Scalp Split Open on Protruding Bracket of Air Conditioning Unit

Opening in Scalp from Running Into Protruding Metal

Scalp Split Open on Protruding Bracket of Air Conditioning Unit

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @mongoos3, who split his skull open by running into a protruding bracket for an air-conditioning unit mounted on the outside wall of a building:

I was walking down the street, sun was disrupting my eyesight and I was talking on the phone so…

Thanks a lot for sharing the pics with us, @mongoos3:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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123 thoughts on “Scalp Split Open on Protruding Bracket of Air Conditioning Unit”

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          1. Sometimes powerful people come to believe that they can get away with anything. It’s called hubris. Sadly, they are often right, but now and then something they do comes back to bite them on the bum. And don’t we all just love it when that happens! Watching them squirm is a delicious pleasure.

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  1. I’ve never trusted air con ! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – air con is very dangerous shit and will be the downfall of the human species (hopefully)………..

    PS. Does anybody know what is captcha’s obsession with palm trees and traffic lights? What’s wrong with zombies and bloaters ??

      1. @illegalsmiles55 – just in case one day captcha turns out to be right and you suddenly morph into a dog, ask your handler to train you as a cadaver dog and then you can help me find zombies and bloaters (my world wide petition to include more images of interest to the gore community will have forced captcha to give in by then)……

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        1. Yes, that has happened a few times. People who are truly “present in the moment,” are always aware of their surroundings. Self-absorbed idiots are not.

          I remember hearing about a Japanese tourist, a young woman, who asked a stranger to take a picture of her as she jumped into the air at the edge of the Beachy Head cliffs. Unfortunately(?), when she landed she lost her balance and fell backwards over the edge, and was killed by the fall (it’s about 500 feet).

          1. Nothing unfortunate about that….the best “OH FUCK” images are captured the moment they realize what has just happened and an instant before they meet their fate.

    1. “I always walk to the outside of the sidewalk out of respect for others and especially as a courtesy to my wife.”

      “Pussy-whipped!” Who said that? I don’t think you are pussy-whipped. One should never be ashamed of good manners, even if they make you look pussy-whipped.

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    1. Gotta take the good with the bad. Any gore is good gore. Maybe he will develop a serious flesh eating infection that will land him on faces of death or ‘Best of 2020’! Something good may come out of this.

  2. It would be COOL, if authorities could CHARGE that air conditioner with something. Then, leaving it FREEON a million dollar bond. Placing it in a higher ATTACKS BRACKET without additional deDUCTions, should make it safe for anyone to walk down that sidewalk from now on.

    …at least let the GENERAL ELECTORATE take a look at your case!

    1. I’d rather see self stupidity and accidents than the self harming attention whore retard shit we were at one point. Thank fuck this site stopped that shit. Maybe someone will try and exploit a loophole here. “Look, I accidentally cut my arms 1,098 times, then I accidentally used a blowtorch on my micropenis then I accidentally cut myself up into little pieces and then I accidentally stuffed myself into mayonnaise and mason jars.”

    1. @afgan Muslim – so I take it you have heaps of content to submit? Awesome, I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing gore you’ve found / filmed yourself.

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          1. I practice Titanic sex, but Leonardo’s hot breath keeps fogging up the car window, while I lustily place my hand on it ..
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