Two Fingers Bleed After Being Sliced on Air Conditioner

Two Fingers Bleed After Being Sliced on Air Conditioner

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @DemonicTemerity, whose dad sliced his fingers at work:

My dad was slicing something on an air conditioner or something for work and was putting his full pressure on a brand new blade and it slipped and cut a good chunk of his fingers off. He said it felt like constant burning afterward. He missed his tendons by a hair.

Thank you for sharing the video with us, @DemonicTemerity. We wish your dad a speedy recovery with full use of his fingers.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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40 thoughts on “Two Fingers Bleed After Being Sliced on Air Conditioner”

  1. Work accidents suck big-time, i hope he recovers well, my man! Nothing burns more than deep cuts by drywall knives, or paper cuts. I would much rather get an uppercut, than a paper cut, any day.

          1. Yeah you’re right after seeing that jackass video a cut between the fingers and toes is just about the worst thing ever also a cut between the lips sucks too

  2. That hurt just watching. I’ve had similar injuries and I wished that I could leave my hand at the ER and just go pick it up when it was fixed.
    I hope he can still work while this heals up.

          1. Box turtles are the best. Sea turtles get all leathery and droopy. Big turtles are WAY overrated…you know, in terms of turtles.

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