Scythe Attack Victim Clings to Life in Brazil

Scythe Attack Victim Clings to Life in Brazil

Scythe Attack Victim Clings to Life in Brazil

In what sounds like Brazil, a man is clutching at the straws of life. He is surrounded by people wearing flip flops.

The scythe attack victim tries to communicate to the ones near with Morse code, by moving his arm.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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        1. Make a 3D Print of your head, attach it to a Halloween costume stuffed with Styrofoam chips, and place the kit on a well-traveled rail line.

          And please, after all this preparation, don’t fuck it up with a normal, in-focus horizontal video. It won’t look authentic.

    1. first time for a scythe attack on BG. They are a bit hard to wield, but super sharp. The typical scythe blade is hammered to sharpen it, not ground, making an edge that’s paper thin, not durable but, as Doug Marcaida says, “it will cut”

  1. Only one person got the right reply: Why didn’t someone apply a tourniquet to stop the blood loss until some medical assistance arrived. If that was my relative or even a neighbor, I would have done that or at least given him a drink and made him comfortable and then prayed over him if worse came to worse. And if worse did come to worse, after praying, I would have told him to “go into the light” and wished him a pleasant journey.

  2. looks like the ol’ femoral and popliteal arteries are chopped and ready for the frying pan. they’ll provide their own sauce.

    why aren’t any of these people removing their shirts and fashioning a tourniquet before all the sauce has been lost to the damn pavement ?

  3. Today I was in my bike class to get my license and I saw a car hitting a bird. There were some people around and they got all shocked because the bird was still alive and suffering. It was obvious that he would die cuz he was REALLY smashed. So I got there grabbed my pocket knife and finished him. People got so mad that wanted to hit me, but well they all knew it was necessary. They even said oh would you do it if it was a kid? Well I definitely would not cuz who am I to judge if someone is going to live or not even when it’s obvious. But well the kid would have a paramedic soon there but the bird won’t…. That’s why I helped him to fly away. Anyway idk why I shared this here lol

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