Thief Performs Agonal Breathing on Street in Brazil

Thief Performs Agonal Breathing on Street in Brazil

Thief is beaten severely then shot and performs agonal breathing. Blood is pooling around his bloody head, his shirt is stained with life juices. The sea of flip flops is undoubtedly clues that this happened in Brazil. The crowd frolics around the man and causally talk about the casualty. No mercy is shown to the dying thief as he acts like a fish out of water. Crime doesn’t pay, unless you don’t get caught, remember that kiddos!

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      1. I have concluded Brazil needs help establishing stability over there,these cunts are backwards asf,what country could invade them and sort their shit out for them fast…hmm, America please stay the fuck out,yous have enough on your plate already,..China? fuck off yous have done enough with covid thanks, im kinda pissed at hitler,he should of civilised these cunts before fucking with Europe..

    1. I believe “thief” is just an excuse for these lovely people to continue practicing sacrificial rights. After all if it weren’t for these practices the sun wouldn’t rise the next day lol

  1. I don’t know what this guy had stolen, but does anyone else see a difference between stealing from corporations and stealing from private individuals? For example, I would be more understanding of a homeless person shoplifting some food from HEB or a clean set of work clothes from Wal Mart than I would of them sitting in front begging for change. I wouldn’t have a problem with someone robbing drug dealers or anyone else committed to a criminal lifestyle because that’s an occupational hazard. I’m fine with people robbing banks (David Lane, Mutulu Shakur, Anthony Shea), but I have a huge issue with anyone stealing from small businesses, breaking into houses, or generally taking/damaging the property of average law abiding individuals.

    1. Oh god, a SJW!
      Whaaah, he just wanted a piece of bread, Whaaah.
      If someone robs a bank, do you really think the bank pays for it?
      A thief is a thief, and should have his but sack put in a grinder.
      BTW you said HEB, you must be from Texas . Corpus, myself

      1. No, I don’t think the bank pays for it. I’m familiar with the FDIC. Also, I’m not by any means a social justice warrior. It almost bothers me that I came off that way. It’s cool that you’re from Corpus though; I’m in Rockport so we’re actually pretty close.

        1. this guy prob went around stealing from homes, scooters, shit like that, and the people had enough.
          Police corrupktion is the norm so they can’t depend on them.
          The FDIC is a gov agenc(tax), banks pay dues that come from depositors, which is us.
          All theft is passed on to the consumer, user, or owner.
          Anyway,you gotta be cool if you’re from Rockport?

          1. I completely agree with you that it’s possible and maybe even highly likely that the gentleman in the video was stealing from homes and the like and therefore received vigilante justice. I’m not opposed to that. I also agree with the point you made about police corruption. I would think it wrong for someone to be lynched for stealing from a corporation though. As far as the FDIC goes, I understand that the loss is eventually passed along to the consumer, and I get that shoplifting increases prices overall. Those are small losses that I’m willing to take if it means that a destitute person is doing something for themselves and preserving their own dignity instead of flying a sign or panhandling. And fuck yeah, dude, I’m cool as a fan. I’m certainly not saying that my opinion is the way that everyone should be, but I am curious about how many other people may share it.

  2. One little point: the people care, yes!!
    They are saying: oh my God, he can’t breath, someone do something!! But nobody want to touch the body, they are waiting for the ambulance !!
    But this is Brasil, always the same!!
    Have a nice day !!

  3. Leave the Brazilian Wino alone you flip-flop block partying freaks. So he puked-up The 2 gallons of Red Wine he just downed, and as a result, is in La-La land, and is having himself a good snore-fest.

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