South Carolina Cop Tells Driver to Get License, Shoots Him for Reaching For It

South Carolina Cop Tells Driver to Get License, Shoots Him for Reaching For It

Outside Columbia in South Carolina, a cop stopped a driver for a seat belt violation and told him to get his license, but as the driver turned around to reach for it, the cop shot him.

31 year old lance corporal Sean Groubert fired repeatedly at Levar Jones, who was not armed and was neither aggressive nor acting in a threatening manner. Although several shots were fired, it has only been reported that Mr. Jones was struck once – in the hip.

All Levar Jones did was exactly what the officer asked him to do – immediately and with no hesitation. Officer asked him to get his license, he immediately went to get it. Officer asked him to get out of the car, he immediately got out of the car.

The cop even fired at least once after the guy turned around and had his hands up. He kept shooting after it was clear there was no threat. He had his gun drawn – it’s like the cop had already made up his mind that he was going to shoot the man before he even stopped him.

It could also be argued that the cop recklessly endangered the lives of others – look at the backdrop! He shot towards other people and towards gas pumps. Plus, he seemed more concerned about finding the ID than helping with the injuries.

The good thing is – Sean Groubert was fired from the job and was arrested and charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. If convicted of wrongfully shooting the driver, he faces up to 20 years in prison. In a hearing at the jail, his bond was set at $75,000.

The bad thing is – as seems to always happen with civilian killers, not only will he walk in the end, he’ll get his job back with backpay. The DA will strike a deal with him, he’ll plead guilty to a misdemeanor, then he’ll sue the department for wrongful dismissal, will get reinstated and off he goes to a new police department. Ta da – welcome to America where even convicted cops get off these days.

The cops are proving over and over again that they are far greater a threat to civilians than the alleged criminals they say they are after. The on-the-job murder rate for cops in the USA is significantly lower than for the average American, and yet through their violence glorifying mainstream media, they’re able to hoodwink the public into thinking that they are justified to start shooting at the drop of a hat so they could “come back home to their families“.

Many thanks to everyone who sent this video – too many people to list:

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    1. The cop panics in a situation where he miscommunicated. It’s not like he said “Do you have a license on you?” He mishandled the whole situation, then continued to do so. Until he realized his mistake. I can back up human error, but it comes to an extent were it can kill someone and then your ass is out.

      People resign for less in other professions..

          1. Thank god he went Barney fife and missed the guy while shaking and shooting…I don’t think it was malice as much as poor communications with the cop’s instructions…btw if you are black you better move slow and show hands to all cops…if some cop draws gun on me I would be asking him to not aim it at me before moving…

          1. it looks like they both made big mistakes to me. Being a black male he should know that most cops are panicy petes. And sudden movement back into the car he shouldn’t have gotten out of up the risk of him getting shot at.

        1. @Obli the thing about it is that this guy has been on the force for about 10 years. Just last year he was awarded the departments top honor for shooting and injuring a suspect who opened fire on him and his colleague. Last years hero is this years zero. Sadly, this clown will still get off no matter what the video shows.

        2. Gomer Pyle was itching to plug somebody that day, the guy complied and still got his ass shot; at least the cop got fired and jailed but he’ll probably get off. Gomey completely jump the gun during this situation, neither calm nor collected he reacted with total abandon, thus possibly endangers other civilians.

          I hope he does get twenty years but most likely a sweet deal will be made and even get his job back to continue shooting civilians and not worry about, he was in fear of his life. Fucking inbred cunt.

    2. “Well done officer , you’ve passed through the academy with flying colours , here’s your uniform and of course your badge .
      This shiny piece of metal , when worn on your chest , will enable you to do whatever you fucking well please .
      You can park where you like , only answer the distress calls you can be bothered with and obviously kill anyone you don’t like the look of .
      You will be exempt from prosecution , so don’t worry about plugging an unarmed citizen in the stomach , even though if they did it to you they’d get the chair ! Ha Ha …
      But seriously make sure you and your partner have your story straight for when the shit hits the fan , and don’t worry , we’ll back you to the hilt … Have fun “

    3. “I think I would have shot him as well.”

      Skeletor, wouldn’t that be a little premature? What if that was you being shot at, would things be different, would you feel the same? (I’ve been shot at before-I’ve had more fun otherwise) My oldest brother is a retired state trooper (no details will be provided), I’m a combat veteran. Being killed is an occupational hazard, period. To me, this particular cop comes across as a scared little immature pig, and if he can’t handle the possible consequences of his actions (or occupation) and he starts popping off rounds at people, then he needs to get a desk job or completely get the hell out of LE. In combat I learned that once you truly accept the consequences of your actions, you can execute without fear.
      I wouldn’t want to be in the same situation as this pig and I’m not sure who would.

      Peace be with you, Skeletor.

      Didn’t this pig put this guy in one of those situations, ?I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t??

      1. This cop totally mis-read the situation. “You dove back in your vehicle”. WTF? He did nothing of the sort. The man complied with the cops instructions and paid the price.

        I personally make sure to ALWAYS be extra aware of my actions around cops. Especially if I am by myself. If they ask me to do something I repeat their command and let them know EVERY MOVEMENT I intend to make BEFORE I do it and I make sure to move SLOWLY.

        1. Wow hearing you Merican’s saying shit like this blows my mind……
          These cops are the same nationality as you in both your country and no matter what they ask you to do, and where you are you always move slowly and repeat the request back to the police and keep my hands visible etc…..

          Here, cop asks you for something you do exactly what this dude did, you do it. Here at least, you know the cops aren’t going to shoot you.

          I think it was last year, or 2011,the Australian Police Force fired a total of ‘zero’ bullets at civilians.

          Non bullets were fired in the pursuit to
          keep Australia beautiful. Shall i say it again? I think that says alot about our Police force and alot about Australians in general, and is something im proud to type here now. Same for the UK I would think, because their cops don’t even carry guns.

          Sorry Merica, but I think you really have lost it.

    4. Why do you have to find an excuse to make his mistake justifiable? just because it’s a nigger?
      if the victim was vanilla you would be trying to crucify this pig.
      He asked for the drivers license.
      so he was looking for it. If he didn’t get it. He would still shoot him for not complying with the officers orders.
      All pigs don’t fly straight.
      people need to realize that they are not here to serve and protect the citizens. or how they refer to us now “tax payers”
      they only protect the municipal government and other interests that are important to the government.
      Every time I drive by the synagogue.
      There is police parked outside acting like protectors.
      it’s disgusting how my tax money goes into protecting those criminals.

        1. You must be a fool to believe your own comment lol
          99% of this thread and members here know that pigs are corrupted by power.
          and Jews? I won’t even get into that argument with you.
          You probably loved it when the rabbi sucked your dick.

    5. hell no, the cop point the gun and see..
      you can fast and easy see if the guy have a weapons pistol or else, and shoot at this moment, in anyway the cop have advantage because the other guy need turn for fire..
      he shouldnt have shoot like that..

    6. It is always some shit like this here in south cack! Columbia is where the state trooper hq is, there are more blacks than whites there too, there is a military base there too so all the 20something and 30somethinh white males are pissed that USC sucks every color cock in the big box of crayolas so they shoot the poor jiggaboo for tryin to get a sip of grape nehi! FUCK!

  1. Well, at least they charged, and fired him. For what it,s worth, this will probably make other trigger-happy civilian killers, think twice before shooting another innocent civilian like this unfortunate dude! ( Hopefully!!! )

      1. @Future Days
        That’s just fucked up and totally not right. Why should his family pay for his mistake. You must be a coward to think that woman and children should be brutalized…. That was a stupid ass comment. …

        1. Dawn6969,

          I’m curious, where do you stand on shaming men who have been arrested for soliciting a sex worker? JohnTV for example, and various local law enforcement agencies in conjunction with local television or newspapers will publicly shame these men by posting their photos when they’ve only been charged (not actually found guilty). I always think of the families- the wives and the children. I think of how disgusting it is, that any government would have the power to invade people’s personal lives in such a way (when we are talking consenting adults).

          Future days was simply echoing a common sentiment seen in a barbaric unsophisticated culture.


          Of course in the case of police officers and anyone working in the capacity of government official- should have to pay triple in my opinion, when they are found guilty of breaking the laws they took an oath to represent.

          This is not a culture which prioritizes JUSTICE. And the wolves guard the henhouse.

          1. I guess its a Let’s all gang up on me day…
            Anyways okay so what y’all are saying is its okay for man or woman whether they are police or not to have their families brutalized because of their mistakes/fuck ups??

            I know first hand what it’s like to suffer because a family member does something really fucked up. It’s not fair. I don’t see the justice in that.

          2. No @Dawn that’s not what we’re all saying. Just like when I said “I hope you die” to my dad, I didn’t mean it literally.
            People make jokes. And they remain jokes, whether you get offended by them or not. And I think like 3 people out of of the hundreds that comment on here daily does not a “gang up” make. We can totally disagree on things and even rib on each other. It doesn’t mean we don’t like you.

          1. @Dawn, why do I get the feeling that you’re the type of person who watched ‘Married…With Children’ and then immediately called the FCC because you were “offended”?

            I mean seriously, if you’re going to say something like that to @Future because it upset you so much, then why don’t you say it to every other person who writes way worse on every other post? Just sayin’.

          2. C’mon man, you know you can’t get anything done in this town unless you run it by Col. Sanders first.
            And people think it’s the jews that rule everything…psshh!

          3. I don’t have a self righteous attitude at all… it’s not okay for someone, man, woman or child to be brutalized for another’s actions.

          4. Guess it’s a good thing then your voice isn’t heard making those same statements outside this website. Brutalising family members… You really don’t put a lot of thought in your comments do you?

  2. I think they should have public announcement films all over US tv warning people if they even look at a cop the wrong way they might get taken down. The guy that was shot looked like he may never have been in trouble before and didn’t know what to do, maybe a seasoned criminal would have known to inch towards the wallet, shouting his intentions the whole time.

    1. couldn’t agree with you more!

      although I totally disagree with the whole fire arms situation in the UK (I used to compete and am now finally going for my fire arms cert) I do agree to our policies regarding armed response police. (although it gets a bit hinky when it comes to being so PC they HAVE to hire a woman. My ex is UK version of SWAT but when he was in regular armed response the token woman on the team shot the bloody floor of the armoury. Twice)

      (Being of the lumpy jumper variety you’d think I would be on the “women’s” side of the fence. but hell no!)

      Not everyone can shoot. sure you can spend you mandatory time on the range etc but that doesn’t make you a good shot or that you fully understand skill at arms! Handing a gun to every cop is just crazy in my eyes!

        1. @Dagonet yup and it was two completely separate incidents too and she is still in the same post. PC gone mad.

          I think anyone who goes through fire arms training has to know that reference! still love that show!

  3. Quite honestly, if I was a U.S citizen in this situation, I would plant my hands on the steering wheel and shout that I don’t want to risk moving in case I get shot. Not saying it would stop the cowardly twat from popping one in my head, but fuck getting hoodwinked into delving for a weapon …. sorry my license !!

  4. What the hell is wrong with some of these cops.. This cop clearly should of never been allowed to be a police officer. There are a lot of good cops out there so something like this makes them all look bad.

    1. @nybadguy
      Yeah that’s happening to me as well. There’s a few that are really tiny and then some say “does not support plugin” or something. Of course trying to comment is also getting messed up because it’s not allowing me to reply to specific comments.
      I have a Samsung Galaxy S4.

      1. Dawn

        You will toughen up if you stay on here. Sometimes people on here seem to attack. Some of the coolest members told me to be strong. Don’t let people on here upset you and Fuck all of the haters. Those members gave me great advice. On and my advice is don’t worry about people posting cruel comments give you opinions if you want but people might not share that same opinion. Oh you will get tough if you don’t let members run you off.

        1. @atucker31
          wow you’re good sweetie how did you know that I had planned on not coming back on this site?
          actually I planned on staying but just not commenting anymore..
          thank you for your advice I really appreciate it and you’re absolutely right.
          To be honest in the past month of finding this site I have read a lot of comments and I don’t let them bother me. I add my 2 cents and move on knowing everyone has a right to their opinion.
          but I let that comment get to me because it got a little close to home and instead of just brushing it off I responded which I shouldn’t have done. I have learned my lesson πŸ™‚
          Thank you for reaching out.

  5. What a dickwad, he was going to give him a ticket for driving from the back of the station to the front without a seatbelt on. Good thing he can’t shoot for shit, his shooting skills just created Americas next millionaire instead of its next corpse. My condolences to all you South Carolinian tax payers who will be getting stuck with paying the bill.

  6. This officer was given an award last year for participating in a gun fight where a criminal started the shooting. In this case he was wrong for doing what he did, but you know he’ll probably get off. No excuses for what took place, but had that guy grabbed a gun instead of a wallet that cop would be dead, and that will be his defense. The black guy forgot the number one rule his parents probably taught him since birth, when a cop pulls you over move sloooowly.

    1. With that logic anyone reaching for anything anywhere at anytime poses a threat to a cops life. Didn’t you know their lives are so much more valuable than others? That’s why they’re the only ones allowed to carry guns.
      Homeboy was nervous and was moving fast. He didn’t realize he was getting pulled over, it seems. I teach my kids to keep your hands on the wheel, look ahead, if he asks for you papers make sure he sees where your hands are SLOWLY going, politely decline ANY search of the car.
      Every interaction with police is LIFE AND DEATH, it’s fucking sad but true.
      As for the “GOOD” cops, puhleez! I know several cops, detectives, troopers and they all say the same shit. “I’m not like that,” “I stay away from those guys,” then follow it up with some fucked up story about how this other guy did this fucked up thing.
      So sitting by my firepit and telling us all how you know this cop is corrupt, or abusive, or has psych issues somehow still qualifies you as a “good”cop?
      You sit back and collect a paycheck, while your buddies fuck with the people you’re supposed to protect. Get the fuck outta here! You’re an accessory to whatever fucked up shit you know about! Go lock yourself up!

      1. @Drunk Sad But true the cops always ride with each other. Cops are power crazed and act like it. The majority of these guys have to be ex military. They represent authority and will come down on you hard if you show even the slightest amount of resistance real or perceived. Everybody keeps guns where I’m from even in their vehicles if not on their hips then in gun racks. Also where I’m from other than state police the only law enforcement within 50 miles are 2 part time constables. We have none of these problems but I used to work in a big city so I know how cops can be. Like I said I wonder what the % is of ex military being involved in some of these police shootings. My comment above in no way condones what took place I’m just pointing out that all the cop has to say is he felt threatened, and as we both know for them it is a winning defense.

        1. @Drunk and @rayf.
          Have to say, as an outsider, your stories and comments regarding your cops still leave me stunned. Those badges with guns have gone way overboard with the egotistical , self righteous, bully boy attitude, and it’s on a national scale !, what the fuck is going on guys !?, this is beyond ridiculous and must be brought to an end sooner rather than later, somewhere, somehow. When one looks at this and weighs the situation up, it really does appear to be beyond absurd. Police running roughshod over citizens lives, day in day out, and the people seem powerless to do anything positive about it. Truly is sad.

          When, in your opinions guys, did the worm start to turn, leading to this crazy police bullshit ?, I’m really interested to know.

          1. @Ewe as far as I can tell it’s always been this way. Maybe these guys start out decent but they have ridiculous power. If a cop took a dislike to you he can absolutely ruin your life. Even if you live to get your day in court the system will usually take an officers word over a citizens. With all the new technology and making these guys wear body cams and any case being subject to a recorded testament of what took place, in other words my camera was tuned off at the time or it malfunctioned being grounds for immediate dismissal of the case and / or charges being leveled against the officer “shift the burden of proof onto their shoulders” I don’t see how things will ever change. As always absolute power absolutely corrupts. The police unions will want to fight against it but the argument boils down to for their own protection they should want to wear the cameras because if they were lawfully fulfilling their duties you can argue that it would protect them as well. Either way it is much worse than you can imagine we have police who beat store clerks and managers if they believe they were not given the proper change, or cut off in a bar or perceived to have been taken advantage of while buying a car, the list could go on forever. It would become as bloody as our civil war before anything will ever change. πŸ™

          2. @rayf.
            I see where you are coming from, they have it all covered … corrupt fucks.
            It does beg the question though, what are Internal Affairs playing at with these unruly cops !? , I was always under the impression that they came down pretty hard on corrupt cops and always had them under plenty of scrutiny.

          3. @Ewe I.A.D. that’s Hollywood. πŸ™ I’ll Answer that by asking you, how many successful police prosecutions do you hear about as corrupt as our system and probably without the civilian death toll yours is ? Sadly bro it’s a game / feast and were on the bottom of the food chain. This system is totally set up from those above who want to keep us below…. where they can feel….safe. Every now and then it’s good for them to trot an underling out, make an example of him, to show us they do have our best interest at heart. Seems I.A.D. at the end of the day wear the same badges and probably have nicer homes, and cars and a little more cash in their pockets. Wouldn’t surprise me at all that they would skim off the top of the skim. Or is it their job to do nothing ? πŸ˜‰

          4. @rayf.
            I was being a tad sarcastic with the IA thing, but, they do exist then!?. Like you say, they’re batting for the same side when all is said and done, they will look after their own.
            Have to say mate, although we obviously do have corrupt cops, we suffer nothing like you guys have to put up with from supposed civilian protectors. Still, to this day, the majority of our police are fair and helpful, in my experience anyway. That’s part of the reason I find it so shocking to see U,S cops acting like animals, in fact, that is an insult to animals. I can’t get my head round it man, it is fucking despicable behavior from these public servants.
            You guys deserve better treatment than this, I feel angry for you. Shameful piggy scum.

        2. @rayf, I was agreeing with you 100%. I just wanted to point out that if that’s the logic these cops use, we are all in danger.
          These people think they are above reproach. Arm all citizens & let’s see how special they feel then.

          1. @Ewe I knew you were being sarcastic believe me the frowny facr was for the cops who let us down in a lot of ways every day, would never make a frowny at you bro. no homo though. πŸ˜‰

          2. @Drunk guy I knew you were agreeing, it sucks that outside of a major house cleaning and blood letting on the peoples part those in power will continue to abuse us from top to bottom. I always wonder if the people in this country have not grown so fat and comfortable that as long as they get to breed, and consume they don’t mind being farmed and rendered like animals ? Wonder if history will look back on us one day and not be justified in calling our generation the greatest generation of cowards for what we have allowed to happen and ourselves to become ? The freedom our forefathers poured they’re lives out like water for has been squandered by us. We all know this state of affairs is wrong and we do nothing.

          3. @rayf.
            I know mate, you guys must feel bad about this whole situation, so no wonder there are frowns !.
            I really wish your cops weren’t such arseholes, give you a break for fucks sake.
            It’s the way things go though. Here in the uk , a certain type of people have slowly taken over the positions of power. These people are unreasonable much in the same way as your cops are cut from the same shabby cloth. It is frustrating beyond belief.
            Hopefully, things will alter for the better eventually.

  7. A lot of people here are making fun of this with a racial remark. Whatever. It comes with the BG-territory I guess.
    But I think what you people fail to see is what a shithole of a situation you’re in.
    Now it’s obviously down to this: If you get stopped – you will get shot.
    Your country has changed from a bastion of freedom to a fucking nightmare fascist police-state.
    In the previous world – where people had honor – Ghandis methods would work because people had honor and a sense of shame.
    That’s so fucking gone now. So fuuuucking gone.

    The only thing that will help is a revolution. You have a few years left – after that? – you’re fucked.

    1. Gobsmacked, absolutely stunned. I can not fathom how totally fucked up those cops are. You’re right, only thing that’s going to change this utter shit sandwich of a situation
      is a Revolution, no doubt about it, it is now the only way.

  8. I was watching the propaganda news media last night and one of the CNN reporters was talking about this. She said we need to look at this through the lens of the cop who was recently awarded for heroism.

    I assume she meant to imply that the TRUTH we see in the video is invalid because the cop may have done some good things in the past.

    When she said that, I thought to myself, “This brainwashed statist mentality is one of the reasons why cops (AKA Civilian Killers) have been getting away with murder”.

    The writer of this article is sadly, probably correct. A deal will be made that will prevent a felony conviction and eventually allow for all of this to be a big vacation/severance package..

  9. In reference to “come(ing) back home to their family’s”; even by the most conservative numbers, cops abuse their family’s about 4 times that of the average American. One can also imagine the problem in getting an accurate number when it’s his buds of the force keeping tabs and filing (or failing to) reports.

    Power is given, not taken. My hope is that the most heavily armed group of people in the world (American Citizens) might one day stop handing over control to sociopaths so easily.

  10. I fucking hate cops!!! Hope he gets a big fine, a long sentence and has to eat lots of Dick! I wonder if he goes to normal jail or house arrest? Cops always treat people like Shit because were all guilty lawbreakers and don’t deserve any better but I bet this guy being a cop gets a private cell with a TV, a cell phone, a playstation and sleepovers with his wife. If it were any of us, the cops would say rot you son of a bitch. Praying for civil unrest and ass rape! And a big Fuck You to all you bitch cops! Go Fuck a German Shepperd. Poor dog.

  11. A public service notice to people of all nationality’s that keep their drivers license in their car, and not in their pocket. If you get pulled over by the police and you get out of your car and the cop wants to see your license, say to the cop, “It is in my car, do you want me to grab it?”. The way the guy reacted to the cop was just asking to be shot. This cop had been in a shoot out, and was probably jumpy as hell. He needs a desk job. I think if I was in that situation, my gun would have been out, I wouldn’t have fired, but I would have told the guy that was very dangerous to make sudden, unannounced actions, while being questioned by the police.

    1. I think that’s in lala land. This is the real world. They don’t wanna take absence of leave. they get a rush out shooting their weapons. or they wouldn’t be in that field of work.
      You don’t need police to clean the streets and get rid of crime and that’s a fact.
      you don’t need an army to live in peace. it’s been proven.

  12. Wow…these cops are getting ridiculous. He put himself in the position that made him get concerned in the first place. If he’d told that driver to put his hands up/on the hood, this wouldn’t have ever happened. Jackass.

  13. The group of people at the gas station played it smart. Most of them huddled together on the inside, until the shooting ended.

    …much like a group of gazelles do, right before a cheetah arrives.

    I do believe, the next time I have to take a dump at a gas station, I’ll bring my priest, psychologist, old basketball coach, family doctor, dentist, tax adviser and my playboy bunny, gather around me first.

    …with an oxygen mask of course πŸ™‚

    This should at least, keep this old gazelle alive, to live another day

  14. It’s called the elavator technique when contacting the establishment take a little elavator ride through the theater of threat and remember your the badass and can fuck shit up if need be. It’ll work every time cuz. -951-

  15. I totally agree with the cops decision to fire right until the guy had his hands up. the shooting after was probably from momentum and adrenaline. The black guy set off alarms right from the start. when the officer parked behind him he froze like a cow dazed by headlights in the middle of the road making him look suspicious. after the cop asks for his license, he made a ultra quick dart for the car that looked very odd taking into account how fast he swirled and darted for it.
    the cop at that point has 2 choices… wait and see what the guy brings out of the car (if it was a gun he could be risking death), or shoot and dont risk being killed. he made the right choice i think by shooting, cause he cant possibly know what the guy was lundging for so quickly in the car. after the guy had his hands up, it was obviously wrong to shoot at him, but all happened to quickly sometimes reaction takes over and you dont have time to think. moral of the story is be careful when making quick movements when someone is in possession of a gun. even if it is law enforcement. chances are you will be shot!

  16. Man that was crazy I mean yea the man might have move fast but think he didn’t wanna get shot for not doing what the officer ask for the officer is trigger happy and just wanted to put it in someone that day probably because some asshole probably made him mad so he decided to be an asshole himself I’m sorry but that’s fucked up let it had been some one else and I think maybe he wouldn’t have did that even if they also moved as fast as that man he would have waited and bad enough the officer looks old ass shit what is he in his 60’s or 70’s if so they need to retire his old ass anyway I’m sorry this video pissed me off like crazy!!!

  17. You have to have below an IQ of 51 to be a cop these days, as a side qualification. The main qualification, however, is when you are forced with a situation of any kind, pulling out your gun like a maniac and shooting at something close to you at least three hundred times, whether it is a shoe or a person does not matter

  18. Holy shit that was amazing! Hats off to this fella. When I get pulled over it takes 20 minutes just for them to ask me for my ID. This guy was having no bullshit, didn’t even walk to the car to ask, then bags himself a black guy for bonus points all in just a few minutes. A new fuck

        1. Thanks pal, been on here for over a year just never dropped my 2 cents in. I work night shift so I’m usually on here laughing at third world mishaps with my buddies all night. The close up shot to the head with a 50 Cal vid has to be my favorite. Fucking genuine red mist there.

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