Two Teenagers Rob a Bakery and Attempt to Flee on Motorcycle but are Mowed Down by the Bakery’s Owner

Two Teenagers Rob a Bakery and Attempt to Flee on Motorcycle but are Mowed Down by the Bakery's Owner

Two teenagers aged 17 and 15 robbed a bakery near Londrina, state of ParanΓ‘, Brazil with a .32 revolver and then attempted to flee on their motorcycle (classic Brazilian criminal duo), when the owner of the bakery got into his car and gave chase. He actually managed to run them them down and over, fracturing the 17 year old’s leg and ripping the sole of his foot off. The 15 year old escaped with only minor injuries and bruises. After the robbers were apprehended, the bakery owner maintained that he did not intend to run over the robbers, only stop them. Yeah right. As far as I know, he is not facing any charges. Good on you, sir.

Props to Best Gore member DaSilvaFlipFlops for the pics and info.

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    1. I disagree solely on the purpose that’s it’s because its in a third world country if it was in a non failed state then there would be a higher possibility of walking normal again by attaching it back on with proper surgery then again a lot of third world countries have great med facilities but most don’t unfortunately

    1. I used to live in Londrina what an experience that was.They will rob gas stations, bakeries whatever. Normal Brazilians hate theives and are quite happy to deal out justice to the fuckers.Its so easy to kill someone there and get away with it.

          1. No! Londrina and Amazon are like 3000 miles away form each other. Our Justice and our laws are so brand that we say that “the first murderer is for free”, ’cause you have 99% of chance to no go to Jail and if you do, you’ll leave in 6 months or so.
            Yes, i’m brazilian and i leave in Sao Paulo, SP, one of the most violents and criminals cities of this all country. In this state, 64.000 people lose their lives in the past year.

  1. Every now and then things happen and its nice to see a just outcome for the working man.
    I’d buy a loaf of what he’s baking to help off-set the damage to his car.
    Who doesn’t like sandwiches.

  2. The age Old Testament of stealing bread for your hunger sadly ends in cut off hands for many. But when you try rob the bakery for money? The consequences are worsened into a train wreck of brutality!! πŸ™‚

      1. Oh yeah. Didn’t notice the shoes. Got taken over by the skinned foot. Lol, yeah. Flio flops are always yhe best choice for these guys.

        Hahaha. Thanks, Obli. I thought of submitting that one when I got it because it looked freaky as hell but, it turned out that it was just a prop on a zombie B-movie.

        As always, you post great content. πŸ™‚

  3. The bakery owner should have shot them, rolled them in a carpet and dump them in the bush after dark. Now HE’S in a world of trouble. Sooner or later the 15 year old will recover return to the shop and kill him. Shitty situation indeed.

    1. Exactly what I thought. He’s not done even half the job here.
      These parasites and their cohorts will be counting the days til they can exact revenge on Mr Baker man.
      Just take some good pics when you do it you cunts!

  4. This is why when you do a robbery, you carry sub machine guns and shoot dead everyone in the store first plus anyone outside the store and then take money and goods and go. Detonate atleast 1 tonne of explosives outside the nearest police station too as a distraction. If you do a robbery, hit the right place and do it properly.
    Happy new year!

  5. Never understood why sometimes it’s called “Brasil”, but most times it’s called “Brazil”. Kind of like “Archaeology” and “Archeology”. Wish English and American fuckers would make up their motherfucking minds. “Color” or Colour”? Maybe I just shouldn’t give a fuck.

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