Thief Punished with One Gunshot Through Hand and Leg

Thief Punished with One Gunshot Through Hand and Leg

Thief Punished with One Gunshot Through Hand and Leg

Another thief caught stealing in Brazil, another gunshot fired. This time only one, but it made two holes. Oops…

The alleged thief is shot through one hand and one leg. Neither of his flip flops suffered, though. The amount of blood pouring out of the leg probably surprised him too.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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76 thoughts on “Thief Punished with One Gunshot Through Hand and Leg”

    1. He is a burglary, he stole something from a church in a criminal controlled area, which brings police attention to the neighborhood. Most of those vids of “punishment” are for that reason. He is apoligizing for his mistake before getting shot.

        1. Because this is a criminally controlled area if nobody calls the cops and nobody has any reason to come down here acting like a cop sticking thier nose where it don’t belong… You stealing petty shit out of a fucking Church… Fucks that up… Bottom line we handle it this way with one bullet two holes Theory or we handle it a much quicker and brutal way you decide

          1. Also, some “communities” pays a monthly tax for the bandits to get some services and one of those services is the keep the region safe. That is where the government fails and militias take control, simple as that.

      1. Thanks for the translation. @Cabelo The ones who tell the rest of us to turn the other cheek are not so good at it when it’s their property going missing.
        I see the pope turning the other cheek letting muslims into europe to live among us. I wonder how much he got paid.

      1. Bloodyhands, looks like you have a Ball Python in your pic. I had been collecting various morphs for years. I have been selling them because I just don’t have the time, and I don’t like feeding them rats. The craziest one I had was a Coral Glow Spider. You got anything else?

          1. All the spiders I had were very friendly. The Coral Glow Spider had the “spider wobble”. I have an orange ghost enchi, and an orange ghost super pastel that I may breed, if I don’t sell them first. The babies would be beautiful.

          2. For sure they’d be beautiful! I recall the “spider wobble” on the ones I’ve encountered as well. Maybe they were moody because they were young.

  1. Looks like they got one of the arteries in that area. Without medical help he’s probably a goner. John Wayne was shot many times, each time they missed the main arteries.

  2. I was afraid at first that this might be the world’s worst-ever limbo competition. Glad I was wrong, but why not attach a noose now, after the punitive gunshot, and raise the bar, so to speak?

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