Unknown Something Displaces Kid’s Leg and Arm in India

Unknown Something Displaces Kid's Leg and Arm in India

Unknown Something Displaces Kid's Leg and Arm in India

In India, a young boy is on the ground with a leg missing and arm completed unattached underneath, what appears to be a school shirt.

Under complete and utter distress, the young boy struggles to keep consciousness. Nearby well-wishers check I.D to notify kin of his whereabouts and grave situation.

Unspecified, is the something resulting in this gnarly aftermath footage.

Thank You @honkeykong for the video:


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  1. Let me update u about something..
    He is a victim of Kashmir Terrorists Attack.. Which was planned by Pakistan.. Pakistan is spreading terrorism everyday.. N trust me the Terrorists are multiplying day by day in Pakistan.. Sooner or Later they will be at ur Door Steps too.. Pakistan is a Hometown for many terrorist groups.. Al-Qaeda, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar and many more..

    We are the ones who are fighting them everyday and till now We Destroyed the Base Camp of Jaish-e-Mohammed.. Their Commandos were killed by Indian Army..
    We are Proud of Indian Army..
    Every country will get safer and safer as we are killing terrorist day by day..
    So lets fight them for the sake of yours and ur loved ones life..
    We can continue abusing each other after that..

  2. Looks like the poor kid was hit by a car! And he woke up right before there very eyes completely confused. Someone in the crowd would have been helpful keeping him on the ground on his back and still as possible until help arrived but we live in a time where the first thought is get the camera can catch this shit on video!

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