Syrian Man with Half of His Face Blown Off

Syrian Man with Half of His Face Blown Off

Syria is the last secular state left in the Arab world, but it won’t be so for very long. Countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar believe all Arab countries should instill Sharia Law with Islam as the state religion on their lands – which would also mean no equal rights for Christians and definitely no equal rights for women.

Because rogue Syria gave Christians and women rights unfavoured by the Arab world, Saudis with Qataris, backed up by their allies from Israel and the USA are pouring money and military equipment in, to fuel the genocide aimed at overthrowing the government with the ultimate goal of turning the last secular state in the Arab world into an Islamic state of Syria.

The results of their war on freedom of religion and equality can be seen in many videos we had posted on Best Gore and this one is no different. Man in this video misses half of his face. His jaw was completely blown off, I’m surprise he can actually breathe.

My guess is the man is one of the mercenaries paid to kill civilians who took a headshot while engaging real Syrians. Good to see that despite all the odds against them, government continues to fight for their people and protect them against these murderers.

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97 thoughts on “Syrian Man with Half of His Face Blown Off”

        1. I think when you’re in SO MUCH FUCKING PAIN your endorphins and dopamines and adrenaline are all so pumped up that you kind feel it. Like it hurts so much it sorta cancels itself out. Kinda like in sonic if you got 99 lives it would flip back to 00 if you got 100.

  1. remarkably, i really don’t know what to say about this. i’d rather be dead than have to live like this dude. he will never be hollywood handsome again. nor will he enjoy the pleasure of eating ever again. sometimes death is better than living a deformed life cause i know he ain’t getting no fancy reconstructive surgery in fucking Syria!

  2. Well, one things for sure … His days of chewing anything is over! With no bottom jaw, and probably few if any top teeth, he’ll be on all liquid diet for life … Sad, and Yes, he is taking it like a man, though he is only a teenager it appears. So Sad!!

  3. Is it irony that he needs to go to a Western country for the best medical treatment? I cant understand how he would be breathing and not choking on blood? The rest of this guys life is going to be fairly miserable.

  4. After all that and he hasn’t said a word !

    Actually I am shocked that they would have him being displayed for the camera rather than treating him for the wound.
    It was all for the Propaganda I suppose.
    Why waste a good video-op ?!

          1. Admittedly, My sarcasim was weak and the point was even worse.
            Even more strange is that a few hours later I’m back checking to make sure that what i said made sense. Might be good from here on out if I do this BEFORE clicking on “post comment”
            Learning. Slowly.
            Pussy, by the way, is it’s own food group.
            Severly missing out if You don’t dive into the cotten candy, H.L.A.M.

    1. with a .45 round to his nearly exposed brain. That is about the only releaf he will experiance.
      Or, like the dude that got his hand blow/ripped off (posting from, I think yesterday) where the Dr. stuck a HUGE FUCKING SYRINGE into his bloody hamburgered out dripping stub. The same could be done with this guy (just imagine having a few dozen 9″ long needles being stabbed into that hanging face meat! ASS PUCKER MOTHERFUCKER!

    1. there isnt any main arteries in the face i dont think, some places you can get shot in and live go look at the attempted shotgun suicides they blew off their face but didnt hit the brain. tubes inserted into the face for breathing and whatnot

    1. I agree. Glad there is a likeminded person in here. Not one joke made me laugh. How could it after watching something so cruel? That clip has traumatized me man. Aarghh and to think of all these fat rich white bastards standing by the roads cheering their soldiers to go to poor countries and do this kinda shit. And for what !?

  5. Hahahah, I love how the doctor does nothing but shout and point. Gotta love the medicine they got. The guy with the blown off face is even kicking his feet like “I’m so fucked, lalalalaaa”

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