Slow Train Hopper in Egypt Loses Footing, Taken for a Short Ride

Slow Train Hopper in Egypt Loses Footing, Taken for a Short Ride

Slow Train Hopper in Egypt Loses Footing, Taken for a Short Ride

Edit: A man in Egypt is slow as a mummy hitching free train ride. While others safely make the boarding, he is not as fortunate. Missing a beat grinds his lower torso in between train and siding.

I suspect Egyptians coming out of the woodwork are to gawk, not to help the man with compromised leggings.

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    1. Hhhmm, there’s these words that Mark arranges into sentences, like an introduction, in an attempt to explain what’s going on in the video. I say attempts, because it seems not everybody has the ability to read. This is very strange because it seems these illiterates, can write ???? The fuck…..

          1. I only did because either you or Mark mentioned it once, so I was aware that you not only sent in videos, you had also written the description on some. I can usually tell your posts apart though, your humor is different than his. You’re doing a great job!

          2. No @seraphimserenata Do Not change a thing, as i love your writing style, it is very understandable, and fun to read. 🙂

            I Think that people are just having some fun with you, and simply because you are a new Author, and they feel that they can pull your chain a bit, “As I Also Did” but it all for fun. So i would not take any of the perceived negative comments too seriously.

            And B.T.W. A BIG THANK-YOU is in order for stepping up to the plate, and helping Mark-Out by giving us ALL more content to look at, & Enjoy! So Major Props & Kudos to you. 🙂 🙂

          3. @thedre thanks brother! I think highly of you as far as BG members go and that REALLY means A-LOT coming from you!!

            I know my writing style is weird but that’s all I know. I really do like helping @happy with the site. He deserves to have a break from posting all the time. I am appreciative and feel privileged he allows me free reign to this website. My thick skin is thickening with every hateful comment BTW 😀

            BestGore really has helped me over the years, mentally and psychologically. It certainly became a “way of life” for me… CHEERS!! BRO!!

          4. I Don’t find your writing style weird at all, just different, as mine also is. As for thick skin, i have also grew some, along with Big Bad Balls in order to have been able to stick-it out with all the negative comments that iv’e also received throughout the years, from mostly “Newbies”,,, “Angry Jews”,,, and of course from your average Weekly Dose of Wayward Trolls with nothing better to do, lol.

            So Be Proud, & Keep Your Head-Up, Wayyy-Up by continuing Posting Without even Thinking Of Changing “You Style”, cause I Myself Find-It Refreshing, and like i said,,, We “ALL” Do Appreciate your hard work, and very much so! 🙂 ***You Rock*** 🙂

            Your B G Big Brother Always,,,
            The Dre,
            Or, Andre.

      1. haha! I’d bet. that sounds nothing like an Indian language.
        I’m quite aware of Indian Muslims but the overall feel of this video does not point to India.
        Fortunately Mark has already made the correction in the post 🙂 . It does feel like Egypt

  1. Night Boat to Cairo


    Night Boat To Cairo !!…..
    It’s just gone noon
    Half past monsoon
    On the banks of the river Nile
    Here comes the boat
    Only half-afloat
    Oarsman grins a toothless smile
    Only just one more
    To this desolate shore
    Last boat along the river Nile
    Doesn’t seem to care
    No more wind in his hair
    As he reaches his last half mile
    The oar snaps in his hand
    Before he reaches dry land
    But the sound doesn’t deafen his simpletons
    Just pokes at wet sand
    With an oar in his hand
    Floats off down the river Nile
    Floats off down the river Nile

    This has got fuckall to do with trains but this is a cool song

  2. The way he seems like he’s trying to somehow float over into the gap between cars…and they didn’t just start pulling away, that train was clearly already booking along…what the fuck was this pyramid-jacking desert peckertracker trying to do exactly? Board a car at forty-odd miles an hour from a barely-running start? Usain Bolt couldn’t make that jump, you Cairo cockgobbler, what made you think your dumpy camel-fucker ass was going to?

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