Syria – Severe Single Gunshot Lower Leg Trauma

Syria - Severe Single Gunshot Lower Leg Trauma

Some rifles sure can tear mad flesh with a single shot. The victim in this video doesn’t look more than maybe 13. The bone is clearly shredded beyond repair. Amputation below knee or somewhere there will likely be in order.

Sunni terrorists have been using children as human shields lately. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of them. Cowardly bastards.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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39 thoughts on “Syria – Severe Single Gunshot Lower Leg Trauma”

  1. Poor kid. Even if there was somehow enough bone to salvage the leg, the muscles seem pretty beat up and probably won’t heal correctly. what a bunch of fuckin’ cowards to use children as shields. Since when does the extremist muslim discipline condone this?

  2. Nurse: Doctor he needs an amputation, fast!
    Doctor: Alright then. Wait… where’s the saw and cauterizing tool?
    Nurse: Oh no, we left it at the other medical shelter!
    Doctor: Ok, forget that… let me think… AHA!
    Nurse: What is it doctor?
    Doctor: The leg looks pretty week… let me just… nnngg… *Riiiiiiip* Ahh…there we go!
    Nurse: …

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