Shell Shocked Syrian Girl at a Clinic After an Explosion

Shell Shocked Syrian Girl at a Clinic After an Explosion

Look at that sadness and confusion in the girl’s face. She’s shell shocked and probably also deafened by an explosion that shook the world around her. She doesn’t understand well enough what just happened, but she’ll carry the burden of the horror with her for the rest of her life. If she gets to live much of it anyway.

How do people like Kenyan live with themselves knowing that this is what their support for endless war causes? How does it not break his heart seeing the suffering his actions cause?

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          1. Obi has summed it up for most of us i think. As soon as i saw her photo i was in floods of tears. But then i am gay, so that makes me a bit more of a pussy than most!

  1. The Kenyan Indonesian fake American Barry Soetoro in the white house is more interested in pleasing his zionist masters and being a mere smiling face for the tv, because we all know who truly makes the decisions, and its not him. After all, he is just a puppet, and being exempt from any moral consciousness was an imperative requirement to be selected for presidency.

  2. I must admit that I do not like single pictures of children with added meaning attached because that is what our governments do to us all the time for the purposes of propaganda.

    We must get used to dealing with factual evidence and not emotional sentiment if we are to stand any chance of standing up against the political/media machine.

    The logical are harder to manipulate than the emotional, lets try to be keep being logical.

    1. This is the very first time that i will completely disagree with you, Propaganda or not, this little innocent girl does not deserve to be bombed to shit, for being born in Syria. And invaded by the Zio killing machine.

    2. @Thedre, I didn’t suggest that this child deserved what happened to her, merely that we can not just attach personal meaning and interpretation to her.


      Emotionally charged action comes under the herd effect, it is sheepish.

      If humanity stands any chance of standing on its own two feet they will need to learn how to analyse and interpret information, not merely follow the status quo.

      I never, ever place myself above others, If I am further ahead than others I must try to teach them how to catch up.

      Our emotions tend to get in the way of our goals in life, if you strive to better yourself never ever allow knee-jerk, emotional reactions control you, always try to use logic in every argument, logic always wins over emotion because logic is based upon actual evidence whereas emotion is based upon internal reasoning.

      If we, the internal ego, wish to win in the external world we must learn to reason externally rather than internally.

      1. I understand that @ Empty. What i meant to say is that whether or not the zio, or the innocent use photo,s of hurt or dead kids to advance their cause the 2 photo,s of said kids being hurt, or killed were most likely caused by the same dark side. Therefore, how can we not feel emotional for a child,s unfortunate situation if they were both caused by evil doers ??

      2. it’s not propaganda if you are merely showing the sheep the truth. why not “manipulate” or “influence” them emotionally to affect a change in the infrastructure. it goes back to my discussion of fascism. certain factors must be allowed to happen before a positive change can be made. otherwise you have an utter collapse of government and society. total anarchy cannot come into play.

        1. Well done Obli. Very good point indeed! @ Empty, i also must admit that yes i sometimes let my emotions get the best of me, but my morals, and everyday fight for the downtrodden never ceases. NO sheep here!!!

      3. @thedre, Obli

        That is why I am called Empty Soul, experience and history has taught me that emotional sentiment is worthless.

        It does not matter how we feel about a situation, it only matters what we can prove and emotional sentiment is not proof enough in the court of law.

        I have won many cases in my time but only because I focus on the logical rather than the emotional, the emotional is worthwhile to us, the individual, but not to the system and we unfortunately live under that system.

        My conclusion, if you try to use internal, emotional reasoning to win in this world you will lose because you and I both exist in an external reality that requires more than just individual reasoning to survive.

        Logic however is universally accepted and it is what we must focus on to combat a government that requires nothing less than logical proof.

        I feel just like everybody else but I also understand how to best attack an opponent, learn how to attack weakness and I guarantee that you will gain success.

        1. Wow,,, i never looked at it that way before. I would much rather read B-G & your comments instead of a long complicated, sometimes boring book though! 😉 You guys get to the point instead of having to read 500 pages of 🙁

          1. @mike11111,

            Ha ha. no, I do not work in the law profession but I am very good at dealing with matters of law because I look at problems logically.

            The won cases that I referred to were things such as bought faulty goods that the companies did not want to refund but had to in the end.

    3. I completely agree, for all we know, she could have been involved in a vehicle accident, ect.

      I am not saying that this doesn’t actually happen regardless, but doing your research on a particular matter that prompts such an emotional response may just reveal otherwise before you make up your mind on any given situation.

      She looks in a bad way, and my heart aches for her. Still, there really is no evidence that this is actually what she has experienced. One cannot simply make up their mind on a picture and a tidbit of hearsay.

  3. throw that girl’s face all over Time magazine and on billboards across America. soccer moms ten million strong will riot and march on Washington demanding an end to this charade…i mean, war on terror or whatever it is now.

        1. well I will say this Most of the shit that goes down we can’t control but if we as a planet work as one not the governments but the people as a whole we could very well stop this shit from happening.

          but the odds of that happening are slim to none more like extremely slim to none if you ask me…

          at the rate that the world is spiraling out of control and the way that obi and hanabi interact you can see what I mean…

          hanabi is laid back and realy doesn’t take things personal or so they say

          obi on the other hand is the same to the rest of us but to hanabi. obi is more upfront with them…

          this is a perfect example of how the most people interact with one another, nice to most but someone that has different opinions some just flips….

          srry obi/hanabi… you 2 were the ones who started this thought not trying to be rude but its just a coincidence that you both fit the topic in this post…

          now if for example that both Obi and hanabi got along like the magnet fields that attract +/- then the world could live in peace as long as both have the same beliefs….

          with that said that will probably won’t happen for a while. but if it did then it could start to calm down the fire that is conflict on this site for a bit for how ever short it is.

          if the world could stop acting like assholes to one another then maybe we could actually work on getting of this rock of a planet and get man/woman on another planet….

          again sorry you two but you just happened to be at the right place at the right time and said the right things to get my brain thinking…..

          1. You are kidding right ? @Rsking . Do me a favour and send me some of the shit you’re currently smoking please . Must be really good bud , bud ! 😀

          1. @hanabi

            You were banned because you lied. You clicked on the button to enter the site, thereby swearing under penalty of perjury that you were over the age of 18 years.

          1. I’m the malicious one. Have you told her the protocols of initiation Obli? That she has to cut the point of one of her pinkies, film it and send it to us?

          2. No, your little finger. The point, just below the nail, has to be cut off with a sawing knife. We’ve all done it.

            Then you’ll get the authorization for a “” tattoo in your hand.

            We’ll proceed with the rest of the sacrifices you’ll have to endure from there.

  4. They say a picture says a thousand words, but in this case the picture asks a thousand questions. The little girl could just as easily be watching a movie after eating something to get her messy. I am not trying to downplay this – it is very tragic, but there are many interpretations that can be made from this picture.

  5. While it’s true that the propagandists rub their hands together with glee at the opportunity to show a child in this manner . It doesn’t take away the fact that this is very sad indeed . A little girl like this shouldn’t have to go through such horrors , it really is heartbreaking . Of course it reflects reality but , that doesn’t make the situation any easier to bear . Poor kid .

    1. Well said @ewe I don’t really care who she was born to at this stage. The fact is, however innocent or guilty her family is, she is completely innocent. And as @Ate said, she will be emotionally traumatised for the rest of her life. No one can life through that and come ot unscathed. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Not always.

  6. They don’t care for the suffering they caused, collateral damage. So little and already has PTSD. She’ll have nightmares the rest of her life and loud noises will push her in to anxiety attacks. She’s what? 3 years old? Too sad.

  7. Life and death is just the same for everyone and everything breathing, men,women, animals or children suffer as much as we could suffer, if we enjoy suffering… let’s enjoy every face of it. if we are unable to se a dog set on fire or a dying child but enjoy watching a brazilian lynched ,what kind of incoherent monsters are we?

    1. that means we are abled to push that dark human emotion as best possible place as possible.
      we can control only ourselves. Just be happy, that you are not that evil who harm others.

  8. Good looking pretty child. I?m against violence literally I react exactly if it is adult or animal either want to see one day bg or any other shock site without any uploads I mean you born to live peacefully and meaningfully not in a violent manner or bizarre way.

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  12. There is all the fuckin sick twisted stuff that we see on here all the time like shooting, accidents etc, has never affected me as much as this poor girls face. We know nothing about her, yet her face is saying so much about her. One day Religion and politics will not define who we are…

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