Syrian Children Treated for Wounds in a Hospital

Syrian Children Treated for Wounds in a Hospital

Two videos in this post. First is a good quality, HD recording of a child with bandages over his head and side, presumably to cover up treated wounds. Second video is a very low resolution, hence low quality recording of a child with blood on his face and something protruding out of a wound on his stomach – presumably intestines? Unfortunately, with terrorists readily blowing up hospitals to make use of the explosives gracefully donated by Hillary, nobody in Syria can be safe, even if they temporarily escaped the grasp of death by receiving treatment in a hospital.

Resolution of this second video is very low. Poor child looks really scared:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. You’re welcome, he’s one of the meanest SOB’s I’ve ever seen. He is played by actor Clancy Brown. It broke my heart when I found out he is the voice of Mr. Crabbs on Sponge Bob Square Pants.

          1. Thank you, this is my favorite website. I really enjoy the people and friends I’ve made on here. I also like the fact that I don’t have to pretend to be anything society expects me to be. I really hope it’s around for a while. @1Girl, you want to slap me don’t you?

  1. The 2nd video seems so odd to me. The child’s face covered in blood and yet he’s laying there so calm and quietly and having such trauma to his abdominal area but doesn’t appear to be in any kind of distress.

    Something not right about this one. I think it may be staged but, not sure.

  2. Hey Mark, I just saw on CNN that Hillary stated that the people who Pwned Chris Stevens are a bunch of extremist trying to stop the rise of a beautiful democracy…. Their the Same Pricks you support and Armed 6 months ago you Obtuse Bitch! ….oh shes moving on to her New “Syrian Friends”.

    1. What spineless, cowardly bitch. She’s the most abominable public figure alive today. Ever since that charade with her running for the Oval Office started, I have not heard her say a word which wouldn’t be the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever heard. Every single damn line she’s let out of her mouth in the past 6 years has been one foul grime. She should be outlawed from public speaking on the grounds of abhorrence.

      1. Mark, is there any telling who made these 2 videos? (FSA or …?) The 2nd definitely looks fake; if somebody smeared fake blood on his face & laid raw meat on his torso, then told to lie still -Any child that young would be freaked. 🙁

  3. Hey Mark! Have you ever thought about to expand BG? I mean, there are alot of us now, there should be souls out there with the same amount of time as you. That could “francise” BG and spread the truth to those(like me, that speaks, write n read english. That sucks like jewcock). Reports to other nationalitys. I’m not so well educated when it comes to the cyberworld, how it works with rules around domains and rights etc.? Just a thought..maybe stupid..I dont know..

    1. It’s awful – if they survive to adulthood, they’ll probably be filled with rage at the memory of this, and will therefore seek revenge and ensure the lines of hatred and violence remain unbroken.

      I hate the world sometimes.

    2. Not stupid, @j1mfog. I like BG too, so in my own small (sometimes creative) way I try to promote BG to new people whenever I can. Mark may have a more definite answer for you (not the least of which is to help pay for his $500 a month server), but you’re definitely Not stupid for wanting to see this place we love grow bigger and greater -than all those Really Stupid people who would ever want to shut it down. 🙂

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