Shooting at New Orleans Mother’s Day Parade – 19 People Wounded

Shooting at New Orleans Mothers Day Parade - 19 People Wounded

19 people have been confirmed wounded, including two 10 year old children after gunmen opened fire at a Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans, Louisiana. Miraculously, nobody was fatally shot, although three people reportedly remain in critical condition. As many as three gunmen opened fire at a second line of a parade in what police believe was a gang related shooting, not an act of terrorism.

Up to 400 people were participating in the May 12, 2013 parade on Frenchmen Street, situated in the east of New Orleans when the incident occurred.

A doctor from University Hospital confirmed to reporters that some of the injuries were severe, including wounds to the chest and abdomen.

Police believe three suspects were responsible for the gunfire and are conducting door to door searches – yeap! Got to keep those people in fear and willing to have their privacy invaded in the name of “national security”. Afterall, Martial Law in the north was a success. Perhaps it’s time for people in the south to get used to it too?

This video captures the moment of shooting but doesn’t really show anything:

TV report by Al Jazeera:

Associated Press video:

Interviews with eye witnesses by Sky News:

Raw video of the aftermath:

Gallery of a few photos:

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65 thoughts on “Shooting at New Orleans Mother’s Day Parade – 19 People Wounded”

  1. Damn, shooting up a mother’s day parade? Pretty low.
    So, when the detectives locate suspects, I guess they will use that old shaming line : “Your mother must be so proud.”

    1. aha , classic. I still find it hard to believe a mothers day parade would attract gangbangers unless by chance they’re mexican of course , nothing seems to be ‘off limits’ to those grim reaper worshiping whacko’s.

        1. @Kamis yup -.- there is alot of shit going on now in the U.S don’t really know what to believe anymore I found out those two Chechens in the Boston bombing were tied to other murders a while back .. To me that just sounds like a bunch of bullshit !! What a wonderful world..

          1. I think in this case, the question to ask is – what do random black gangsters have to gain from randomly opening fire at a random group of people? I really can’t see any reason for an armed criminal group to engage in something so high risk, low yield unless they were paid heftily to do it.

          2. @Vincit Omnia Veritas I’m pretty sure niggers wouldn’t pull this kind of shit especially in Mother’s Day who knows maybe the innocent people got caught in the cross fire in a gang shootout :l or maybe crazy people trying to put their names next to the mass shooters, either that or the government is pulling this shit to get the people to ban weapons for good. -.-

          3. @Vincit Omnia Veritas who knows maybe the people who did this wanted to put their names up in the list next to the mass shooters .. When rage takes control of your body one tends to do alot of crazy shit especially if a gun is near by..

          4. Blacks have a hair trigger due to their natural higher aggression than other ethnic groups. An argument about ice-cream with a Black guy can turn into him pulling a gun and shooting you because you ‘disrespected him’.

            Here in Canada, we had a similar situation to this. 2/3 Blacks had a shootout outside a very heavily populated mall (Eaton Center) with tourists and the like.

            There was another case where a Black guy shot a bunch of times into a massive block party, killing a 15 year old girl and wounding many others.

          5. @Silenced if you really want to see what nigger to nigger violence there is a movie called *boyz n the hood* it’s an alright movie I recommend you watch it o.o

  2. I feel sorry for the victims, but I麓m sure the whiny gunconTROLL debate starts over again, till the last potato canon is seized to the gov. (Nah, gang members shouldnt be concerned)
    But hey, DHS bought 1.4 billion rounds in the past 2 years, of course just for hunting squirrels.

  3. Mother fuckers,

    I bet Obama gets on his soap box to cry about horrible, horrible guns and the need to end this violence even though he himself likes to keep starting wars and killing people, what a puppet.

  4. You know, USA government do allot of shit in your name citizens, allot of pain and suffering.
    I think Karma coming to you now. I’m not happy but, What Goes Around Comes Around.
    You will feel fear and suffering your Godless satanic&demonic government do in your name.

  5. Probably another false flag event, was probably Gov’t trying to get people to support being anti-gun. An armed population is a safe population, I don’t see many shootings in places where it’s legal to carry a handgun around 馃榾

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me. People have been saying for years that Obama will ban guns in his second term, now all of a sudden you can’t go a week without a shooting spree. It’s too convenient to be a coincidence.

  6. The guy with the hat just had to be shot. He was committing a crime against fashion! I guess that was the fashion police doing their job. Now there are 19 less horrible outfits out on the street!

    On a serious note, you Americans need to find a hobby… I mean other then shooting at each other.

      1. Canadians are nice! I’m tired of all the rude people and i need a change of scenery! Plus I want to check out the CN tower, and since I’ve never been to Niagra Falls (and its not too far), I’d like to check that out too. I’m seriously thinking about it. I don’t like the action anymore! Lol, and I’d like to avoid the next colossal earthquake bound to happen at any point over here! 馃檪

    1. Please do, Canada could use a straight up fox like you, who also happens to be into gore! As for this shooting, It’s hard to determine why it happened but, I wouldn’t doubt it was a GC thing. Just wish the thugs were in Pinesville and killed my ex-girlfriend instead LOL!

      1. Very nice of you to say. Thank you! I have to admit, Canada would be a big change- weather wise, but i think I’d look cute rockin’ a “toque”! 馃槈 I’ll always use the term bathroom though- not going to call it a washroom. Haha. The gore loving will follow me anywhere i go and looks like Canadians have a love for gore so I’ll be in great company! That’s funny about your ex! Maybe next time! 馃槈

        1. BC and the lower mainland is pretty nice and not that cold in winter. I went back to the Eastern Canada a few times and I found out that I can’t take cold winters anymore.

          In BC we have real mountains and not to many people, with a population density of about 4.4 people/ In California it is 91 people/

          If you want to be a purist, it spelled a “tuque”. The “toque is acceptable though.

          What do you call a bathroom with no bath in it? A washroom maybe?

          You might need to learn how to drive onthe left… 馃槈

          1. @Sunray- i was doing my hilly 3 miles in the sweltering freaking heat at 9:45am-a cold day sounds realllllly good right now! Lol. Your comment made me smile from ear to ear!! Good point on why they call it a bathroom with no bath- restroom, powder room, etc. Who knows- if i decide to become a dual citizen then i might adopt the washroom term! Lol. I can’t wait to watch some real hockey and try some super fattening poutine! Funny thing about tuque was i even search engined it and thought i had it right! Lol! Ooh and I’ll be sure to get that dash cam installedfor when i drive on the wrong side of the road! Lol. I’ll try that on Yonge in Toronto-there’s sure to be some gory hood ornaments with all the people out n about!

            Btw- its freaking crazy how many people we have in Cali vs Canada!!! =X

          2. If you go to France some day, they call it “water closet” – in english!!! On doors it is “WC” but they say “V-C” – in French.

          1. “aboot”!!;) 馃槈 I’m in love with the little differences in words and omg- I’m a complete sucker for “eh”!! 馃檪 I think I could actually like snowboarding! I might have to take that up! That and I may try to get myself a pet moose! Lol. I also want to visit DaGrassi Junior High cause I loved that show in my younger years! Lol

          1. There’s many things to considerand then there’s the things i haven’t even thought of- like what you mentioned. I need to visit before i can commit to relocating and there’s a lot to think about as far as being an alien in another country goes. I’d have no drivers license, healthcare, etc. It would be rough for sure! We’ll see what the future holds but i don’t want to stay here forever- that’s for sure!

    1. @galv0nix, I’m sorry if you had a bad experience in the South! I’ve lived all over the U.S. (up North, Washington state and California) and I wouldn’t live anywhere but the South. In large cities in any state or country, you’ll naturally have more crime. The people in the South, for the most part, are polite and friendly and will go out of their way to help you. We have some bad points too, but we are known for our “Southern Hospitality”.

  7. these anti gun people are so well programmed that they see a shooting and their critical thought process goes right out the window , making it impossible to wonder what a gang has to gain from shooting at a crowd of people celebrating mothers day.

    i have a hunch that whoever is really behind this realizes that 4 the ‘sheeple’ the fact there was a shooting involving a mothers day parade is enough to make it impossible for them to think rationally.

  8. So this is what really happens when a real person decides he’s gonna go out with a bang? Nobody dies? Does it seem odd that some 98lb. weakling can bust into a school and shoot 27 people with a 100% kill rate, like a Holowood movie?

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