Syrian Man Shot by FSA Sniper While Hanging Clothes on a Line

Syrian Man Shot by FSA Sniper While Hanging Clothes on a Line

We already have a video of a Syrian man shot by a FSA sniper while hanging clothes on a clothesline, this one is different. Seems like shooting people while at home, engaging in daily routines has become a new past time for the terrorists.

Unlike in the previous video, victim in this video was shot in the arm, therefore likely not killed. But to get shot in the arm with an HP rifle pretty much equates to amputation so the man will be crippled for the rest of his life. All so that a jihadist can get his paycheque.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video:

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54 thoughts on “Syrian Man Shot by FSA Sniper While Hanging Clothes on a Line”

    1. disgusting mohamedan filth, shooting innocent civilians, they have no honor, absolutely disgusting that our own government supports this trash, may they and their handlers suck thorny cocks in a flaming hell for eternity

          1. @Wicked mama, This idea of not having potable water in Europe is common in North America. This comes from our grand-parents that went to fight in Europe during the wars. For some obscure reason to this day the perception is still there. It could be because of their overuse of perfumes. Even I thought they did not had showers with clean water before I went living there back then.

          2. @sunray,
            back then most poor people didn’t have bathrooms in the 40’s and even the 50’s’, but Bazalgette a British Victorian engineer had developed the first modern underground sewage system so that we had clean water that was disease free. what always cracks me up is when you to France. They always think they are the most sophisticated people in the world but you can to a fancy restaurant in the south of France and there is just a hole in the floor to pee in.

    1. Nice execution of a pirouette, but only 3.5/10 as he didn’t remain standing.

      Shitty sniping, however, failed to aim for the centre of body mass or the head. It looked like he was using an AK but I’m not sure about it being scoped as whenever I stop the video, I get the play button over the object of interest; personally, I don’t think it was scoped.

      1. sure am! see? I was dressed up as the iconic Rosie the riviter for Halloween last year. as far as the toilet being sacred goes, I don’t believe terrorists believe anything is sacred or off limits when it comes to killing.

    1. I could say the same about your cleavage 😛 Only kidding, as a man, I welcome it and embrace it. Assuming of course you’re not a massive fat guy called Brian who has cleverly pushed his moobs together to form an impressive pair. 😛

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