Tennessee Man Shot in the Eye by Own Cousin

Tennessee Man Shot in the Eye by Own Cousin

This Tennessee man was allegedly shot in the eye by his own cousin. It looks like the bullet barely grazed his eyeball, and as we know, eyes are nigh indestructible, so his eye I think will be just fine, but it’s still amazing that he will survive a gunshot to the face without any significant facial trauma.

Apparently, the guy posted a video on his Instagram that he was suppose to be dead, but God was still with him so no RIPs yet.

Props to Best Gore member civilchurch for the pic.

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  2. Did he on purposely shave his eyebrows at the sides to give them a designer look?, if so why?.

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    1. Yes, it’s called a “cat scratch” and it is purposefully cut that way. It can mean any number of things, from membership in the Crips and/or Bloods, to merely a fashion statement. They have to cut the same number of notches out of each side or else the person will walk around in circles due to the lost equilibrium.

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  3. At least they shoot straight in Tennessee. It’s a tradition that goes back centuries when they Ate hand to mouth with muskets in the hills. You can’t argue with a head shot.

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  4. I’m not exactly sure why,.but all of a sudden I’ve got a craving for a submarine sandwich. How the fuck does this guy even speak with lips that big?!!?….I wonder if he makes fart noises when he speaks?

  5. Awhhh another eye story. All these eye stories are starting to pull at my heart strings. Meanwhile, after 4 days being in awful pain and 5 days in hospital I just got out after having emergency surgery. My gallbladder was badly infected, almost necrotic. They took it out as fast as they could, you should see the size of the stones that were inside me. Now I truly could make some freaky jewelry with my two fake eyes and pot of gallstones! 🙂

    1. I hope you recover quickly OEW and I’m glad you’re getting better! Saving the pot o’ gallstones makes you like a Best Gore Leprechaun. That’s pretty damn lucky if I remember correctly. I’d go get a lottery ticket.

      1. Haha, to be sure to be sure Harumph. I can add an hydroxyapatite orbital implant to the list next month after my next eye surgery. I have a pretty cool collection now, hope I don’t have to give up anymore of myself in the future 🙂

      1. I had my gallbladder out, overdoing it on fatty foods makes me sick but that’s really not a bad thing. What no one tells you about is the alcohol intolerance, more than 2 drinks and I’m throwing up big time. I used to be a pretty frequent drinker so it took some getting used to.

    2. gallbladder surgery is funstuff….almost as fun as those blessed gallstones 😯
      you have my condolences on the loss of your gallbladder…….may it rest in peace…
      now the real fun begins….
      get better soon lady 🙂

  6. Warning on KFC bucket. “Taking the last piece of fried chicken can be hazardous to your health.” Cornel Sanders was promoted to Surgeon General before his death.

    1. @oneeyedwoman

      Sorry to hear about your recent misfortune. I must make a point of finding out exactly what gallbladders do but I am assuming you don’t need one to survive? I don’t think I have heard of gallbladder transplants, bile replacement therapy or surgeons only taking as little of the gallbladder as possible either. It is funny that the body has these ‘parts’ that can break down, and be removed. Just makes me wonder why we have them in the first place. Is your life any different to when you had a gallbladder?

      Oh and you do make me laugh……

  7. I really dought they can get there hands on a big boy gun, the wound looks he got shot with a BB shoved in shit left sitt’n, I’d be like read’n out loud “…cuz point-blank at what you want to destroy…ya feel me B…?” He tried to kill him. We’ve havn’t seen the last of this story. -951-

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    Skilful use of a well chewed chicken drumstick will help push it back where it belongs.

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