Sliced Hand Cauterized with Hot Knife in Attempt to Stop Bleeding

Burn Made Cut Worse

Sliced Hand Cauterized with Hot Knife in Attempt to Stop Bleeding

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @lapinella, whose friend cauterized his hand in an attempt to stop the bleeding from an accidental knife slice:

My friend was out in the woods one day and managed to cut his hand pretty bad. I couldn’t get the little details out of him, but he said he was messing around with a Ouija board and it ended up with him slicing his hand on a knife almost to the bone. He was bleeding pretty badly so in the moment he decided to cauterize it with a hot knife to stop the bleeding and close the wound, or so he says.

Many thanks for sharing the pics with us, @lapinella. Looks like the friend is already fully healed, but I wonder to what extent the scars on the palm limits its flexibility:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “Sliced Hand Cauterized with Hot Knife in Attempt to Stop Bleeding”

    1. Yeah I’m with Despy on this one. My sentiments exactly. WTF was he doing with an Ouija board, he was up to no good at all. Never mess around with that stuff, you don’t know whom exactly you are summoning up.

          1. It’s a newb, obviously a sensitive one…of the darker persuasion.
            Or it’s an old member who left and came back incognito and just can’t get me out if it’s little mind because I said something to hurt it’s little feels. *grins* What really amazes me is that as far as racists go here, I’m on the lower level and not sure why it picked me to be angry with…but I don’t mind, it’s just my turn.

          2. It is something that was here before yes,
            That much I’ve uncovered, some are saying hallo and welcome back, other’s are singing Praises FFS.
            Now I know by now you have a good idea of the way I look at things especially ‘Its’
            So once again its another Richard,
            The Holimess,
            Or one of their followers.
            Fuck ‘Um.
            Just keep tending the Garden, looking after those Smiles.

          3. I discovered it when he addressed empty soul. I clicked on it as I had never seen it before and I was instantly led to him telling illegal to fuck off or some shit so I called him out. Thats all I got (over)

      1. Sorry, day four at the cabin, nine am and already getting above 85*F. It’s been over a hundred all week and the Mrs keeps wondering when I am going to finish my new deck.

        “Honey, sweetheart, baby it will be done when it’s done, not when you think it should have been done, besides it’s not even cool enough outside to use the fucking thing. Fire hazard to high to even bbq so bring me a cocktail and perhaps a little head would be nice.”

  1. @thedre
    Mr The Dre, The Dredinator, Dr Dre Driznizzle
    Forum post about black lies matter

    Best rant ever. The way I read this, you sound like my great-grandfather bitching about Hungarians.

    I liked the part about white people crashing into one another because somebody painted shit over the arrows on the street and nobody knows where they’re going. Lol. What’s a Canadian tourist to do? Gps telling you to turn left but the turn lane says black lives matter. Nope. Fuck that!
    Besides, it’s likely that you were already molested that morning by a dozen homos spinning around a May Pole in the village. There’s absolutely no reason to press your luck in the BLM lane.

    The food stamp snorting is new to me. I’ve heard some fucked up things that they do with the food stamps but it’s usually a barter transaction. I guess just snorting the food stamps would eliminate several time consuming steps.

    1. @danaconda
      Hey Dan,,, I’m Glad that you enjoyed my Silly, but Somewhat truthful B.L.M. Rant Brother, lol.
      And I hope all is well with Your Son & Self, and that This Summer has been good to ya’s so far. 🙂

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