro que chegue para saúde para um povo que tanto se mata ,que se multiplica como bactéria e que não cuida da sua e muito menos da saúde de seus filhos.

        o futuro do brasil é catastrófico.a disgenia por aqui anda a passos largos . tendo a miscigenação como causa – a queda do QI médio da população somada ao aumento dos níveis de testosterona presentes na mesma vai fazer este pais cada vez mais violento ,pobre,corrupto e desfuncional. e isto não é uma opinião ,é um fato!

    1. To be honest, if people like ourselves were willing to protest, a revolution would have already kicked off.

      Nothing would be able to stop the Government’s use of violence against us, or the Leftist zealots that would counter-protest and turn to violence. Would turn into absolute anarchy.

      I recall Muslims planned to bomb an EDL rally in England, but it was thwarted.

      1. it can be done without violence. I already gave you the solution to your ZOG problem but everyone tells me it can’t be done despite the fact no one is taking the steps to even try. although it would take decades to bring to to fruition.
        meh, I don’t plan on having children so I’m not too concerned about securing a perfect world for my great grandchildren.
        in another eighty years, no one will know I ever even existed. although I may still walk amongst you as someone or something else.
        evolving my mind. transcending this fucking filthy humanity, that is my ultimate goal.

  5. Some of this is out of outrage with the government, everything back in Brasil costs too much! Fucking kilo of tomatoes cost on the upside of R$12, clothes cost a fortune, etc. As much as I love the place, the government has always had to take two steps back for every step forward. It’s frustrating, really. It’s not the terrible place everyone thinks it too be, but shit sometimes they make it hard to try to challenge the image people have…

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