Street Gangs Clash and Fight with Swords in Fez, Morocco

Street Gangs Clash and Fight with Swords in Fez, Morocco

Street Gangs Clash and Fight with Swords in Fez, Morocco

In the city of Fez in Morocco, members of two gangs clashed on a street and engaged in vicious sword fight. The shrill of women watching from a safe distance must have been more painful for the wounded guys than slashes from the blades.

That’s some old fashioned square up right there. None of that ghetto sideways shooting from above your head and jerking your arm forward with each squeeze of the trigger like it’s gonna propel the rounds to travel faster.

Here’s the bird’s eye view of the clash. What’s with the shrilling woman?

This seriously wounded guy seems to be expiring and nobody knows how to help him:

The guy in this video scored a throat slash, but no major artery was severed so he’s alive in hospital. There’s a bit of an aftermath footage from a street appended, and it once again has some weird female shrill in it. I wonder if Moroccan women make similar sounds when you put a sausage up their rectum. Many thanks to Best Gore members @s7ayta and @apployon for the pics and videos:

Gallery of a few pics of the aftermath:

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  1. Thank goodness for that emoji in that second video. Without it, I woulda never known how the person recording felt!

    Like I give a fuck. I hope this isn’t a trend,and just a one-off retard who chose to cover a quarter of the screen with a symbol of their emotions instead of showing all the good stuff that we came to see.

  2. Now that there is a real sword/ knife fight.
    Not no damn TV/ movie choreographed or fencing BS.
    That’s what it really looks like in reality where there are no
    rules, etiquette or just wanting to look cool doing something.
    This is what a real life & death blade fight looks like.

    By the looks of it, the guy in the street is passing during the video.
    His left arm/ hand stiffening & gray face make me think this.

    The guy in the hospital in one LUCKY SOB.
    1/4 inch deeper & he’s deag in seconds, like the guy in the street.

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