Stabbing at Sainsbury’s Superstore in Ilford, East London

Stabbing at Sainsbury's Superstore in Ilford, East London

Stabbing at Sainsburys Superstore in Ilford, East London

On May 21, 2020, a man was stabbed at a Sainsbury’s – a superstore on Roden Street in Ilford, East London, UK.

The victim was taken to hospital, where his wounds were treated as serious. I don’t have any further backinfo on the case.

Props to Best Gore member @shillclinton for the video:

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119 thoughts on “Stabbing at Sainsbury’s Superstore in Ilford, East London”

          1. I never thought of that. Should’ve held him up a bit longer. I just researched a bit (not too much) it’s linked to an earlier stabbing in forest gate. Now they both have post traumatic stress. alla akba

          2. Their monkeys they wouldn’t know, if you taught them, they’d only forget.
            Security fella is the one, he shouldn’t be in the job without basic FA but all good.

            Now more monkeys running around with knives and hopefully more results for ourselves, slow process this because their breeding faster than their Killing each other without access to Guns anymore…

    1. I would have stood a safe distance and watched. Can’t think why that white kid got involved, he’s now part of the incident rather than a witness.
      I was going to mention on another post that East London is now an unrecognisable muslim paradise. Especially Whitechapel. Heartbreaking. We can only hope that it all implodes into war.

        1. Tony blair had cctv installed everywhere before he imported his muslims for their protection. Now they walk around brave and their mosks are fortresses (notice how we can’t enter a mosk but they can enter a church?)
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          1. Fucking Eels yea, now you point it out, some kinda CUNT That Blair.
            Yous had a politician in the 50’s he started, went into the 70’s made predictions and he was RIGHT Everything he said has happened, can’t think of his name but he was good even my parents told me he was with the truth, too young meself to remember but really would like to see/read what he said.
            Would you know who that was..?

          2. Yes that was Enoch Powell. A great man. That’s when the word racialist was blended with the word racist and he got labelled as a racist. His rivers of blood speech is famous and everything has come true.

      1. I also thought it was strange with all the faggotry going on how he was he stabbed and still able to hold on to his boyfriend while dying? Did grayshirt just throw the knife away? White boy probably saved Dindus life.

      1. I haven’t lived in London for 3 years now, I was mainly working in Clapham but I got promoted and I got posted to Stratford, I was there a few months and one early evening I had my bag snatched, the thieving bastards had robbed brand new iPhone, iPad, £100, my favourite scarf lol and all my bank cards, the filth must of had a field day with all that goodies, then many months later I had Essex police call me to tell me they’d pulled over a car and found all my bank cards in the boot! So I’m bloody glad I am not working in that part of London anymore

        1. Bloody shitbags, all they do is thieve and mug people. See how stupid they are, they kept your bank cards. fukkin cunts. As soon as they start that nonsense they should be summarily shot . I hope it didn’t shake you up too much. Sainsburys are shitbags as well, they expect their staff to work late at night and don’t pay enough for them to afford a taxi.

          1. Yes must of been pretty dumb, yes I was fine thanks, I actually chased after him, but I had heels on so didn’t get far, you could see me on CCTV lol
            Yes that’s not good of Sainsbury’s : (

          2. Tough cookie. Love to have seen that footage of you chasing him down the road in your heels. They would have come in handy if you’s have caught him, a heel right in the eye. You have the spirit Boadicea in you.

          3. English Queen, I’m so sorry that you had to encounter such shitstains. Your story makes me very angry. I would have loved to be there. In fact I sincerely wish they would pick on someone like me instead. I would have punched that guy. Hard. In fact whenever I’m in a dodgy part of town, I’m almost like willing someone to pick a fight with me. Proper eye contact, never moving away from my path, feeling I own the road. But typically they just ignore me.

        2. I worked up there for five days, Ben we were coming home on the last day we saw a guy killed and covered with tarp! Police vans all over, its a scary place to be if you are not from there. Thankfully I live in the sticks so love the peace and quiet.

  1. The game is called cutty throat. The way it works both participants stab each other in the throat and at the Same time hold there own knife upwards The first to faint loses miserably. In this case the muzzy lost to the darkie. Keep your up maybe bed time

        1. I hear it is better to be stabbed than shot. I’ve always envied the Americans with their guns.
          An Englishman is nought but a sitting duck blissfully unaware of his fate. He is at this moment likely at some garden centre with the missus choosing which flowers to decorate his garden with.

          1. Lol. we’re invincible, like superheroes.
            I have a mask but i wear it on my head. It makes me look even sillier than usual. Have you designed your own mask? I’m waiting for the young ladies to accessorise, handbag, finder nails, corona mask

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  3. Diversity IS our strength folks, but not in the way people are saying. I’ve come to the conclusion that the more the shit flows into our country, the worse these untermensch are going to behave. It’ll accelerate the coming conflict.

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  4. I don’t understand why people talk like they do on the video, it frustrates me so much! And now white people are talking like it to! Speak proper English you dumb sheep.

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