Tree Surgeon Gets His Leg Shattered by Cut Tree Branch

Tree Surgeon Gets His Leg Shattered by Cut Tree Branch

You know it’s bad when a tree surgeon drops his trusty chainsaw. Ever since they were invented, tree surgeons seem to have chainsaws permanently attached to their arms like they grew there. It’s a wonder they take them off to drive, or maybe they don’t.

It’s actually both a skilled and dangerous job and this video shows why as trees, alongside anything else mother nature didn’t expect us to fuck with, don’t always do as you expect. This one shot towards the victim and shattered his leg.

You can tell it’s a compound fracture right away: that bulge in his jeans doesn’t mean he’s pleased to see you. It’s confirmed by the best part of the video, which is a gnarly medical follow-up showing us the aftermath.

My totally untrained eye spots two things that look like mistakes: First, he didn’t leave himself an escape route in case the limb came at him. It happened so fast it may not have helped but at least the accident would be less severe because he wouldn’t have been trapped by the branch. Second, he had no buddy on-scene who could offer help if something did go wrong.

Video of tree surgeon getting his leg shattered by a branch and the aftermath of resulting compound fracture is below:

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45 thoughts on “Tree Surgeon Gets His Leg Shattered by Cut Tree Branch”

  1. i wonder if his motto is “you live by the tree, you die by the tree”

    and why was he filming this in the first place? he probably has a weird tree fetish and from a long day of cutting trees, he comes home to watch his videos and watch videos of other people cutting down trees.

    1. I dated a cop some years ago. We dated for about 6 months and then he invited me over to his place for dinner, he picked me up in his cruiser and brought me over after his work day where the entire evening he watched his dascam footage and then Cops the tv show. Im fairly certain he masturbated to it when I left…

      I believe your comment to be spot on.

  2. I used to have a McCulloch Chainsaw until some cunt stole it.I used to cut up Canadian Maple and Hardwood that got blown across the North Atlantic Drift to my Island in the Scottish Hebrides.No visor, no fancy gloves or fuck all training to make jews rich.We taught ourselves how to use this shit and when you live in an isolated place you have to be careful.Ironic that a few years later while on the piss i got thrown down some stairs in a Bar in England and tore my leg wide open .I recognised the paper thin Irradiated dresssing.!Neat stuff !!

  3. What kind of jackass goes up a ladder with the chainsaw on in the first place? everyone knows you turn that shit on AFTER you’re up there. You don’t want to slip and lop off a couple of fingers!

  4. I’m thinking he made the sign of the cross as a safety measure as he knew there was danger both in the climbing of the tree and in operating a chainsaw .

    I’ll bet he never dreamed he’d get attacked by that branch though . And what a whack that branch gave him .

    Also , if he’d done this say , in the 80’s , he’d have had to shout for help . So there is a good use for mobiles / cells after all .

  5. My ex’s grandpa actually cut off most of his own leg with his chainsaw when the tree he was cutting bounced off another tree and fell on top of him forcing him to drop the chainsaw. It was barely hanging on by some muscle and some skin. He crawled himself back to the truck where his son was getting the spare gasoline for the other chainsaw. It’s probably a minor miracle that they were able to reattach it and he walks fine now, albeit sorta slow but the dude is in his mid 80’s now, even after the doctor told him if the reattachment was successful he’d never be able to walk again. He was about late 50’s early 60’s when this happened.

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