Teenager Breaks Femur Playing Rugby in Australia

Teenager Breaks Femur Playing Rugby in Australia

This video is a very unique, home collection type look at an amateur sports injury. The video was sent to me by a Best Gore member bloodfart4017 from Brisbane, Queensland in Australia who described it as follows:

The video is from when I used to play rugby league. It’s of a player who was 15 at the time getting tackled. You can hear a noise like a 2×4 bit of wood being snapped and then you see his femur has snapped into the shape of a boomerang.

Thanks a lot bloodfart4017 for sharing the video which none of us would get to see if you haven’t provided it. Private collection gore is the best:

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42 thoughts on “Teenager Breaks Femur Playing Rugby in Australia”

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      1. Loonie…

        Their are very, very few negroes in Rugby. Quite a few Maori and Aboriginies but they ain’t half bad.

        The moment old Ruggers gets infested with the rampant consumerism and money culture that is in Football and Handegg… Is the moment I decide that life isn’t worth living.

        You will find that fans of both teams intermingle in the stands with Rugby, often nursing Pints of Ale and having the kids with them too. A real family friendly game.

        Although I am a Rugby Union fan then shitty, shitty Rugby League or Aussie Rules.

          1. Omg I’m not sure if you’re taking the piss or just being American but its funny anyway, Kiwi is a native bird but you’re also right there is a fruit called kiwfruit 🙂

  1. I used to love tag (US) football as a kid, but shit like That kept me from playing for the high school team. They called me names for it -but shit, I saw a guy (on tv news) get paralyzed playing HS football. He was young & might’ve recovered somewhat, but he’d never be the same -and he never recovered, who pays the medical?

  2. You want tough?? Look up Wayne Shelford, he had his scrotum ripped open during a game. He played on until the he had a chance to go to the sideline and calmly got it stitched up by the physio. Played on until he finally had to leave the game with a concussion later on.

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