Two Men Have Their Hands Cut Off by Jihadists

Two Men Have Their Hands Cut Off by Jihadists

Two Middle Eastern men were punished by having their hands cut off, but unfortunately I don’t have much in terms of backstory to tell you why they were punished, who punished them, or where exactly it happened.

To my understanding, hand amputation is a traditional Islamic punishment for thieves. Islamic State has been somewhat innovative lately, and carried out hand amputations with tools that minimized excessive damage to the forearm. The other CIA sidekicks – Jabhat al-Nusra, on the other hand, have been pretty savage with their blades. Since I truly don’t know which Jewhadists carried these two amputations out, I’m not gonna speculate, as it’s not really that important, given that both groups are united in their purpose of furthering Israel’s goal in the region, and both have a history of savagery.

Props to Best Gore member @Baby14 for the video:

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          1. Most middle easterns are savage animals and I hope that they eventually thin the herd and kill each other off !!! There’s no place for people like that in the modern world !!!!! ALLAH ECKBAR motherfuckers !!! Oh and if you don’t want to take off your burka and show your ugly fucking face when your getting sworn in as a Canadian in this fine country then get your lousy fucking ass back on the plane and go back to wherever the fuck you came from because Canada didn’t ask you to come here you low life’s !!! I’m just sick to fucking death of all your middle eastern shit !! There I said it and I feel much better now !!!!

      1. they aren’t suppose to use their right hand for any of that stuff anyway. BUT, what they can’t do is hold up the index finger of the right hand when talking about Allah. To do that is a great thing for a muslim to do.

  1. Not sayin it’s wrong what they do but that probably amounts to a slow death sentence because who is going to give you a job and after the hands go the feet go next you can only get caught so many times before….you know…so outside of begging and family I think you’d be fucked.

    1. nobody would give them a job as they appear like thief now and forever. bad shit and now they need to assume.

      frankly, this is one of the rules i probably accept as a “real” rules. should be same here and more (ex: cut balls to guy sexually attack childs etc..)

      hard, but still good punishment

      1. Disagree. What if someone had no money or food and their family were starving to death. Then they steal a few apples to feed their dyiing children.. and get their hand cut off because of it. I cant ever say having your hand cut opff for stealing is a “real” rule

        1. It is a valid point but what if he steals from somebody and then the person who was stolen from and their family end up as you described…a vicious circle in a sometimes vicious world.
          Best people think before taking what is not theirs…there is generosity in this world if the kids are starving someone will step up to feed them…how many people REALLY steal to eat ?

          1. @rayf, that’s right, in a country like US or Aust. etc. a person can’t really starve to death. There are charities/churches everywhere. Plus you could go into a supermarket and hide down the isles eating whatever you want, lol. Someone was eating a whole cooked chicken in Woolies the other day! Dirty bugger, I hope he had some paper towel! No-one would look twice at you if you walked around eating an apple.

          2. @Tas in the USA you can be hard working and sometimes have to do without…the flip side is you can break the law and be GIVEN housing food and medical care…honest people should have it easier than a criminal but that’s how it is I suppose.

          3. @rayf, the criminals seem to have more rights than the victims (or their families) Once they are in the jail system they seem to have so much offered to them. Free education, health treatment etc. in some cases – laywers who work free/cheap to try and get the buggers out on a technicality. Defence lawyers who to try and get their murderous clients free, they don’t seem to care about the public’s safely?

    1. With me its people on fire only because one of my younger brothers when he was two years old had his first pair of pants that had pockets he somehow had gotten ahold of a lighter when no one was looking and went to his room ,got on his bed, and I guess tried to light it but it exploded and caught the bedding and him on fire. My mother was able to pull him from the flames and roll him to smother the flames but 80% of his body was burned. I was only seven at the time but his screams and the smell of his flesh burning invade my mind whenever watching videos where someone is burning.

          1. @Jack depends trust me when I say my little brother is very much a boy and has yet to learn how to be a man, all he does is play video games, do drugs, sleep, etc. Which is all fine and dandy if that’s your thing but he doesn’t work, has no responsibility in short he acts more like he’s 16 than 25, so don’t take it personal…. Youngster 😉

          2. Oh dear, sounds like I’m gonna be like your little brother real soon @Amour. This is my last week at work, all I was planning on doing was playing video games, smoking the occasional joint and sleeping in. Well for a while anyway.

            And @LF dammit now how did you know I don’t eat veggies?

          3. There is still a difference @Jack sugar you’ve currently have and have had a job plus I wish he would have stuck to the occasional joint but he’ll do any drug he can get his hands on sadly.

          4. @Amour

            Well if he still has bad physical scars all over him then it’s kind of understandable. I probably wouldn’t be fairing any better than him if fairing at all if I were in his place… I can only imagine what it must be like for him with the girls. So for what it’s worth, he’s probably a stronger man/boy than I am.

          5. Ha! the little shit head gets a settlement check every month and being able to supply drugs trust me he gets all the puss he wants from the multitude of nappy little drug whores. Trust me darling he’s not more of a man than you are, there is just to much of a back story you would need to know to understand where I’m coming from. ….. Now where did I leave my rope?? 😉

    2. @YourNextExGirl I agree, this was just awful to watch. To know a human being will be disabled the rest of their lives. There was another video a while back of a hand amputation and the robed idiot was videoing on an iPad. They hate the western culture so much, but they sure enjoy our inventions.

    3. @tas, unfortunately I’ve gotta disagree..listen my husband did 12 years in Pelican Bay, a notorious prison in northern Cali & let me tell you, they do not get anything even remotely close to 3 meals, tvs, weights, phone, DECENT representation & education. What education? Yea, maybe back in the day they did, even some vocational training & such but with budget cuts & whatnot, EVERY prison from Tehachapi, Folsom (old & new) San Quentin to the Bay, they’ve got nothing so don’t get it twisted & let people tell ypu orherwise. It’s all bullshit my love..all bullshit.

      1. @mamason01, I would say in most US prisons, a person could do hard time. In Australia if you behave yourself in prison, you can make it easier on yourself, you may be rewarded for good behaviour or punished for bad. Of course some jails have a worse reputation than others (Aust) I would say the US prisons have a bad reputation to us from other countries, some SE Asian jails have a shocking rep. too. Filthy, cramped and dangerous. And what about South America! I’ve heard Korea has ‘safe’ type jails, they are all about ‘Confusious says’ stuff, you know ‘treat me how you want me to treat you’ blah blah, anyway you waited for your husband for 12 years? Please tell me you met him after release? 🙂

  2. Funny,I don’t believe in God in all this silly religious shit way, I more Agnostic than Atheist but I’m so fuckin grateful I’m not a Brazilian named Da Silva,or born a Muslim! This site really makes ya appreciate life lil more,not having to deal with crazy everyday shit like this…so much so I should say a thank u to hippie Jesus.

    1. i doubt, most of time in this situation they quickly go in hospital. they want punish them, not kill them. they want let them alive for everybody saw this guy without hand is a thief for shame and all. (if they respect the true islam rules)

    2. I think they tourniquet their arm first, then rush them to hospital (with out the arm, they don’t want it to be reattached) It’s all thought out and planned, these sort of punishment. Also I think infection gets worse in wetter, tropical parts, maybe in these dry Middle East places, it doesn’t happen so quickly? I’m just saying this because a mosquito bite can get infected in the tropics.

    3. We’ll prob see them on a tv show of some kind showing off on how they mastered kung fu or some kardashian type of bs to get a free ride to Germany…the’ll need a hand to clean off after doing the usual namero dos.

          1. Haha @ewe, “chipolata” I actually saw a cartoon in an ancient Playboy magazine, of a girl holding a fore-arm (no hand) she was drooling! The inuendo was she’s gonna have fun with that arm!

  3. dat monkey face at first the guy in grey…

    and wtf “allahu snackbar” have to do with hand amputation ? fucking ridiculous brainless shitbag.
    i understand to say “allahu snackbar” on fight as its sort of benediction thing for allow luck and win. but here …like allah do give a shit about a thief hand..

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          1. I never did that when I was younger… I promise…

            Now if you were talking about the space in between the mattress and the box spring… Well…

    1. @Mouse, speaks truth here. A man with a partner who has regular sex, has less of a chance of getting prostate cancer. It’s the same with dogs (probably many/most mammals?) your dog’s vet should recommend castration to any male dogs who don’t have a bitch (and are stuck in a backyard forever) It’s actually healthy for your dog.

        1. Aww, you reckon? Imagine being a horny old dog, stuck in a lousy backyard, or going to a doggie park and smelling all those bitches there. I know it sounds awful @Jack but it really is best for your dogs health (if he won’t be mated, ever) Listen to this – there are about 6 sizes of fake dog nuts you can have inserted, where his balls were! In case you worry your dog will miss them! So they can still lick their balls, I guess.

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          3. @Jack We have a male cat 10 years old and Animal Control just made us have him fixed and microchipped. He’s seems over it now, hopefully.

          1. I was joking @mamason, I know why having animals desexed is important. I just hate the thought of cutting balls off is all. Btw I now have one female cat who’s already been desexed/neutered, whatever it’s called

          2. @mamason, totally agree, there are too many unwanted cats and dogs already.
            @Jack, it doesn’t hurt them, they are done under anesthetic. Dirty fucken tom-cat sprayed piss on my front door the other night, I’ve set a trap….

          3. @tas – believe it or not some female non-spayed cats with douse your door with urine as well. We kept blaming our fixed male cat since we’d never catch one doing it then he had to stay a couple days at the vet & SHE sprayed. Nasty little beasts!

          4. Don’t be so hard on the kitties, my one keeps killing birds even though I always get mad at her but she doesn’t know any better… And she’s so cute

  5. @everyone, for fecks sake learn to be ambidextrous.
    The loss of a hand hardly equates to a wank free life. I’m equally adept left or right. Same goes for picking my nose, fingering the wife etc etc.
    Practice makes perfect.

  6. Barbaric as it may seem, it is probably quite effective. Deep down inside, we all have some form of that ‘eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth’ drive. Even the die hardest of the liberals have it….that’s why they prefer gated communities…So they will never have to go around everyday trying to keep those inner urges suppressed.

    1. It was only one hand, EACH….go back and watch the video again. Except this time, stay awake. These people are smart enough to realize that IF they cut off both hands then they would become a real burden….that’s when they decapitate them or burn them alive.

      1. True, no can video anyway, but issue I have is the punishment: It’s so cruel and unusual. I think a more humane way is better: Cut off five appendages at the first joint using a cigar cutter and apply pepper spray. xD

  7. (Start your choice of John Lennon song here).

    If everyone would just chill out, get high, play video games and masterbated at least twice a day the world would be a safer place…a happier place…a much better world to live innnnn.

    1. @Brokeback, the dinosaurs were not a more civilised race because they raped and killed just like niggers do.

      John Lennon was also a phoney and a fool because he focused on and sang about singular wars when war has always been global and included far more conflict than just the Vietnam war, even during his time.

      Video games and masturbation however I can relate to, simple joys indeed.

    1. The above isn?t sarcasm so there is nothing to detect, blaming the Jews however tends to be easy given past Israeli behaviour.

      If we follow the stench of money however it always leads back to wealthy Jewish banking families and so conclusions tend to be synonymous on these matters.

      Are facts racist?, not if they’re facts they’re not.

      1. The stock market crashed every seven years on the Shemitah Hebrew year. Ours was a few weeks early this year. This proves the market is rigged, obviously, but either 1) the Jews are responsible for rigging the market, or 2) someone rigged the market to make the Jews look responsible. But why would someone hurt themselves to make Jews look responsible? It’s like why some workers took a sabbatical on nine eleven.

    1. Forget wanking they won’t even care looking at their dicks no more …. now they will have to go the streets begging for alms . They have been disabled of the other dexterity of their hands as well . They should have known well that when caught thieving they would end up suffering retribution

    1. which of the two you do …… tutor or study ?
      you must be seeing your self in the mirror imagining the one in the mirror is you as a tutor and the other which is again you as some pupil watching over and both laughing their arse off

  8. This is not good news for the locals, both men are proctologist. Now instead of the dreaded finger, they will now get the dreaded fist.

    They will now change the name of their practice from proctologist to fistologist.

    Their wives are happy. For once, they will get a fist size bonner.

      1. Their “Dirty Sex ‘(perhaps not) does spice up their lives like no other whether its polyandry or polygamy Muslims beat the rest . I think without trying out various positions there wouldn’t be much fun having sex .I guess one should be all over the place and I think Sex is forever divine and if its mind blowing it can’t be labelled as dirty ever .
        No sex is sex if it tires out partners leaving them puffed up and snoozy .A good sex can leave you feeling light on your feet and elated .
        I think tas Aussies too are great at sex trying out all the best known positions as the same old missionary must be too boring
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  9. I found Putin’s speech at the UN quite interesting. More or less pointing the finger at the US for the disaster and destabilization in the Middle East. Of course the west will bend over backwards trying to shift the focus onto something else.

    1. As they always do @gramps.

      I find it interesting that the VW story broke when it did, you know, to fill up the front pages just as Germany realised taking gazillions of immigrants wasn’t such a great idea after all.

  10. Stupid fucking Muslims and their stupid fucking religion, someone should cut their heads off , they kill and maim in the name of God, what is it once you read the Koran you become retarded, to hell with all of em, even the so called peaceful ones , they are all sick bastards

  11. In the movie 1977 Rolling Thunder, William Devane’s character was being home invasion robbed. The thieves stuck his hand in the Insinkerator garbage disposal to get him to give up the money. After rehabilitation and a new prosthetic arm of which he sharpened the hook to a fine point, he went on the hunt for his attackers. When he caught up with one on them, he hooked them right in the crotch. That’s what these ahabs that get eye for an eye punishment need to do.

  12. I want this to happen to me. I want both my hands chopped off like this, but I want my palms facing up when my hands are chopped off. I want then all cheering and laughing because I don’t have hands anymore.

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