Stabbed Concert Goer Vomits As His Intestines Spill Out of Abdomen

Stabbed Concert Goer Vomits As His Intestines Spill Out of Abdomen

I couldn’t tell you for certain whether the stabbed person is a girl or a boy so I’m just gonna assume it was a boy cause who would stab a girl in the gut? But then again, anything goes in the Da Silva land…

The incident happened after a concert. The band had just left the stage and this young concert goer was stabbed in the abdomen. The stab wound was severe enough to result in spilled guts and it cause pain and agony so vile, the victim started to vomit. It’s something awful when you throw up while your intestines are out of the abdomen. Brutal!

That Brazilian cop was like… “Yeah, whatevah!”

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “Stabbed Concert Goer Vomits As His Intestines Spill Out of Abdomen”

    1. How come people that listen to Latin/carribean music should be skinned? I’m genuinely intrigued as I’ve never actually sat down and heard it but I would like to know how it can illicit such a reaction 🙂 cheers

      1. Don’t listen to that twat. He probably listens to boys bands and listens to best of N Sync.
        I personally don’t like Reggeaton either, but come on.
        It’s like saying all people that listen to Rock music should be forced to go to church. stupid!

    2. Yes, yes, I feel ya @Anna. Since I was a child and the first time I heard of Reggaeton and Reggatony… I thought this whole genera of Music and musician should have been shoved into a burial pit and machine gunned.

        1. @Sagemoon, I’m like you i would touch my intestine’s and find out if they’re squishy. Then again i might not be so inquisitive at that time when my inside’s are flopping around on the outside of my body. I would like to see how they stuff you back together and sew you up after this happens.

          1. They stuff everything back in, 2 sets of stitches inner/outer layers both sewed, then they staple it shut and tell ya not to move much for 2 weeks. I will post my crime photos some day, promise.

  1. 1- Lay down the patient.
    2- Put a clean towel on the stuff
    3- Enlarge the wound with your hands in order to help the intestines go back into abdomen.
    3- Another person- push the towel down and shake the body left and right.

    This way intestines will go back to its position easily, I have witnessed this alive, this will work if he does not have cuts in the intestines.

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