Taxi Switchboard Operator and Driver Attacked by Thug with Iron Bar in West Yorkshire, UK

Abbas Yasin with Nasty Head Gash from Iron Bar Blow

In Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK, a masked thug armed with an iron bar attacked a taxi switchboard operator and a driver in the office of Ace Budget Cars – a family run minicab company, located in city’s Thornton Road.

The attack left one worker – 25 year old switchboard operator Abbas Yasin – with a cracked skull and brain injuries. 30 year old Waqaas Mohammad survived the attack without major trauma. According to The Mirror, Abbas Yasin underwent an eight hour surgery to remove skull fragments from his brain and remains in intensive care.

The motive for the attack is unclear and is being investigated. Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the pics and video:

CCTV footage of the attack:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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84 thoughts on “Taxi Switchboard Operator and Driver Attacked by Thug with Iron Bar in West Yorkshire, UK”

    1. That doesn’t look like an Audi TT, and I don’t think the perpetrator was mean. He could have hit the driver in the head but avoided… he was there to steal. He had to hit the other one in the head for self defense and took off after noticing the gravity of the damage he made.

      1. Hopefully he dies a slow and painful death. I also hope this was a racially motivated attack. It is about time the whites started fighting back. These foreign parasites need to be put in their fucking place [a hole in the ground].

        1. What are you talking about you silly cow? 9mm is extremely effective, would you care to be shot with one if it’s a “pussy round”?

          Even .22lr can be deadly and in fact kills quite a lot of people each year in the US.

          You are yet another armchair gun expert who spouts off nonsense. Aren’t you cool Brewster, you gots to have your .45!

          Actually .45 is a pussy caliber, if you knew anything you would know that .500sw is what it really takes for self defense.

          1. You are not very happy @fistula . You Americans love to kill each other on your love for guns… You sell guns to everyone, and wants to invade other countries because they sell drugs to you? I’m a ninja… I can take you out with a spoon 🙂 You are new… be nice. She do likes .45 for self defense (for very good reason), but .338 for reckoning 🙂

  1. Definitely looks more like a machete than an iron bar, I own a few but they’re for chopping wood, carving Turkey or steak like a pro.

    The getaway car I’d put my money on being an Audi TT, I got my eye on a red one 2.0 TFSI Quattro Black Edition S Tronic, sweet.

    As for the packi, Bradford is linked with the child sex ring so my guess is just a local druggie kid attacking one of that kind as the story is still pretty toxic all over the country, and maybe for some wannabe gangsta street cred? I don’t care.

    1. yep, agreed, they probably raped some little white girls in the cab and got what’s coming to the filthy cunts. look out for a lot more mo’s getting what’s coming to them

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  3. Motive unknown, but one thing is for certain. This was not the result of a Taxi fare dispute.
    Fucker was likely peddling some shit or other to kids and arse fucking them while they were incapacitated.
    PC riddled authorities are craven, cowardly pieces of fucking shit for permitting these scumbags to carry out their dastardly deeds.
    I swear, if I had my way. Grrrrr.

  4. My money is on it being a member of Bradford Ointment, know they have a lot of beef with the Asians up there at the moment nand a lot of Bradford lads are affilliated to the EDL, Britain First etc

  5. The perpetrator of this crime is a total poof. He walks in with a swagger. He is probably on minimal wage and trying hard to compensate. He knew best to run away as fast as possible. Wimp.

    The guy inside who got the baseball bat had the right idea. With a bit more split second calmness and physical co-ordination, he could have planted an incapacitating blow on that idiot’s head.

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