Thailand – Severe Facial Trauma with Dislocated Teeth

Thailand - Severe Facial Trauma with Dislocated Teeth

I don’t tend to think the eyes survived this injury. Nigh indestructible, but some trauma is too much even for the eyes to come out of unharmed.

You can tell the pictures are from Thailand by the pointers. Thai medical examiners like to point their fingers and take pictures for family albums with corpses. The more fucked up the corpse, the more prominent page of their family album the pic takes.

Person in these pictures got messed up really good. I don’t know what caused it, but am guessing it was a nasty encounter with a speeding vehicle. But then again, since it’s from Thailand, it may as well have been a machete attack or something of sorts. There are hardly places on this planet where life would have such low value as in Thailand.

BTW – this is unrelated, but ahh well – have you heard of Joe Gordon – a Thai born US citizen who was arrested in Thailand and sentenced to 2.5 years in Thai prison for royal Thai insult? Right of expression – an internationally recognized human right means shit in Thailand. The royal Thai insult for which he was arrested involved Joe Gordon translating parts of the Paul Handley’s book The King Never Smiles and posting it on the internet. The book contains quite serious evidence about how King Bhumibol Adulyadej and his army of corrupt officials sealed dubious business deals that made them mega rich through violence and murder. Thai King is now richer than the Queen of the Commonwealth of Nations. The book also casts light on how King Bhumibol Adulyadej got the throne after his older brother was shot dead! Needless to say – The King Never Smiles is banned in Thailand and people who talk about it arrested.

I guess I am now banned from Thailand too and would get arrested if I travelled there. Good thing is – I have no intention to travel to that shithole so they can put me right down on their black list. There is so much to see in civilized countries, why would anyone want to visit uncivilized Thailand where human rights mean shit?

Oh and… what the hell was Joe Gordon thinking traveling to Thailand in the first place? He’s free to exercise his right to expression in the USA, so he should have stayed there. His going to Thailand is like Lars Vilks, the artist who drew the illustration of Prophet Mohammad extreme Muslims deem offensive decided to take a vacation in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Similar case to the American arrested in Thailand for what he did in America happened in Iran – a Canadian citizen visiting Iran was arrested for distributing porn in Canada, where it is perfectly legal. Seriously – it pays to stick to civilized countries when one decides to do some traveling.

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  1. I heard about the man arrested in Thailand for insulting Royalty but I was not sure of what this insult was.. now that I know, it’s BULLSHIT.. translating a text!!, and Canadian guy arrested in Iran for distributing porn?! .. if they arrest people for watching porn I think it’s safe to say: WE ARE ALL BANNED FROM IRAN.

  2. never thought Thailand would be a shitty place i’ve seen it on discovery channel and video games it looked pretty much like china or japan besides the nights there are pretty wild guess i wouldn’t go there now i could get killed or arrested :l

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