Thief Shot in Mouth After Trying to Rob Off Duty Policeman

Thief Shot in Mouth After Trying to Rob Off Duty Policeman

In Brazil, a thief tried to rob a wrong person and paid the price for it. Unbeknown to the thief was the fact that his chosen victim was an off duty policeman carrying a concealed weapon.

Officer discharged his weapon at the thief, and shot him in the mouth. The video shows the thief in obvious agony, bleeding profusely from his mouth, as flaps of torn apart lips dangle off his face.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

58 thoughts on “Thief Shot in Mouth After Trying to Rob Off Duty Policeman”

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    1. After a wound like that you body goes in a state of shock. His body is defending/numbing brain to the pain he is experiencing also being in shock cancels the fight or flight response to help slow blood loss.

  2. Did he really try and rob that cop, or was that cop just looking to shoot someone, anyone, and this guy happened to be there. Of course the cop uses the convenient “he tried to rob me” excuse to justify his actions.

  3. If this was in America, thanks to the Jews, who are responsible, and a citizen defended them self, the citizen would be found guilty until proven innocent and remanded into prison, while supposedly innocent, and forced to defend themselves without fair access to the Internet, or lawyers, or pay the extortion aka bail money.

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