Stabbed in the Arm by His Own Brother

Stabbed in the Arm by His Own Brother

This looks much worse than it sounds. Young Brazilian punk doesn’t respect anyone, least of all his own family. 22 year old prick identified only by his initials as 22 year old A.B.D. has a very long police record which includes an assault on his own mother. This time around he attacked his brother.

It all went down on Friday, February 24, 2012 on Rua Olívio Garcia Dias, in Jardim Flamboyant, Brazil. 31 year old man was fixing the room of his residence when his brother came home and started shit. Older brother wanted to get the work done but the younger prick felt like drawing blood which is exactly what he eventually did.

Young punk stabbed his 9 year senior brother in the arm leaving him with a serious wound. After the attack, the punk disappeared and is avoiding the police. Time to nail that prick and put him behind bars for good. After dozens of unprovoked attacks, including one on his mother and now his brother, it’s only gonna keep going like that.

BTW – if his name’s initials were A.B.D.S., I would most certainly guess his last name was Da Silva. Not sure what to make of it without that S.

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22 thoughts on “Stabbed in the Arm by His Own Brother”

  1. “by His Own Brother”

    I can believe it. Me and my brother are like Han Solo and Boba Fett. Like Jesus and Satan. Like Gandalf and Saruman. Like Camarilla and Sabbat. Like Coke and Pepsi. Like Nazis and Jews. Like…you get the point.

  2. “After the attack, the punk disappeared and is avoiding the police…”

    Didn’t realize the Brazilian police actually go after criminals! I thought they were there to do hit jobs for gangsters and escort major drug deals?

    This guy won’t be caught. More likely the older brother will end up putting a bullet in him and it’ll be HIS turn to grace the pages of BEST GORE 🙂

    1. or, he’ll come back and sucessfully kill off his brother, mom, and anybody else he has a problem with, because the world is NOT just, the right thing SELDOM EVER happens, and if there is the SLIGHTEST CHANCE of the human race doing it wrong, we seldom dissipoint.

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