Thai Man Stabbed in the Back at Concert

Thai Man Stabbed in the Back at Concert

Someone in Thailand took backstabbing a little too seriously. Geez, nice knife, though. Thai during a concert must have danced with the wrong man’s woman and this was the result. I wouldn’t know, as I have no real info on the circumstances. All I know is that if this was Brazil, it was over drugs. Thailand, maybe a pissed off tranny?

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    1. First knife I bought for myself was a 7in Buck General. You can easily shave with them. I dropped that knife from a height of about 4 feet accidently onto a concrete floor and it stuck. It ended up tipping the knife slightly but no big deal It wasn’t bought for stabbing something with anyway. Bucks are damn fine knives.

    1. And at least they left the knife in his back,, it’s what’s safe his life,, if they took it back out, he would have been in major trouble

      So in theory the bloke who stabbed him,,
      Gave him a free knife
      And saved his life

      Talk about ironic

  1. So how the hell he didnt fell paraplegic after getting stabbed on his vertebrae? The attacker was ignorant for:
    – Not knowing where to stab,
    – Leaving a nice knife behind,
    – Not repeating the stab over and over again… πŸ˜†

      1. No,but I’m friendly, I don’t say anything except the animals thing to make you guys treat me like this I guess my only mistake was to be different,I actually don’t get it I wish someone can tell me what’s going on

          1. Yeah but there’s another ways, more direct,I don’t get it if I comment dumb things some say “I’m a stupid troll” if I try to sound smart they say “you’re starting to sound like a bloke again” I know I shouldn’t care about that but it’s a little bit annoying,I think I have nothing to prove

        1. Yeah, a great friend, whom you’ve exchanged comments with on the internet a few times. That’s real deep friendship I must say.
          Mind you, you’re another contrary for the sake of being contrary type. Full of shite in other words.

          1. People often befriends with me easly, but its hard for me to retribute that back. Im not a people’s person, so its hard for me to consider someone worth any crap to me alive… 😐

          2. That’s what I ask my self too,if I could I’ll be in Japan in an instant but I’m still legally attached to them πŸ™

  2. It could have just been a random looney that wanted to know what it feels like to kill someone. Like when someone stands behind people at a traffic crossing and pushes a total stranger in front of a bus.

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