Trolley Car in Giant Wheel Comes Loose At Andhra Pradesh Fair

Trolley Car in Giant Wheel Comes Loose At Andhra Pradesh Fair

Trolley Car in Giant Wheel Comes Loose At Andhra Pradesh Fair

A trolley car in a giant wheel came loose and spilled out seven people in a tragic merry-go-round accident at Andhra Pradesh Fair in Ananthpur, India

According to local reports, a 10 year old child died, and 6 others were injured. Fair goers then reportedly lynched the owner of the ride, who was allegedly drunk and heeded not the calls to check wheel.

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  1. I remember something like this happened in my shit hole village in Mexicostan. My grandma got close and said tripas(guts) were all that was left of the occupants. Good times….

          1. Then you’ll most likely end up on here for our amusement with a caption reading as follows “Stupid American Tourist shot in both hands for stealing a pair of flip-flops”

  2. See this is where we get things the wrong way around. I advocate lynching all those pikey fairground workers before they fuck up and kill and maim people but noo, no one listens to me.

  3. ANANTAPUR: An eight-year-old was killed and six persons suffered injuries when two passenger cars of a ferris wheel collided with each other, causing one to break and throw them off from a height of 50 feet. The incident occurred at Robo Exhibition organised at Government Junior College grounds late on Sunday night.

    Amrutha, daughter of S Raju from Siddarampuram village of Atmakur mandal in the district, along with her relatives and friends took the giant wheel ride unaware of the misfortune that was in store for them. After a couple of rounds, the passenger car in which she was sitting collided with another and a bolt came loose, finally leading to its bottom coming off. The girl died on the spot.

    Amrutha’s parents and relatives, who were filming the joy ride were in shock when they saw the tragedy unfold before their very eyes. By the time they rushed to the platform of the giant wheel, Amrutha was lying lifeless in a heap.Enraged visitors at the exhibition caught hold of the giant wheel operator Y Raghu, who was found in an inebriated condition.

    They roughed him up before handing him over to the police. The injured — S Sravani (16), M Jasintha Marry (25), G Jyothi (4), Vasu Teja (4) S Radha (22) and B Ganga Devi — were first rushed to the government general hospital and were later shifted to a private hospital.

    Little Amrutha’s eyes will live on…
    Amrutha’s parents donated her eyes to Sai Organisation on Anantapur Two Town SI Sriram’s request. The donated eyes have been shifted to LV Prasad Eye Hospital in Hyderabad

    1. Terrible tragedy for her parents.
      Ferris wheels are and Fun and one never knows when the Final Destination scene will come for you. This is a teachable moment for us thrill seekers.
      Dont get on a motorised Entertainment machine in Asia or any third world Country.

  4. I heard Duddanté Billobunch was responsible for supplying the bolts and fastening them. We know he didn’t verify the quality of the metals used during the bolt manufacturing process since that takes place overseas. Unfortunate.

  5. I can’t see clear enough but were the riders swinging in the buckets? The one right above it seemed to have been swinging wildly but dont know if it’s the dropped bucket that hit it and made it swing. As much as I love roller coasters and rides like these, I never ever go on them at a county fair. They Literally bring the entire ride to the venue on the back of a truck. That in itself is creepy AF already.

  6. I flew in Alaska for years….I grew up with flying and was doing solo aerobatic demonstrations at 15. I love the shit outta that stuff. Ferris wheels scare the living shit outta me! (Is this a version of True Confessions, Best Gore style? )

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