Toe Stubbed While Getting Out of Tub Bleeds Quite a Bit

Toe Stubbed While Getting Out of Tub Bleeds Quite a Bit

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @Twistee:

I stepped on something getting out of the hot tub tonight. Who knew a toe could bleed like a mofo?

I guess a lot of it depends on how deeply the toe was stubbed. If the puncture is quite deep, it will bleed quite a bit. I know, I’m being Captain Obvious tonight. Ahh well. Thanks for the pics, @twistee:

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42 thoughts on “Toe Stubbed While Getting Out of Tub Bleeds Quite a Bit”

    1. Yep! hot water and jets and disco lights! But I don’t know wtf I stepped on. I never take anything glass out there. Ever. The deck was icy (I’m in Canada) so maybe I cut it on a weird clump of ice?? No stitches though. Just had another beer 🙂

      1. You got that right. Never ever! Not even beer bottles. Everything has to be plastic. So at least I know it wasn’t glass and don’t have to drain it. We’re into sub zero temps where I live so that wouldn’t be an option until spring :/

  1. You should have gone to the nearest busy beach and washed that shit off then let it bleed for 10-15mins, and then used your phone to video people getting eaten by sharks. These gore videos dont make themselves you know?

    1. @checkyafly @psychotherapist @mrspock

      Sheeiiit.. at this point in time Mr. @checkyafly makes a fucking valid good point!! It’s been hours since I’ve seen a new Brazilian, a Venezuelan, or niggers, in a gore video. For gods sake, gore videos don’t make themselves maaafakas. Instead of feeding cute toe videos, submit a video of a gored Brazilian or something. Or give mark a contribution for gods sake. I’m making my contribution!

  2. Try having a big toe nail ripped off by stumping your toe on a tree and the bark ripping off your toe nail! That shit hurt like hell and believe it or not the shit happen to me twice once on my right big toe and the second time years later on the left! Growing up in South Texas as a kid I used to run around barefoot always and now I suffer from ingrown toenail on both big toes after the new nails grew in.

  3. I may have mentioned the six interesting injuries I’ve had in my 67 years, mostly in my youth. The last one cost me approx two pints of blood, which nearly required a transfusion. Thankfully, I was able to ride it out.

    I have use of all my limbs and my mind, although I suppose that could be debated.

    The point is, although I’m sorry you fucked up your toe, that only looks like a 2-ouncer to me.

    I got a chuckle over the photos, but of course wish you to be pain free. My uncle’s next door neighbor was using a power reel lawnmower in light rain back in the 60s, and became big toe free. His toe was pain free, but only the toe.

    Happy recovery!

  4. If that was a big toe belonging to a pleasant and pretty female, I would gladly suck it so the pain goes away. (That act in itself is beneficial, as saliva contains antibacterial properties).

    Actually I don’t know if you’re male or female, Twistee. If you’re male, forget it pal! Haha!

  5. Haha!! The first time it happen I was on a tire swing and using the tree to kick off! And the second time I was coming down from a telephone pole after hooking up ilegally installed cable and a piece of the damn bark went right in-between my toe meat and the nail and when my step dad pulled out the piece of bark the nail went with it! So that time I really paid for that cable with blood and pain until about 6 months when the cable company discovered what I had done and put a lock on the box! Regardless it was very stupid especially with no shoes on my feet but I was just a kid and would go to do many many more stupid things!

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