Thai Man Loses His Arm in a Grinder

Thai Man Loses His Arm in a Grinder

Here we have a man from Thailand who somehow managed to get his whole right arm stuck in what was described as a rubber grinder while he was at work. Remember this guy? Call me skeptical, but I sincerely doubt that Thailand has anything in the way of benefits for those crippled at their place of business. At least by American standards. In America you can collect disability for a decade without even being injured or be given free housing just because you keep shitting out kids. Anyway, He seems to be taking it like a champ but the remains left on the grinder is making me think of lasagna. Now I’m hungry, time for lunch.

Center Phong radio Srisamut of 1669 that prompted the workers hand
grinder Pala Rubber Company. Anon on Rubber. Nadi. Muang. Bangkok with
the car. Vehicles from 1701-1702. 2 nursing units Stretch to the scene
and found a 30-year-old Burmese man’s right hand was crushed rubber
grinder until fine fingertip to shoulder, spent 40 minutes helping out
at a hospital in Bangkok.

I’m actually more concerned about the guy who banged his cock with a car.

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        1. And after all that, even after donating an entire arm to the company he works for, he spent 40 minutes helping out at a hospital in Bangkok. What a generous fellow. And these translations from pretty much any southeast Asian language are just fantastic.

  1. When ever I use a machine I use a stick to push materials. If it fucks that up. Then I go home and come back next day. gotta respect machines. I understand you gotta feed your family. And you might of over worked. but another job will come. your arm won’t. and even worst your life, if you get squashed.

    1. I agree. I also think his shirt sleeve could’ve contributed. He should wear tank tops to work if he still has a job. people who live in third world countries are tough as hell. I would be freaking the fuck out if I were him. I would be scared and crying. my grandpa was tough like that. when his hand got mangled twice he never complained,he took that shit like a tough as mother fucker from a flip flop country but, he wore Steele toe boots.

  2. Fucking hardcore gore, beautiful in its simplicity. Great post. I bet everyone who works near that machine in that place has a newfound respect for it. Love the last pic, a mangled memento of that time he lost a fight with a grinder.

    1. They are much tougher people in those harsh countries. the only American men that I knew that were tough like that was my great grandpa,my grandpa and his brothers and a pretty fucking hard core sister. my great grandpa was a bad ass mother fucker. he was covered in stab wounds, lived through a gun shot wound in the gut. he killed a white man who stole his pig and shooting him in the gut and was not convicted of murder. He killed a second man. A black man tried to attack him and he stabbed him to death with a pitch fork. he didn’t feel like messing with the law and a tria so he dug a hole in the barn and burried the man there. He is dead so I can tell.

        1. Boozer, He used to confide in me. He told me all kinds of horrible things because I would love him no matter what he done in his past. He was quite a character. He got old and told me these things. I was a young girl but I understood it all. He told me to live my young life as a good person because all of the evil things haunt you when you get old. He beat my grandpa and his brother with chains. My grandpa never whined. my grandma told me about it and when I said something to my grandpa he never felt like it was abuse. He felt luke it was my great grandpa’s way of making a mn out of him and loved him for it.we visited my great every weekend. he would hold my hand and cried about how he treated his wife. she was the only person that could make him cry. He always wore a cowboy hat. I remember picking black berries together. I was lucky to know someone so interesting and be loved by him. He had big muscled hands that were so strong and when he hugged me he hugged me tight and didn’t notice that he was so strong when he hugged me my feet came off of the ground.

        1. yeah, even being poor and crazy atleast I have a peaceful place to do it. I am not tough as some of my family. If I lived there I would be suicidal. If I got ground up I would definately be a whiner and distraught.

          1. I suppose being poor is relative @atucker. And yeah, I’d whine like a little puppy dog if my arm got gnarled up like this chaps, especially my right arm ! 😛

      1. @ewestomper, hell yeah being poor has relevance. on top of his injuries he is still broke as a joke and has to be poor and injured in a flip flop country. not downing flip flops. I love my flops but atleast I am in a more comfortable country to be in while I am poor.

  3. There’s no doubt in my mind that as soon as they took him to the hospital,someone else was at that machine running it with no downtime in between to shut it down and give it a proper cleaning. Makes you wonder who’s eating Mr. Woo!

        1. I’m glad to hear that sr 🙂 I’m fine thanks,I couldn’t make the phone work again so I decided to leave it for a while and try to be a different person,it’s working but I just cant stay away from gore and you guys 😆

          1. Hi Tony don’t worry I still the same on the inside I’m just pretending to be a different person with classmates and it’s working they don’t say “I’m weird” anymore they even invited to a party!!! I want to know how it feels to have friends like my cousins do but I still love gore 🙂

          2. Cool, sounds like a social experiment… Well, too bad you’re not “weird” anymore, but you sound pleased with the results so far. Kudos to you kiddo 😉

          3. You go girl. You can blend into the real world and still keep an interest in things that make the average human cringe. Just try not to giggle if any of your school friends have family members mangled or beheaded.

          1. hanabi, I have huge eyeballs too. I cannot see well. I need to get myself some glasses. I know you have more than beautifueyes. according to your comments you have a beautifulpersonality too.

  4. Poor fucker. But at least he didn?t loose his life. Machines are fucking dangerously powerful. I?m in Germany and when I became a carpenter back then I had to get some kind of a license to operate the machines. Safety first and without that “license” I wouldn?t have been insured if something had happened. And my boss would have been ruined when he lets someone operate one of the machines and an accident happened.

    Just recently I found a video that shows one of the big mistakes you can make. Search for “Industrial Lathe Accident” and see for yourself. It?s an eye-opener for all who are involved with them heavy machines. Electric motors have so much fucking torque…tearing you into shreds wouldn?t even cause the rpm to go down…you just get “processed”…

  5. I worked in a machine shop years ago, and I always bid on the safer jobs. One day there wasn’t any work in my department, and they sent me to another part of the factory. The foreman showed me the machine, where you had to load in the part, (master cylinder castings) and you had maybe 30 seconds before the machine just advanced on its own. There was milky looking coolant being sprayed on the parts as they got a variety of holes drilled in them, which did not make loading the part in very easy. I said, “Oh fuck that, I am not putting my hand in there.” The foreman tried to tell me that I couldn’t refuse to run a machine, so I replied, “Oh, I’m sorry, you didn’t hear me right, I said, I am dizzy, and I might pass out, so I am going home.” They didn’t send me to that department, ever again.

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