Tendon Lacerated by Drunkenly Punching Car

Tendon Lacerated by Drunkenly Punching Car

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @NegativeOneXIII, whose brother lacerated his knuckle by drunkenly punching a vehicle:

Hey, there. @NegativeOneXIII here. Longtime follower of Best Gore.

This little self-inflicted incident happened to my younger brother back on August 30th, around 10:00 PM. I was told that he was thoroughly wasted, and he was trying to pick a fight with a former drinking buddy of his.

This particular person was seated in a locked car that my brother, Eric, was trying to draw him out of. After numerous attempts to try to get inside the car, Eric must have finally given up and walked behind the car, at which point he apparently tried to punch out a taillight, which resulted in a lacerated tendon over his middle knuckle and a stoppage victory for said vehicle.

Doctors were able to repair the damage to the tendon, and get him nice and stitched up, but not until the next morning considering he was supremely shitfaced and couldn’t mumble a damn thing. To this day, he is still not sure the hangover went away…

Thanks a lot for the pics, @NegativeOneXIII. Hopefully your brother learned his lesson about too much drinking and thinking he can punch through walls like in the Matrix.

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23 thoughts on “Tendon Lacerated by Drunkenly Punching Car”

  1. For some it’s the younger siblings who are more prone to destructive aggressive behaviors. Especially when they drink.

    I have a younger brother who lacerated his wrist while drunk on a jealously rampage with his ex-girlfriend punching the basement window cutting his hand and wrists. Lucky him he didn’t cut any veins but did lose some nerves feelings on his right hand.

    1. Unthankful bastard to do that to the hand that feeds you…….
      Scratch your asshole……. caresses your girl’s hair…..
      Unthinkable….!!!!next time borrow a crowbar:
      Better results
      No snafu hand for ever.
      Wtf……some people………!!!!????!?!
      Bad ass cro magnon …..but gotta evolve……
      Tools are all around……
      Do this guy lives under a stone…..?????

    1. Absolument…… that’s why when I smoke my shit…..
      I always stay home……
      I don’t hurt myself( I hate that crap)
      I don’t steal from “moi mēme”…..
      Still a boxing sandbag comes handy to recharge the battery…
      You feel good using it……and nobody sues the shit out of you
      Just because you were flexing your muscles on their face
      Plus you definitely don’t get hurt yourself……!!!!!
      Everybody wins……and everybody gets to go home…..
      Ps: maybe dangerous to break people’s taillights……

  2. Fucking retard lol. And the point for that is? Your brother is a dumb ass, I’m from Chicago, if the nigga don’t want to get out the car then we will light his ass up, and who ever n the car can get it too. And casualy walk away, it’s too easy to get away w murder out here, shit, you can even keep the gun to do a few more hits before you gotta toss it!!!

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