Scalp Slashed on Barbwire Fence

Scalp Slashed on Barbwire Fence

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @gs4574, who had his scalp slashed on a barbwire fence. You may remember @gs4574 from previous posts:

This happened to me while trying to sort out a barbed wire fence. I turned my face away as it sprang back towards me.

Hope you still have some parts of your body left that haven’t been injured, @gs4574.

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19 thoughts on “Scalp Slashed on Barbwire Fence”

  1. @gs4574 Accident prone much? and thanks for the pics “again.”
    Worst place to cut yourself that on top of your head. I ran through a window once trying to get away from the cops and cut the top of my head on a piece of glass that was still in the window frame. it didn’t hurt that much but fuck me it bled like a bitch, i thought i was gunna bleed to death. oh the Good old days 🙂

    1. Hahahaha…. I have the same story!!! The things you’ll do to not go to jail! My kids are young but I can see my boys coming home with the same story to tell!!! Some things just stay the same

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