Syria – Boy Shot in the Temporomandibular Joint

Syria - Boy Shot in the Temporomandibular Joint

This Syrian boy is probably gonna make it, but he’ll never speak or eat normally again. He was shot directly in the Temporomandibular Joint, which is the jaw joint which allows the mandible to move. His muscles of mastication were also pretty severely ruptured which will only make the return to normal so much more unlikely.

Syrians continue taking children to protests knowing darn well that President Bashar al-Assad’s snipers shoot at everyone indiscriminately. It’s pretty disturbing seeing kids shot like that, but what’s wrong with their parents offering them up to the snipers?

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17 thoughts on “Syria – Boy Shot in the Temporomandibular Joint”

  1. he’ll be choking on blood laying like that! were those Dune Coons PRAYING?! pray after you’ve helped him medically FFS, poor little kid needs his mum, or are women not allowed in the hospital?

  2. LOL, “Dune Coon”? What a lowly racial insult, compared to people like you who sit with their thumbs up their asses, just waiting for some nonwhite death video and some pics to jack off to and when they get done, have the balls to post racial slurs about it on here. 🙂

    1. I hardly ever insult anyone, I only just heard that one and I thought it was funny and so did you(I think?) what I dont think is funny is what has happened to this kid, also I dont ‘jack off’ cos Im a young woman & white/black/yellow deaths, doesnt matter, its a gore site so you see all kinds of people dead/dying on here, im not that racist I certainly do not prefer to see any specific race dead

  3. They wern’t praying, they were explaining what happened off camera, and telling someone that they need to get him to a hospital. This happened in the neighborhood, Al Bayadah, yes, there are protests… but its not like theres some kind of designated battle feild where protesters can duke it out with Assad’s gangs. Where the hell do you want people to go when the violence is literaly in your front yard?

  4. This poor little boy is in shock. He is not just calm. He needs to be put on his side because he is drowning in his own blood. This kids needs a hospital. Why are they discussing what happened? This poor baby is scared and in shock. He wants to be helped but no the camera again. God help us. If he did get help maybe he would survive. But without it he would not have make it.

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