Syrian Protester Shot in the Groin in Damascus

Syrian Protester Shot in the Groin in Damascus

This video is from April 23, 2011. It shows several Syrian protesters in a hospital after they were reportedly shot by Syrian snipers. One of the patients took a shot in the groin, which reminded me of that Iranian Protester Who Ended Up in Extreme Agony After a Gun Shot to the Groin video we had posted on Best Gore before. Obviously, the video from Iran is more painful because it shows the excruciating pain the victim was experiencing right after the shot, whereas this video from Syria is after the victim was transported to a hospital and likely provided with pain killers and tranquilizers (unless he’s already dead).

A person who originally uploaded the video claims that these were participants of a peaceful funeral procession who were shot at as they were passing by a mosque in Barzeh, near Damascus, Syria. No word on whether any of the victims died. Protests against the rule of Bashar al-Assad have been going on in Syria since January 26, 2011. Bloody groin shot video is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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20 thoughts on “Syrian Protester Shot in the Groin in Damascus”

  1. They have improvised hospitals in affected areas of Syria. Too many wounded, more coming every day. Regular hospitals can’t keep up. But then again, who knows what they regular hospitals look like in this time of mess.

  2. The guys with the groin shot is dead, as is the guy with the LHS upper torso shot.

    The guy with the upper arm shot is alive (but obviously not too happy), as is the guy that has been shot in the ankle.

  3. can’t really tell if anyone is actually dead from just pictures and videos. Gunshot wounds are tricky since they appear deceptively small. I’ve had patients with far worse wounds that survive. Had a patient before with a GSW to the left temple with brain matter exiting the wound but was still carrying on a conversation with me as if nothing happened (he died an hour later).
    Anyway, without xrays or ultrasound, cant tell much from the video.

  4. One lesson from experience is that trauma patients, particularly those with gunshot wounds to the chest or abdomen breath very shallow and/or rapid to the point that visual observation for chest rise isn’t really a good way to assess them. Why breath shallow? Because it hurts. Hence the stop, look, listen and feel note on CPR.

    So as always. Eyeballing if a person’s dead, isn’t a good idea. Also why most hospitals in most countries require a 60 sec ECG strip with asystole (flatline/no heart electrical activity) to confirm that a person is dead. The absence of a pulse does not mean death (as in hypotension, shock, congestive heart failure, cardiac tamponade etc.). However, labeling a patient as dead, when he isn’t, can kill him.

    PS. also note that he has his arm to his chest at an angle that is not possible without muscle tone. If he was dead, that limb would drop to his side since there is no tone/neural response.

    And here’s the clincher. View the video at fullscreen and look at his chest on the frames 0:06-0:012. At around 0:09-0:010 you will see that he does have shallow breathing. He’s alive! He’s alive!… for the moment

  5. Trauma,

    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your comments. There is no doubt that you are a medical professional with high degree of education and know what you are talking about. I truly appreciate to have someone of your rank offer their input for the rest of us. Thank you,

    Angie 😉

  6. The first three are dead for sure, the one getting his foot bandaged looked dead as well. Maybe medical science in the sandbox hasn’t progressed to the point where they can tell the difference. Hospital looked like my grandmother’s living room, very weird, but who’s to say what’s normal for cave people.

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