Thai is Shot Twice in the Abdomen Outside a Store

Thai is Shot Twice in the Abdomen Outside a Store

Well damn, here we have something interesting. How often do we see a Thai using a gun? How many times do we see the victim actually survive? What the hell is happening in Thailand? Maybe all the planets have aligned. We got a nice, bloody pointer and some fleshy pink bullet holes I can’t help but feel tempted to stick my fingers into. Oh, it also features an alien!

At 21.00 hrs. On 12/12/57 charity Sakhon 200 firearms receiving an economic one in the alley, street scenes, factory Thailand Union Khlong Toei district. Sakhon volunteers and rescue vehicles to the scene. Meet an alien Was shot with a gun does not know the size of 5 matches volunteers help wounded taken to hospital. Nearby.

How can you expect an alien to know the size of matches? Silly Thais. An interesting set of circumstances here today on BG, maybe because it’s my birthday.

51 thoughts on “Thai is Shot Twice in the Abdomen Outside a Store”

  1. I wish you’re not kidding about the birthday thing, Obli. If it is indeed your birthday then, I wish you a happy one! 😀

    And a long loooooooool at the Thai translation. It just never fails to amuse us Best Gore enthusiasts.

  2. Guess who’s going to need a colostomy bag so he can shit?? This guy!!! Hopfully he had a good sugeon…maybe they scooped out the bullets and sutured the holes in his abdomen. That’s a pretty shitty place to get shot. He mustve booked it over to the ER quicklike or it would have been a bleedout

  3. Happy birthday man, even the thai marked your day with a special gift. What are the odds that on the way to the hospital the ambulance doors swung open and out he came on the stretcher, right under the wheels of a truck. Equilibrium restored.

  4. Small caliber bullet does a little dance inside this Thai.
    Thai boy sure to pass when surgeon fail to operate with sterilized equipment, and cause mass infection.
    I foresee future….
    Obli not gonna eat any B-day cake.
    Have a good one Obli

  5. Happy birthday mushroom-hunter man of wise wisdom.

    usually “meet an alien” is accompanied with the gracious visit of an adorable little alien buddy… That csi guy must be hitting the peyote too hard.

  6. ?How can you expect an alien to know the size of matches?,

    Well, there are plenty of illegal aliens who know how to play the system so figuring out the size of matches shouldn?t present too much of a problem for them.

    Also, congratulations on your birthday Obli. It means you are one year closer to death so make sure you enjoy life before your pubes turn grey and balls start to look like prunes.

  7. I really don’t understand their logic behind the pointers. The photo is evidence enough they don’t need to point at everything??? So it happened 12/12/57. Wtf?

    Anyways. Happy Birthday Obli! Thanks for all of your posts. I have been on here for about three years now and I love all the info. I have learned a lot on here from you guys 🙂 happy 2015 everyone!

  8. Lucky for him khlong toei is in sukhumvit and has one of the best hospitals I’ve ever been to near by, samitivej, it’s private though and I doubt he can afford it. Poor guy I hope he survives.

    This is probably my first post, I’ve been on bestgore for quite a while but never really felt the need to talk, I much rather looking at all the fucked up shit..

    I just recently crashed my motorbike here in Thailand and have some of my own gore, that’s how I know about that hospital too. Should I post up my bloodied face?

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