Thief Punished with Gunshots to Hands Cries in Hospital

Thief Punished with Gunshots to Hands Cries in Hospital

Video from hospital in Bahia, Brazil depicts a group of thieves that were caught assaulting people, and punished on the spot the Brazilian way – by having their hands shot with a gun.

In this aftermath video, the thieves are shown after being taken care of by medics – with hands bandaged. One of them pulls off his best Chris Crocker impression and cries like a little faggot that he is. I bet it didn’t occur to him how much grief he was causing to the people from whom he was stealing. They probably were ordinary working class people, because they are not wealthy enough to afford an armored vehicle and private security, and are therefore easy targets.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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56 thoughts on “Thief Punished with Gunshots to Hands Cries in Hospital”

    1. Looks like a little boy when his mama yelled at him….but I feel bad though, I can’t imagine that pain. Guess I’d rather have my hands shot with the possibility of recovery, than my hands completely cut off and left with nothing but stumps.

        1. Ur missing the point of this website dude, it is a release people have to say what they want without repercussion. This site is literally about watching the most fucked up shit this world has to offer without censorship. But u want people to censor what they say when it comes to something u don’t like, but for everything else it shouldn’t be censored? People say what they do to you bc they can, and because it’s the whole purpose of the site u fucking hypocrite. You don’t like it, don’t read it

  1. Tonight, my hunger for brazilian gore have been satisfied with this video. I won’t have nightmares when I go to sleep! I’ll go to sleep after downloading the video and will play it with repeat with my headphones on.

  2. I see one comment there from some individual who is slagging us all off for our comments guy you are here doing it too so shut the fuck up run off and buy a soda pop or something. as for the thieves they got what they deserved i don.t think it will change them any way as out there it,s a way of life bred into them thy.ll be back probably dead next time

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